John Cena Makes a Very Adult Joke To Answer a Kid at Phoenix Fan Fest Q&A

On Saturday, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and The Bella Twins did a question and answer session at the Phoenix Fan Fest, a young fan asked Cena what his favorite food was. Then this happened:

Cena decided to get a bit bawdy for the occasion:

Cena: “What’s my favorite food? Umm…well, if I were to have Nicole stand up this time, I couldn’t show you.”

[Everyone laughs]

Cena: “You’re gonna get that in a few years. I’m kidding, totally kidding.”

Brie: “Bryan would have said that, too, right?”

Bryan: “I would have said the same thing.”

[Cena drops the mic]

Nikki: “He loves steak and vegetables.”

Cena: “Thank you. That is the right answer. Oh man, I’m an idiot. Thank you, guys, for dealing with me, I appreciate it.”

Well, that was different. For more of that rowdiness, tune into new episodes of “Total Bellas” on E! every Wednesday night.