John Cena Posts Workout Videos & Trash Talks Rock

Published On March 18, 2012 by (Videos, Wrestling News, WWE News)

posted a bunch of videos of him training for WrestleMania 28 and fired off some non-PG tweets at The Rock.:

“As smart as @therock may be… He dont know squat!  500lbs for 5 #WM28″

Making sure im clean for @therock at #WM28 315 pound clean at end of day

This is why @therock thinks i got #ladyparts cause he heard i had a strong #snatch 225lb #WM28

Cena then turned his attention to The Rock’s comments on RAW that he got .. “intimate” with Cena’s mom:

“This is best moment of my day.  All of @therock material. #cenation #fruitypebbles #cenasmom love u moms”

“Oh and @therock my mom is sweet but tough and says if yer starving for #sex that bad.. Then go f#ck yourself :) #WM28 #mymomwouldwhipya”