Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Talent Cuts, Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker?, More

The following are highlights from a recent Q&A update by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On the piledriver being banned: “I see no upside in keeping a potentially crippling hold in use. It almost ended Austin’s career and many of today’s talents don’t work on it so it wouldn’t be safe as it needs to be. So no I would not endorse using it in general.”

On if he’d book Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker: “Likely not. Face vs. Face with those two doesn’t interest me nor would it help either one.”

On WWE acquiring wrestling libraries: “Acquiring various wrestling libraries was a priority because of the concept of having a network some day. The St. Louis library was sold to a Canadian company and WWE never really got deeply in the negotiations for it as it was sold quickly. Many old territories did not maintain their own libraries which is why WWE doesn’t own them today.”

On if WWE’s cutbacks will result in more talent releases: “I don’t know. I do know that the talent roster needs to be evaluated weekly if not daily to see what ‘new’ is ready to be added and what talents need to go. That process never ends or at least it shouldn’t.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com


      i think takers days of wrestling are over, the guy has been through so much in his career. let him retire and be inducted into the hall of fame. would like to hear a good speech from him out of character

    • ibeBrave

      I think these four deserve to stay after this match they put on. This match was pretty damn good. This should of been on raw. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SDKGuKSIDWI

      • jammy

        I totally agree! Was a really good match!

    • raVen

      Slater and Titus, if allowed to show their personality and actually win some matches, could quickly become the best thing in wwe

    • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      WWE should release wrestlers they aren’t even using.

      • Ace

        yeah.. like Zack Ryder, Rosa Mendes, Sin Caca, and Khali…

        • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

          Khali isn’t going anywhere. Not Ryder. other 2, good riddance

          • memoryman00

            Yeah, as much we all like to moan about Khali, that guy is going nowhere. Or at least while he’s still making Vince those rupees lol

        • That knee, dis knee!

          I agree with khali, sin cara and rosa, however they won’t release Rosa because she’s currently being filmed for season 3 of total divas. And as for the other two who knows, because khali draws money from India and they have that tour in Mexico where sin cara is popular. I really wish they wouldn’t release Zack, I’ve met him at an autograph signing and he’s super down to earth and cool.

        • Leather Face

          Hahaha sin caca

    • Jose Mourinho

      Who in the hell wants reigns vs taker

      • Ace

        that’s awful… Helll no! Nobody!

      • pwnez

        Having Undertaker face anyone else besides Sting seems pointless now.

        • Jose Mourinho

          Even that is pointless but we can atleast agree to that.

          • pwnez

            Eh, Sting vs Undertaker = major money. Anyone else wouldn’t draw.

            • Leather Face

              Taker vs Rusev lol

            • Jose Mourinho

              Major money but that makes little sense after the ending of the streak.

            • pwnez

              It’s the dream match most fans want to see. There is no secret that these two guys want to face each other before they both retire.

        • Buzzard Follower

          taker vs wyatt simply because of their gimmicks and promos would get me interested but match quality well thats a different story not saying they cant have a good match just its very doubtful


        He’s asking how if he would book it, your taking it out of context. JR doesn’t even work for the WWE, Undertaker is done and if you think he doesn’t know that your an idiot I think he knows he had a bad match and he’s not oblivious to that so he knows it was time to hang them up

        • Jose Mourinho

          WTH are you saying man? take it easy.

    • brad

      The only match that would interest me with Taker in it would be Sting or Kane.

    • Zack

      I can’t see the undertaker fighting anyone else anymore but I believe if they did him and Kane again, that would still draw big money, they just need to make the gimmick like it was back in the old days with them