Jim Ross Blog: Lesnar’s Attack On McMahon, Chris Jericho’s Return, Bo Dallas

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com with his thoughts on Monday’s RAW. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about:

Bo Dallas: “Loved that Bo wears a black glove much like his WWE HOF family members, Grandpa Blackjack Mulligan and Uncle Barry Windham.”

Chris Jericho’s Return “The return to WWE for whatever the over discussed term of his contract may or may not be for @IAmJericho has been a shining light beginning on Sunday at the Rumble and Monday on RAW. Chris Jericho can make whoever he competes with better which is an artform that isn’t in abundance in today’s mat world. Great ‘get’ by WWE.”

Brock Lesnar Attacking Vince McMahon: “Dramatic conclusion to Raw with the in ring confrontation of Mr. McMahon and @HeymanHustle which I knew would be a highlight of the night but I never dreamed it would become THE highlight of the broadcast. Great, organic chemistry between two men who have had plenty of experience ‘debating’ the other over the years. My black hat is off to both as it was the show closing moment that Raw needed and it delivered. The shocking return of Brock Lesnar was something that I did not expect to see Monday night and I certainly did not foresee the “Psycho Viking” F5’ing the Chairman of the Board. Freighting moment, in my view, taking all elements into consideration.”

* VIDEOS of BROCK LESNAR Giving VINCE An F5 & TENSAI Dancing In Lingerie From RAW

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

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    • 2muchfire

      Goddanmit Darren King I second that. JR is a fat piece of company shit.

      • fireworks Ts

        And you wonder why you get trolled. Because of stupid comments like this.

        • 2muchfire

          Mr.Idol kiss my ass. look dumbshit I have an opinion and I type/voice as i see fit. Just cause you don’t like it… tough shit, doesn’t make me a troll cause I think different from you nutsack. I’ve been posting here long before you. SEscoops site is ran by dumb asses like you , who ban people who don’t suck CM Punk and any other indy scums ass. I’m from America and we have freedom of speech.

          • fireworkts Ts

            Mr idol? Awesome you have an opinion but why the hell do you feel the need to always swear in every post you make? I wanna know the answer to that because it doesnt make you look cool and why the hell do ya always insult every else for having a different opinion then yours? Im from america too, but thanks for that very patriotic speech.

          • 2muchfire

            I never comment on people’s post who I disagree with, only the one’s I agree with. I post opinions and jackholes like you respond. I don’t care about you kid, but it obvious I’ve made an impact on you.

          • fireworks Ts

            You NEVER comment on peoples post who you disagree with? I know thats a lie. You never answered my question as to why you spam curse words left and right but I found it funny how you didnt in your reply, ha. Stop acting ignorant and making immature comments like the one above and maybe everything will be alright.

          • 2muchfire

            Are you a fucking nut ? Dude everything is already “alright” I’ve got a great job(banking), own two cars and a boat. I’m fit, white, and educated. Do yourself a favor and be like me kid not obsessive.

          • fireworks Ts

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          • 2muchfire

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          • fireworks Ts

            Yeah yeah the typical internet insults. You probably just described yourself.

          • JustWow

            Lol, I never comment on this website, but wow. “Fit, white and educated”? Really? Two cars and a boat? Was this information really needed to back up your argument?

            I love the internet because of people like you, honestly.

  • 7 year old boy

    Boy the man sure does write blogs A LOT!

  • HollywoodRonCorleone

    I love the fact that Bo Dallas wears the “BlackJack” Style one black leather glove and Windham style boots! I pointed out to my homeboy during the RR. My exact words ” Sweet he rocks the One Glove like his Uncle Barry, and their boots are similiar”. Barry Windham, hell the Whole BlackJack Mulligan family.. Ive been a fan, since NWA in the 80’s I was like 5yo watching those guys. I still have a Galoob WCW Barry Windham action figure from 1990

    • 5er

      I always enjoyed Barry windham vs. Ric flair rivalry more than I did sting vs. Ric flair. I always wished he would have won the world title from flair at least one time though.

      • Stoops Nic

        He was going to but they just stripped Flair before he went to WWE.

    • Stoops Nic

      He’s definitely got the lineage. I just hope they don’t give the kid a horrible cowboy gimmick.

  • TrueFan

    Both Darren King & 2muchfire must be IWC fans of the has been Jim Cornette

    • http://twitter.com/MissyH316 MissyH316

      What makes you call Jim Cornette a “has been”? Just because he fell out with WWE a few years ago doesn’t mean he’s still not influential in the business. There is still a LOT of pro wrestling going on outside of the “sports entertainment” of WWE and a lot of wrestlers who wouldn’t WANT to be in WWE and do things more old-school style.

      • TrueFan

        *Meme Quote* “One Does Not Simply…..Call Cornette Relevant”

        Just because he hasn’t been with WWE for many years now, all he does is shoot on the people he is just soured with, bitter with, and just can’t plainly bury the hatchet with. He does a great job talking nonsense and and shooting down people when he isn’t even an asset in any company anymore. He has no inside scoop with WWE yet talks crap like he is still behind the scenes with them. Most of the outside companies are full of has-beens who are “forced” if you will, to still compete at a level they have no business competing with. Agree or Disagree.. but Cornette in many ways is just a bitter cranky old fart.

        • http://twitter.com/MissyH316 MissyH316

          How do you know he “isn’t even an asset in ANY company anymore”, or that “he has NO inside scoop with WWE” (emphasis mine)? The words “any” and “no” are pretty definitive and don’t allow for other possibilities. As I learned working for OVW for 6 years, people in the wrestling business are more connected than one (outsider) might think and old loyalties run long and deep.

          For instance: OVW owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis may not be a household name in the “sports entertainment universe”, but he has provided advice, encouragement, training, and even @$$-chewin’s when necessary to guys who ARE universally-known top names among fans today – and that’s a “bottom line”. lol

          Yes, Cornette isn’t afraid to shoot on anyone, but he’s ALWAYS been that way and, with some regret I feel, he has become (in)famous for that. But if you think his doing so now is out of bitterness or being “irrelevant”, you got another ‘think coming. And certainly all of his opinions are not negative; maybe people should ask him to discuss these kinds of things more.

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    “Psycho Viking?” Nice nickname for The Next Big Thing, JR.

  • mike c

    i laughed when i saw this Bo guy on Raw and just shook my head and was like, who the hell is this goober? haha, for real, this era is like wwf in 96-97, the headliners are good but the rest of the roster is all random characters or gimmicks and nameless nobodies. its not like the old days with terrortories and guys building a buzz. vince killed his industry by taking out all the little fish. when he killed wcw after buying it, he fired guys for personal reasons and alot of decent wrestlers lost their careers. he should have kept it going in a smaller form to have a place to build talent. no one wants to BE a wrestler, its too small of a market, its wwe or bust, and wwe has only 4 spots that matter, headline raw or headline smackdown. guys are going to UFC cuz they rotate for anyone who can fight. wrestling is gonna be a dying thing in the future. hunter is tryin to slowly build small companys on the side but everyone knows its just wwes d-league. i dont think we are gonna see a wrestlemania 50 or 100

    • TheKillingMoon


  • If Ya Smeeeellll

    Bo Dallas? Who in the blue hell is this roody poo?!