John Cena Congratulates The Rock, Backstage Chamber Interviews, Maria-WWE

– John Cena congratulated his WrestleMania 29 opponent, The Rock, after his win over CM Punk at Elimination Chamber:

“Congrats @TheRock …… I’ll see you at #thedance @WWE get ready for #WM29 4/7/13” has exclusive post-match interviews with The Rock, Kaitlyn, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler & more from backstage at Sundays Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

– Former WWE Diva Maria commented on a possible return to WWE on Sunday night. After responding to several tweets from fans talking about how the WWE Universe misses her, she wrote:

“Good night all. For now I am THE FIRST LADY of @ringofhonor but maybe someday there will be a @WWE return. I love ALL the possibilities…..”


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Patrick Pumphrey

    For Some Reason, It Looks Like John Cena Is Going To Turn “Heel” When He Get’s The WWE Title From, The Rock After Wrestlemania 29, I Don’t Know That Just My Opinion.

    • DigitalWWE

      John Cena won’t turn heel. He has done an interview saying that he won’t turn heel and if WWE ever said they wanted him to he would WWE tooth and nail to stay a face

      • Patrick Pumphrey

        Oh Ok My Bad :/

      • Patrick Pumphrey

        All Though I Miss John Cena, As A Heel Back Then, When He Would Come Out To The Ring With His Theme “Word Life” And His ” Dr Of Basic Thuganomics” Man Times Have Change Rapidly Over The Years . Word Life

        • thedavidcain

          if there worry about t-shirt sales and merchandise ask hogan did hes t-shirt and mechandise go up when he turn heel

    • thedavidcain

      It started tonight hes part of the shield watch the last 5 mins of the match

  • Jeremy-County Roberts


    • bayarea08

      You are the 50th person to say this… Just stop. Nothing against you but there’s nothing we can do about it. Let’s just make the best of it and pray they include CM Punk into the equation.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts


        • haywire

          Take your meds and go to sleep Jeremy, don’t make me take away your pony toys again.

      • haywire

        Sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have let my mentally challenged little bother Jeremy make an account here. =/

  • SOBI

    Rock vs Cena vs Punk
    at WM
    Punk should retain.

    • cappa37

      Retain what? He’s not champion. Please not another year of that boring 5’3″ 99 pound homeless guy.

      • jccox01


      • Peer Pressure

        A triple threat is fine with me, but Cena must win. Cena >>>> 5’3″ 99 pound homeless guy. jajaja! With Punk being in the match, The Rock doesn’t have to get pinned by Cena.

        • Brandon Sco??

          Cena Win? lmfao

      • SOBI

        He is the Peoples’ Champion
        and according to him his reign is still going :D

      • Orestis

        So you prefer Cena to be the champion again?Or would you like the Rock to retain and not apear in most shows?Lemme guess,Punk is the better option…Thats what i thought!

        • cappa37

          I would prefer that the Rock retain at WM and the lose it at Extreem Rules. But he will lose at WM and lose again at Extreem rules.

  • Javo_123

    John Cena want be Stone Cold wannabe,WWE so fool if they can’t make great rival between Cena vs The Rock

    • GTFO

      Speak English or GTFO retard.

      • Michael Jobe

        Damn Straight. Idiots like the one above drive me nutts. It isn’t that hard to speak or type properly and should not be a problem unless your too stupid or lazy to do so. If you are too stupid or lazy then I say get away from the computer because you have no business on here. I understand typos every now and then but to completely butcher a language is ridiculous and should lead to being shot up on the street if you ask me.

  • cappa37

    Me thinks it’ll be a triple threat for the title at WM29.

    • Darren Potts

      It will be

  • 9 year old boy

    Glad to see good sportsman ship still exists.

  • attitude 4ever

    I HATE YOU CENA YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AttitudeEra

    Cena sucks and booring!

  • wwe141

    rather see John Cena vs The Rock vs CM Punk at WM29

  • Brandon Sco??

    Cena Sucks.