Jerry Lawler Looks Back At His Heart Attack On RAW 5 Years Ago

Jerry "The King" Lawler

This past week marked five years since WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack live on the air during Monday Night RAW. Dr. Michael Sampson joined this week’s Dinner With The King podcast and spoke about his role in saving Lawler’s life back in 2012.

The episode, titled “Cardiac Arrest,” featured a discussion that was somewhat morbid and focused a lot on death and the logistics involved with having a will, funeral plans and selecting a grave site.

Lawler admitted that when he suffered the heart attack on RAW and nearly died, he had not made the necessary ‘post life’ arrangements.

“You know what, I’ll be perfectly honest with ya, I’m telling the world this right now,” said Lawler. “No, I did not [have burial plans]” And I don’t even have a will. I really got to do that. I’ve just always been under the assumption that when you make out a will, you’re betting against yourself.”

Lawler said he wound up buying a plot at the Memphis Memorial Park at the cemetery’s “celebrity row.”

“They wound up selling me a plot. They also sold me a, not a monument or a marker, but a thing that covers your grave. And I’m going to be buried next to Isaac Hayes; they literally have a celebrity row at Memphis Memorial Park. Yes, I’ve gone out there a couple times and just looked at the ground, the plot.”

“Lauryn [Jerry’s fiancé] and I have gone out there a couple times, and I’ll say, “This is the spot. The cover that covers your grave is a bronze plate; it costs like $50,000. I need to give them the pictures and layout for the cover.”

You can listen to the full episode here: