Photo: Jerry Lawler Referees At WWE Live Event, Change To NXT Title Belt

– Following ’s NXT World Championship victory at the “” live special on the , the company made some slight modifications to the belt. Instead of the traditional WWE logo on the side-plates, the side-plates on the belt now feature the logo.

– WWE’s official Twitter account tweeted out the following photo of Tennessee’s own Jerry “The King” Lawler working as a special guest referee at this past weekend’s WWE live event in Jackson:

  • John Wesley

    i doubt the sescoops crew will read this but i just wanted it to be noted that the NXT title was NOT changed following nevilles victory. it was changed before the dallas/neville ladder match ever began. i noticed it when hbk brought the title down to the ring with him

  • MohammadAbulawi

    No buddy, this is empty seats at yesterday lockdown #TNA

  • Jamie

    They moved the fans to the hard camera side, get a life.

  • darthjebus666

    Maybe so but that’s still a lot of empty seats

  • MohammadAbulawi

    So what, makes no difference that the ppv barley drew anyone especially compared to last years lockdown.