Jim Ross Q&A: Sting/WWE, Ultimate Warrior To Wrestle?, CM Punk, More

The following are highlights from the latest Q&A update from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On why WWE didn’t immediately sign Sting when they bought WCW: “I’ve answered this numerous times. You can search for this info here. Sting was owed big money by Time Warner plus he was uncomfortable at the time with the TV14 programming.”

On the three-man commentary team of JR, Jerry Lawler and Vince McMahon: “It was the best three man team that I ever worked with and loved interacting with Vince and heel Lawler.”

On Ultimate Warrior vs. Ryback rumors for WrestleMania XXX: “I don’t expect to see Warrior wrestle at WM30 but I don’t know. I will not be at the HOF but will watch it on the WWE Network.”

On what CM Punk could do to headline WrestleMania in the future: “I’d suggest settling his differences w/ WWE mgmt would help him reach his goals. I’m WAY out of the loop on that matter.”

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      Please no warrior at WM30.

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      Warriors a different cat. He can just accept and dip even if he doesn’t wrestle he should run down there shake them ropes etc. #own