John Cena & CM Punk Hype Their RAW Match, Foley DVD Cover Art

– John Cena tweeted the following on Friday hyping his match against CM Punk on RAW:

“Only 3 more days until #thunderdomeindallas @JohnCena v @CMPunk winner faces @WWE champ @TheRock”

CM Punk was asked by a fan on Twitter if he can beat John Cena without cheating. He replied:

“Of course. Just more fun to cheat.”

– Here is the cover art for WWE’s new Mick Foley “For All Mankind” DVD/Blu-Ray, due out April 16th. Limited copies of the Foley DVD/Blu-Ray will come packaged with a Mr. Socko.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • essinodub

    Awesome cover

  • raVen

    where is the pic of the sheamus title with cloverleafs instead of bulls?
    want to talk about how sheamus is going to be drafted to raw and win the belt…

    • Smith

      There isn’t even a draft anymore…

  • cenasucks

    Nice cover. How about this? At raw, while the match is happening the lights go off and we hear the GONG! Taker’s back. He punches Cena and cena wins by DQ. After he sets eyes on Punk and tombstones him. Then he points to the mania sign. Both top matches are set. Taker’s reason for the attack? Punk talks about being champion and wanting respect, he has to earn it. To beat Taker at wrestlemania. Respect? Taker has the respect of all his peers and he’ll teach punk a little something about respect. And I know it won’t happen but it’ll be cool for the Badass to return as it allows taker to make more media appearences out of character. And finally when he retires, he does it as the deadman.

    Sorry about the rant

    • SOBI

      Or Taker can put Punk over and say that
      “the Only guy that deserves a shot a the Streak is the guy that spent 2012 as champ, and if Punk ends the streak then and only THEN he could say that
      he is the best in the World

      • Donte Shoshona Gopual


        • SOBI

          dont be a bully
          Be a star

    • Stranger

      Undertaker costing CM Punk the match would be somewhat strange, since Taker is supposed to be a babyface and if you think about it, Taker doesn’t have an actual reason to do it. Why would a guy who is 20-0 at Wrestlemania and has accomplished everything in the WWE care about ANYONE on the current roster calling themselves the best in the world? Punk hasn’t really provoked Taker to go as far as to interfere in a match.

      • Jordan Zelisko

        Undertaker could cost Punk the match because Punk has been demanding respect and Inderaker could say that hte only way for Punk to earn respect is to end the streak!

    • saddad

      Not a rant, just a very long fantasy booking.

  • Andrew Campbell

    I’m buying Foley’s Blu-ray for the free Mr. Socko :D

  • fatneal

    whoa it comes packaged with mr socko…count me in

  • Rock Solid

    WWE really doen’t like continuity. When CM Punk said John Cena has never defeated him, I instantly remembered when they faced one on one prior to Survivor Series last year. John Cena beat CM Punk clean in a non-title match. And this wasn’t that long ago to forget that easily.

    Anyway, I wish this Punk/Cena match coming up was inside a Hell in a Cell even if it is on a RAW just to make up for the one they never had and to add to the overall intensity. Being that its the road to WM, they should throw in surprises like that.

    • Smith

      They probably mean Cean has never beat Punk when it matters most. and when Cena beat Punk it was a tag team match and brad maddox was the ref. Missed Punk’s foot on the rope.

      • Kyle

        “and when Cena beat Punk it was a tag team match and brad maddox was the ref. Missed Punk’s foot on the rope.”
        No dude… Cena did beat Punk in a 1 one 1 match. It was the RAW before his triple threat match with Ryback at SSeries.

    • Tyler

      A troll thumbed you down out of spite because there was nothing wrong with what was written here.

  • Rodfriquez Antonio

    Cena vs Punk….Dallas TX
    Cena finally defeats Punk…Lights go out, its Taker!!! Makes his way down and Tombstones Punk! (End Show)
    Yea yea i know, some online reports that Undertaker probably won’t make it to Mania due to his hip and injuries..but C’mon you gotta know that WWE will put those out their to try to throw you off….They are in TX again..put it together and do the Math!

    • gjofdsvnbsadvbdfsou

      yeah no. lol nice fantasy booking.

      • Rodriquez Antonio

        Not fantasy…just wait and See

  • JamieEvsxx

    well if it means having your own Mr Socko then I’m defo getting the DVD…xD