Jim Ross Q&A: Why PPV’s Are On Sundays, Total Divas, Chair Shots

Published On September 9, 2013 by (WWE News)

WWE Hall of Famer recently updated the Q&A section of his JRsBarBQ.com website. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Reason why WWE PPV’s air on Sunday:

“I’d assume that there is research to indicate that Sunday is the best night for WWE PPV’s plus it is and has become a tradition that I don’t see changing. Plus, it works well with the cable and satellite operators which is critical.”

Total Divas:

“I’m a big fan of Total Divas. It’s nicely done. The away from the arena content is entertaining.”

Chair Shots to the Head:

“Chair shots to the head are a thing of the past one would hope. Really stupid to execute such in today’s concussed aware society. Chairs to the back are much less destructive and damaging over the long haul.”