John Cena Says He Almost Decided Against Working WrestleMania 29

While talking to the media at Monday’s WrestleMania XXX press conference from New Orleans, John Cena revealed that 3 months ago, he didn’t think he would be a part of WrestleMania 29. Cena said:

“Had you asked me 3 months ago if I would even be part of WrestleMania, the answer was probably no,” he said. “I literally just had to stop being a boo boo face, you know, get off my horse and pouting and get back into the mix.”

Here’s video of Cena’s comments, courtesy of

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jonathansafc

    What in the hell is a boo boo face. This is why we don’t like you John.

    • Roger Penland

      Implying that he reads this site.

      • Sisisi!

        Implying he doesn’t

        • Peer Pressure

          He doesn’t

      • Jonathansafc

        Are you stupid?

        • Roger Penland

          Are you?

    • Keith

      Ahh shut the hell up…

    • EdwartF

      we ? So you’re saying you speak for everyone ? Are you fucked ? Idiot

  • Muhahahaha

    Jesus Christ…tell me a grown ass man didn’t just say he had to stop being a boo boo face

    • IKeepsit100

      Shocking isn’t it. Can’t believe he went from shit talking crazy thug to Barney the Dinosaur… WWE ruined the shit out of his career. Do kids even like him anymore?

      • Steve

        yeah, i remember a long time ago at a Royal Rumble PPV Cena was high as f*ck, calling himself a swollen d*ck that cant be beaten :D those were the times – he was funny, edgy and actually wrestled in the ring …

        • tpowers06

          I dont really care this john cena i wish he bring back the thugonamics

  • Jervaughn Stewart

    I’m guessing he’s saying he was just tired of being a baby face, I don’t know where boo boo came from but I think that’s what he’s saying

  • kdog

    Damn, Cena is such a tool.

  • lunchbox87
    • Randy

      Lol XD

  • John

    Of course!!! This year it’s his turn to win!

  • WWEFan4Life

    Fucks sake, is it too late to change his mind?

    • EdwartF

      what a dumb fuck you are, like it or not he is one of the biggest stars right now and forever in the industry. even if you hate him, he sells more than anyone and he deserves being in the wrestlemania mainevent all the time.

      • WWEFan4Life

        Are you a retard? Opinion is not fact. Just because I don’t like Cena, does not mean that i don’t agree with the blatant fact that Cena is good for business I was just sharing my opinion of Cena without all of the business and ratings bull shit. But if you want to take the fun out of a little joke, then no one will ever take you seriously.

      • Rodriquez Antonio

        UMMM NO….Just because he’s one of the most used and popular..doesn’t mean he deserves it all the time…lol Its who will ring in the most money over who is truly talented in the ring these days!!

  • Y2J

    If anyone really believes that Cena wouldn’t even be on the card for wrestlemania, you’re the “boo boo face”

  • kquickstillsucks

    This makes me hate Cena that much more. He really is Hulk Hogan but only in fruity pebbled colored t shirts instead of just red and yellow.

    • Progress_Now

      time to change your username them :) “cenastillsucks”

      • Jj Vaness

        keep cryin kid. cry on everyones posts

        • Progress_Now

          awww did I insult your imaginary friend? have some warm milk and tuck yourself in, it will all be better in the morning. don’t forget to put on your Bananas in PJs

  • cappa37

    Does he honestly expect us to believe that Vince would keep his cash cow off his biggest event?! This is great, John Cena is always in kayfabe 24/7 and CM Punk can’t help but break kayfabe 24/7. The company is in great hands. Thank god for the Rock and Brock Lesnar.

    • EdwartF

      yeah until after wm they are gone, thank god

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    well wtf happened?????? Hell he even knows he needs 2 go away.

  • Adam Michael

    3 Months ago he didn’t want to work WrestleMania even tho…. it was going to be him vs Rock again for the WWE title and everyone pretty much knew that towards the end of last year as it had been rumoured on for the past 5 months or so now… John Cena, you are a lying sack of crap and you know it…

  • Bruno

    I see all the comments here and man how much hate can you people throw on a man like that?
    For fucks sake not only in kayfabe but Cena had a pretty fucked up 2012 in real life.
    He was going through a divorce process, former WWE wrestlers talking shit about him left and right, allegedly accused of dating a porn star while being married, getting booed and disrespected by the fans throughout the year and all of you people wishing death and harm on him over the internet, the guy probably found out about this all, and you are all still calling him a liar. No wonder the guy felt like he needed to go away for awhile. Its Cena’s life and his decisions; who the hell do you IWC people think you are to judge him for that!? I am not jumping on his bandwagon but the man deserves decent defense points once in a while.

    • Jervaughn Stewart

      It really is sad honestly. I can understand them being tired of him taking the spotlight from up and coming stars but the other stuff is just hateful and unneeded B.S.

    • Mike

      The iwc obsession with the hate on John Cena is pathetic. Not to mention the fact that it’s overkill now and it’s become real creepy..

    • Kaos

      It’s all Karma maybe if he wouldn’t of Cheated on his wife, Ruined the former WWE Wrestlers career and not slept with a porn star ( allegedly ) and actually changed his character so fans wouldent be so sick of him he would not have had such a bad year it’s all his fault can’t feel bad for a guy like that

    • raVen

      it is sad when a guy chets on his wife. alienates the fanbase of the show he is on. loses all year then suddenly is main eventing the biggest show of the year. saying things like “boo boo face”

      once he is deserving of a defense point he will get one. until then he will continue to be the face of the death of wrestling

  • Jj Vaness

    You could tell, after September, Cena sucked bad

    • Progress_Now

      lol only after September? what the fuck have you been watching the past 5 years?

      • Jj Vaness

        obviously you and i have different feelings. I dont hate cena. I dont hate the product. Cena is one of the best mic workers WWE has ever seen. But after September, his promos were the worst i’ve ever seen.

        You’ve been watching a program you dont like for 5-6 years? You must be very lonely

        • Progress_Now

          lol resulting to veiled insults to counter my extremely legit point because I insulted your Bananas in Pyjamas hero…….yah you’re very lonely indeed. next you’ll tell me he’s your imaginary friend you talk to 24/7 when everyone else is in preschool.

  • Javo

    I hope he not win at Wrestlemania and he decide to take a break from Wrestling and practice his gimmick just like Rock did when he return at 2003,The Hollywood version

  • hbkfan11

    Cena 3 months ago: “Hey Vince, I was thinking…I don’t really need to wrestle this year at Wrestlemania. CM Punk can face Rock, Jericho against Undertaker maybe? Trips vs Lesnar again, maybe a money in the bank match for the lower card guys and you could always bring Jack Swagger back to face Alberto Del Rio? That way I can take a break and rest this darn arm injury I’ve had for months.”
    Vince: “No. Your facing the Rock. Everyone wants to see that again!”
    Cena: “Wasn’t that supposed to be once in a lifetime?”
    Vince: “It will be for the WWE Championship this year. That makes it different.”

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Wow kids/Cena fans! We now know he is a boo boo face..and a liar…i’m sure he knew, vince knew, and creative knew! ugh! thats all i gotta say
    #hulkhogan2 lol

  • raVen

    right. the golden boy not at mania.
    cena missing the biggespay day of the year and his annua fire work show
    what a joke. i believe the boogy man more than this crap

  • cm2013

    he really is a lot like Hogan, isn’t he…?