John Cena Injured: New Details On What Happened & His Future

John Cena Suffers Leg Injury at 12/28 WWE Live Event

We’ve got more information on the leg injury that John Cena suffered at Tuesday night’s WWE live event from Wilkes-Barre, Pennstylvania.

During the steel cage main event between Wade Barrett and John Cena, Barrett hit his Wasteland finisher, which most believe is when the injury took place. Barrett began climbing the cage to escape but stopped as if he were waiting for Cena to come stop him. Cena used the ropes to get up as Barrett pretended to have his leg stuck in the cage wall. Barrett’s motions were described as slow motion as he waited for Cena.

As Barrett was on the cage, WWE trainers came down from backstage and were yelling into the ring. Barrett came down and Cena countered a punch, put him in a submission and Barrett tapped out immediately.

SEScoops reader Rick was at the event and sent in this recap of what happened:

“When Barrett was climbing the cage and Cena was down, the trainers came running down from the dressing area. I was on the far side and could see one of the trainers yelling into the ring. Right after that is when John hit Wade with the submission hold. Wade didn’t even last one second.”

SEScoops reader Dave, who was also at the show, wrote:

“I don’t know if it was a work but it looked pretty serious to me. In the main event of Cena Barrett, Cena looked like he may have suffered a very serious injury. My wife even said to me the refs are yelling end it end it. Cena could barely stand and even addressed the crowd at the end of the show.”

After the match, John Cena grabbed a microphone and told the live crowd that he suffered an injury but was going to walk out on his own and did not want to be carried. Fans who sent in live reports said that Cena looked to be in a lot of pain as he exited the ring.

Brad Davis

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  • awesome610

    I wonder where this will leave the Punk-Cena fued. I bet Punk&Nexus will come out and say THEY ”injured” him.

  • Weasel Suit

    It can be a number of things, but it sucks when things like this happen

  • Ac1d_Chr15t

    Wasteland doesn’t hurt anybody.

  • stratojaxter

    Well that bites. Cena’s style generally makes injuries less likely. Injuries always suck, but I was really looking forward to the Cena/Punk/Nexus angle. I hope it’s not too serious.

  • 10132002

    If John really is injured and has to take time off, Punk can claim that John is hiding from him. That way the feud does not have to be dropped. Take care of yourself, John, you’ll be missed.

  • JohnyH

    I never thought I’d be upset that John Cena was gone. However, ever since 2008, I cannot take WWE seriously when they do this injury stuff, especially just before the Royal Rumble.

  • dakidran

    man i hope it isnt serious, at the one point were i actually wanted cena around to see were this new angle goes, to a speedy recovery john… and its inevitable they have to do the nexus injured cena angle if cena is seriously hurt, tht would be the only way to keep it somewht going

  • BayArea08

    If John Cena is injured, then it is more likely Triple H will make a return soon!

    This injury could be the same one back in 2004 where Big Show eliminated him from The Royal Rumble and broke his leg.

    I just hope that this is just a “scare” and nothing more.

  • m8h3r

    i am so laughing at the fact that a month ago people were saying go away your fired take some time off. whereas now people are saying they are upset that he might need some time off. the sad thing? im in the same boat.

  • kjhaltz

    Could say he was layed out and injured by nexus last raw.

  • phenom(951)

    All of us dong feel so bad about this Cena leaving thing cuz we like him, were upset for Punk really honest to God it’s Punk I feel bad for not Cena so much. This could really screw up Punks ME push Yeah I feel bad for Cena but tbh I am more worried Punk might lose his push.

  • phenom(951)

    *don’t feel bad… Fuk my iPhone.

  • stormgreyeagle

    Maybe Juan Cena should come back to cover for his “cousin” *snort*

  • Ac1d_Chr15t

    Take time off, get away, and then..maybe..possibly..heel return..? :( won’ will never happen..

  • ifyasmellhbk

    This really sucks,I hope John is ok.I kinda hope he makes a return at the rumble,that would mean it’s not that serious.

  • JohnyH

    @m8h3r Actually, the reason people wanted him to take time off was to sell the effects of the “firing.” The reason people want him to stay is because we want to see what’s going to happen with him and Punk.

  • King Styles

    For all we know Cena may never walk properly again, but y’all are right. Poor Punk, his career is totally over. Stay classy peeps.

  • Liza-Anne

    Honestly, I like Cena. I just hate the SuperCena-I-Have-to-save-the-WWE-Universe-from-every-godforesaken-thing-on-the-planet BS.

  • RadicalRhys297

    And just when the Cena/Punk & Nexus thing was starting as well, major bummer. -___- Here’s hoping everything is alright with Cena… though it would be nice to see a Cenaless Mania this year tbh. =-X

  • alexander

    I agree with the guy who said triple h may return.and the other guy who said punk could claim cena is hiding from him.maybe they will take cena out on raw,and then that angle could work.and my boy triple h could poke his nose in and be face saying he is sick and tired of nexus and needs them gone so he can get his 14 title run.(Or is it 15) I forget.anyway whenever cena heeled triple h would be champ and return heel alongside nexus.his reason is he is sick of hunter.(Or he could do like hardy lmao,thatd be something to watch-i am anti christ cena)anyway I’d like that.

    Only problem is hunter loves to be heel(and plays it better)so…they can run the same angle as hhh/austin(not hit by car but same concept) till he return..and wit all that said…

    His injury maybe not much to it.and cena has earned my respect,don’t like him but look at all he does.he is everywhere for the wwe,but seriously he is in our face to much so he deserves a break,and so do we just should not be because he is injured.but please don’t let him make another rumble return and screw everything up again.


    Thats what happens when you don’t stretch. Its either that or the WWE schedule is just too much. They should work not more than 100 nights a year. Who knows if they had that schedule maybe Brock Lesner might come back full time, maybe. That damn Dana White why won’t Vince pay him, maybe then we have a better chance of seeing Lesner.

  • charlemange623

    I hope he isnt out for too long i wanted to see where the fued was going Punk could say they injured Cena to keep him off TV for awhile. He could return in time for wrestlemania because it is in 4 months. But who will fued with them now that Cena is injured because there are no other big faces on RAW besides Cena and Orton so Triple H will have to return but who will fued with Sheamus then. See WWE this is what happens when you have only two main even faces on a show

  • catweasle

    Ok so this bozo can kick out/escape from everyone’s finisher, but can’t walk in a straight line?? Stay off the machines and work your stabilisers big man.

  • Realone90

    bet he did his Wasteland finisher to him by throwing him into the cage wall. or maybe he attempted to do it and just did a reverse toss move, kinda like what JBL did. either way, i hope this is a sign that Cena will actually be off TV for a while, the guy’s gotta settle down some time.

  • baloonanimal

    What ya know cena is human after all =D

    seriously though hope it isnt too bad