Jim Ross Comments On John Cena’s Injury

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has commented on the injury suffered by WWE Champion John Cena while overseas this weekend. Via JRsBarBQ.com:

“WWE.com reporting that WWE Champion John Cena has sustained an injury while on the European Tour. The report states that Cena has issues with his right, Achilles tendon which can be a dicey matter. Achilles injuries can be puzzling especially if they aren’t torn and don’t require surgery. In other words these types of injuries can linger if one doesn’t get the proper rest and allow the tendon to heal. The injury is legit as Cena has been suffering through this matter for several days even though he hasn’t missed any bookings. Always said the man has the work ethic and toughness of an offensive lineman which is a good thing.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Michael Jobe

    I don’t think this is legit.

  • Frank

    BUT IT IS! THIS COULD BE AM EPIC 6 MONTH OF NO JOHN CENA! This could lead to CM Punk vsing Brock for the WWE Champion at the main event of SummerSlam!

    • Some Random

      As much as i’d love to see CM Punk Versus Brock Lesnar.. CM Punk’s injured now and even if he does make it back before Summerslam, Brock is a man who’s going to stiff you in a match, he’s brutal and that’s the type of match he works. Would WWE want CM Punk getting injured again straight away after a return? He’s one of the top full-time roster stars at the moment. It’s ok for Triple H because he’s not a full-time roster superstar, so he’s not as relied upon for ratings. I’d love to see the match, I hope if Cena is legitimately hurt, that he gets better soon. (He’s not the greatest wrestler, but he’s a nice man outside of the ring). I hope Phil gets better soon too. I’m not sure what they’ll do if Cena and Punk can’t work consistent matches over the next few months, let’s hope they bring up some ‘ready’ young guns from developmental and start making new stars. One has to question too, with Ryback’s involvement in the match that John Cena was ‘supposedly’ injured in (We don’t know the truth one way or another), if that Ryback had something to do with John Cena getting injured, does this mean his stock will fall and his push might stop? I think Ryback’s far from the top spot. His promo with Mick Foley proved this because of pointless lines such as something similar to (roughly quoting) “Be careful what you wish for”, I mean what the hell is Mick wishing for? It was just senseless and stupid. He’s nothing like Goldberg besides the bald head, some people need to look deeper into things, but then again a lot of wrestling fans are sheep and follow what the guy in front says or does. This comment/reply doesn’t mean i’m right about all or any of these things, it’s just an opinion and all wrestling fans should be open to appreciating other people’s opinions. Have an awesome day readers!

  • Kenny

    I’m happy if he is. He needs to go the fuck away so other superstars can get a legit push. Orton should take his spot.

    • Simba

      So you want the WWE to replace Cena with a guy who is one wellness violation away from being fired, rather than use the chance if Cena, god forbid, is seriously injured to push younger upcoming superstars.
      And you are happy that someone is injured? I mean I love wrestling and i’ve been a life long fan, but you take this shit way too seriously if you are happy that someone has/could have a potentially career ending injury. Its just a TV show mate, if you hate Cena so much then don’t watch, its not like he comes into your house to perform

      • alontrae walker

        Well said Simba, all this people say i Hate Cena, but tune in every week to WATCH him get beat up or lose. I bet if he followed them on twitter, they’ll be his #1 fan!

    • alontrae walker

      More like he wants a almost 34 year old guy who already was and is a established top star to be what he already is? Most of these so called young guys are in their 30’s and john cena is the one who worked out with big e and the shield, let them in his own gym and gave them guidance, you know the young guys who are getting a legit PUSH as of right now. Why dont you do us a favor, do something productive with your life and mind your own.

  • Pope

    Tired of Cena or not nobody should be glad a man is injured, fair enough if his character is stale, but to actively be happy that someone whose job it is to entertain you, not to mention the charity work he does, is downright low

    • alontrae walker

      Your right and you dont even seem like a cena fan, but i am and i respect you for saying that. I think if he does take a break it will be well deserved. He could come back around summerslam with a vengence, and a little break from the fans. He doesn’t need to turn heel, he just needs to take more breaks so his character can stay fresh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196281205 Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I wonder what they’re gonna do if he can’t wrestle? Another fatal 4 way for the WWE title….

  • Steve

    i really hope that Cena takes a well deserved rest to heal that Achilles tendon. it is a shitty injury and if not healed properly, can end his career very fast.