Jim Ross: Undertaker Wrestling On RAW, The Shield, Ryback’s Heel Turn

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog with some thoughts on Monday’s RAW from London, England. As always, you can buy JR’s delicious line of BBQ products at WWEShop.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

Ryback’s Heel Turn: “Ryback had a productive week in his transition to becoming a ‘villain’ and challenging the polarizing, WWE Champion John Cena. I think that these two will have sound chemistry when they meet at the Extreme Rules PPV and wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryback win the WWE Title. Seems as if it is enviable that the Vegas wrecking ball will be ‘the man’ at some point in the future as he is one of the more focused and hellbent on success performers that I have encountered in many years.”

The Shield’s Progress: “Even though the Shield had some indy experience before joining NXT, the training that the trio received in Florida has served them well. Further proof to me that NXT is the true future of WWE as it relates to the TV product which is what drives the entire company. Nothing’s more important than talent and television within WWE.”

“The Shield had a pivotal week in the world of WWE TV and it continues this Friday night on Smackdown. Already some fans are clamoring for the trio to break up and go their separate ways. I content that it’s too early for that and that there are many productive miles left in this new, hot faction that has a chance to become one of the more significant groups ever assembled in WWE.

Undertaker Wrestling on RAW: “It’s always great to see Undertaker on free TV and he never fails to give me my monies worth but, admittedly, I am extremely biased. I made a statement on Twitter earlier in the week @JRsBBQ that many disagreed with that I thought that Taker had overtaken Andre the Giant as the Greatest ‘Big Man’ in the history of the biz. Frankly, factoring in tenure, leadership, productivity, tickets sold, etc, a viable argument can be made that the Undertaker isn’t the greatest star ever in the genre.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Bam Bam

    Nope sorry don’t see Ryback winning the title at Extreme Rules. I mean John Cena is WWE’s golden boy he just got the title back he aint gonna win and then on his first PPV title defense lose it. Sorry don’t see that happening. Of course they always like to say you never know what is going to happen in the WWE but it’s almost predictable what is gonna happen sometimes, especially now a days. Ryback mite win the title down the road cause he has the build Vince likes.

    • Main Event Player

      And you have the bum that I like! How’s it going, Bum Bum?

      • Main Event Player

        That’s pathetic. Copying my name because you dislike what I said. Instead of trying to ruin my rep, how about you make a rep of your own.. you phoney jackoff. Acting like a 15 yr old girl, you should be ashamed of yourself. Ain’t nobody gonna believe you’re me punk ass fool. Grow up boy.

        • Guest

          Why am I talking to myself?

        • Main Event Player

          No! I’m Main Event Player! All those other people are impostors!

  • Reality

    I agree for the Shield part, you have so many things you can do with them as a faction right now that it’s too early to break them. They are good enough to be on their own (well, specially Ambrose), but there’s so much shit to exploit with the Shield right now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.sutter.3597 Eric Sutter

      Gotta be honest here. The only Shield member that’s shown me anything at all on the Raw matches/run-ins is Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose seems artificial when he talks, like he’s just dialing his words in from a pay phone after reading them off a script…he doesn’t even have a good mic voice. It’s horrid. I’d rather rub my hand across a balloon or take a thumbtack to a chalkboard. He hasn’t done anything exciting in the ring either.

      Roman Reigns (sp?) is just another big ape with minimal athletic talent (when he ages about 5-10 more years, there that goes too) who can slam and bomb folks smaller than him. Whoop dee doo…I’d like to see them legitimately beat down Big Show or Mark Henry (and please, that crap with Show was just BS and fixed up so they could “push” the Shield as a faction).

      About the only thing that could make me like The Shield at this point, is if the WWE formed a 6 man tag team division…or if they started recruiting more members into the faction…AND NOW…not 6 months from now when the novelty of it all will have all but gone completely stale.

      • Reality

        You gotta be joking man. Ambrose has psychology in his performances in the ring. He’s unique. He’s also the greatest of the group on the mic, I don’t get what’s the problem with his voice or performance. It’s no coincidence that everyone (fans and officials) say that he’s the only one with the “IT factor” in the group and is the most ready to go solo compared to Reigns and Rollins.

        • Jesse


  • Main Event Player

    It should be the other way around, John Cena in his heel run facing a new fresh face/hero ready to take his place. WWE doesn’t make any sense at all imo right now. WM 29 should have been a turning point for Cena’s character. And now Cena is more awkward than he’s ever been. The Cena/Ryback storyline right now doesn’t feel right. It feels forced… John Cena is so corny, and such garbage on the mic. He talks like a robot and never changes his tune…he’s as monotone as Randy Orton was on the mic. Listen close to Cena’s mic work… it sounds robotic, and like an advertisement. Even Bret Hart’s promos from ’97 as jumbled as they were from time to time were better than Cena’s.
    Everything from bad mic work, to loud calls in the ring, then walking out of the ring after the match is over like he wasn’t beat down for 20 mins. He can’t sell a damn thing and can’t seem to make anything look real. It’s like he literally doesn’t care, and is just going to work. He has strong political stroke in WWE and he himself doesn’t even make a damn effort to enhance his character or add something more interesting to his storylines. Is he this boring in real life?
    Vince would likely listen to Cena if he came up with something fresh, or something different from the usual. It seems Cena likes being the usual boring Cena, apparently he doesn’t give a shit. Ever since around WM 22, he’s been a robot ever since! “goody two shoes/ by the book/ mundane / predictable boring robot”. Only fans with very bad taste and boring lives could even still be a fan of his and think he’s interesting. Even Hulk Hogan as stale as he was , was better than him, especially when he desired to reinvent himself and actually did it with the nwo. Most kids don’t even cheer the dude anymore… you seem them wearing Orton or Sheamus or CM Punk gear for the most part now…

  • Stoops Nic

    Undertaker is a huge star no doubt but I have to disagree with JR on this one. I’m in the minority that thought he should have walked away already. This is only strengthened by the fact that he barely ever wrestles and if he does it’s once a year. So tenure is not a viable argument. I would never argue his significance and impact on the business but you can’t compare him with the older stars. Today these guys are in much larger venues which clearly equals more ticket sales not to mention how wrestling itself has grown on the tv landscape. The only reason Taker is considered unbeatable is the streak. He may be one of the most athletic big man the sport has ever seen but Andre is the one true big man of wrestling period. I say this because it’s actually believable for Taker to lose but Andre? Come on. Again I take NOTHING away from Taker. He deserves all the praise he gets. But this saying who’s the best is a joke. Stop comparing old and new.

    • Jesse

      He’s wrestled about 4 or 5 times this year.

      Beating up a 500+ pound fat, out of shape, alcoholic with severe back problems probably wouldn’t be as tough as it seems. Am I seriously the only person on the planet that saw Andre as a severely incapable fighter?

      • Stoops Nic

        yes you are. You clearly didn’t see any of his matches from the 70’s and early 80’s. When his bone disease got worse is when he was way to big to be in the ring so I’ll give you that. Do a little research on a the guy before you trash him. Clearly he was not as athletic as most of the big men from this generation but he was the one guy people always came out to see and that’s when he was making 200 dates a year. People only show for Taker now because he never wrestles. As far as an incapable fighters go, Andre could punch a hole in anyone’s chest so to me that makes him capable. You really should check his old matches out, Andre was something before he got too huge.

  • Mr_DJ

    I don’t get why they couldn’t let Ryback be a anti-hero, his whole schtick is built for it…