Jim Ross Blog: Invitation From WWE, Upcoming Podcast Guests, Michael Cole

The following are highlights from a new Jim Ross blog:

On a “RINGSIDE” show in Toronto: “We’re doing another RINGSIDE show in Toronto on Friday May 9 at the Danforth Music Hall and tickets for the show go on sale THIS TUESDAY in Toronto at the box office of the Music Hall and via ticketmaster.ca. It’s one show only and it’s the night before the ROH-New Japan show in TO. VIP Meet and Greet tickets will go fast and are limited. We will h ave the meet and Greet before the show on the Friday May 9 event.”

On some upcoming “Ross Report” podcast guests: “Thanks for the great feedback on this week’s Ross Report with Lita aka Amy Dumas. Next week my podcast guest will be DDP Diamond Dallas Page who I suspect will induct Jake Roberts at the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the night before WM30. That’s not a conformation but my personal assumption. Without question DDP impacted the lives of both Jake and Scott Hall in a major, life saving way.”

“Great lineup of guests coming to the Ross Report podcast via @PodcastOne including, the aforementioned Robert Flores, Jim Cornette, Gail Kim, Shawn Michaels, Bill Goldberg, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle and Eric Bischoff, among others.”

On WWE inviting him to the Hall Of Fame: “WWE has invited me to attend the WWE Hall of Fame next Saturday night in New Orleans. I’m going to endeavor to attend. Grat night for some very deserving performers.”

On reaction to him putting over Michael Cole recently: “Some seemed surprised that I applauded @MichaelCole work in WWE recently on the Q&A’s here. Cole is without question the hardest working on air talent in WWE and his job has become so multi faceted that it exceeds the boundaries of being a play by play man. I’m not even sure that WWE calls it play by play any longer but nonetheless Michael does a helluva job steering a diverse ship on 5 hours of prime time TV for WWE.”

Check out the complete blog at JRsBarBQ.com.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • Lord Vader

      And to all the people that says he sucks……you get up there and do it!

    • Just…Joe. from C.P.

      I agree Michael Cole works his tail off, and J.R. can praise him til the cows come home, but my personal distaste for Cole is that it seems Michael Cole truly believes he is humorous….and he’s not. To me, and maybe I’m part of a small minority that believes this, but Cole comes across as kind of a kiss-up, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is a “yes-man”.
      It doesn’t help that he’s overexposed for 5 hours a week either. I think his absolute best role is that of an interviewer because he was a legit reporter and knows how to phrase good, solid questions. As an announcer, he’s okay at best.

      • Adrian Goodison

        a kiss up really? he has a job to do and gets told what to do by his boss just like the rest of us in our jobs. Just coz you do as your told by your boss dosnt make you a kiss up, its better than claiming welfare which is what happens when you dont do what the boss says.

      • Riod

        I’m not sure about the kiss-up thing since no one really knows but him and the E, but I definitely agree with the question phrasing thing you mentioned. I actually like his interview segments with HHH lol, kayfabe as it may be.

    • Just…Joe. from C.P.

      Okay, my thought that he’s a kiss-up/yes-man stems from the fact he’s on tv for 5 hours every week and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.
      His commentary is far from insightful, and like I said before, he’s not remotely funny.
      How many matches do I have to sit through where he steers the attention away from the action as soon as the bell rings?

      It’s just an opinion, I don’t hate the guy, but I get the impression that he’s a yes man.
      Todd Grisham, Mick Foley, and J.R. himself all had what some refer to as “backbones” and yet, were either pulled from the position or quit because they get berated for having an independent thought.
      I understand the employer-employee dynamic, but it’s also relatively easy to not get fired from your job and still have a difference of opinion with your boss.

      His weekly interview segments are awesome, it’s his commentary that I don’t care for.
      I also believe he’d make an effective manager or spokesperson type role

      Okay….the Cole-miners thing was amusing for a hot minute. Gotta give credit where it’s due.

    • Bryan

      It’s not a true Wrestlemania unless good ole JR is announcing as Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler can never make comments like JR did as he was passionate about his announcing and he made special moments even more special like when Mankind was pushed by Taker off the hell in a cell in 98 JR said loudly “GOOD GOD THEY KILLED HIM” and when Austin turned heel at Wrestlemania 17 JR was so shocked and made the comment that Austin had sold his sole to satan himself. JR is without a doubt a legend at announcing matches and WWE matches these days aren’t as special without JR’s passionate announcing as Cole and Lawler while good and underrated can never create moments or be as passionate as JR did at the announcers table.

      • brad

        Yeah i know what you mean he really added that extra shock value to the match, and it made it that much more intense,dramatic and most definitely better. In my opinion, I thought they should’ve kept him around atleast until mania 30.