John Cena Suffering From Eye Injury (Photo), Misses WWE Event

WWE Superstar John Cena did not work at the live event in Kansas City on Sunday as scheduled. It was announced during the show that Cena is suffering from some type of eye injury. Refunds were offered to fans in attendance.

With Cena out, Daniel Bryan came out and challenged Randy Orton, Cena’s originally scheduled opponent, for the main event.

Here’s a photo of John Cena and Brie Bella, with Cena’s eye looking swollen shut:

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  • A Realist

    The fans in attendance got a better bargain, methinks.

  • astronautbutter

    That’s like buying economy class and getting bumped up to first class for free.

  • Guest

    So essentially some of the fans got to see Daniel Bryan wrestle live for free? Sounds like a deal to me.

  • Buzzard Follower

    lucky fans improved quality for free

  • Aperture

    “You can’t see m….ouch! I can’t see!!!” – John Cena…

  • 9 year old boy

    Now if only Orton gets that eye injury and Punk can take his place. I only half-kid but in all seriousness hope Cena is fine and can go back to mid card where he truly belongs :)

    • Donny Octave

      We can only dream, amigo…

    • Jeff

      Stop wishing people bad, like your taking it to far with this CM Punk thing.

      • Harry Be


      • 9 year old boy

        I guess you can’t take a joke…

        • Jeff

          lol i could, i was to lazy to ready the other half of your comment lol

  • QuiteFrankly2k

    Daniel Bryan and Orton seem to always work well together lol

  • Summer Rae Dudley

    Who the f*ck actually wanted to see Cena vs. Orton?

  • CSSA

    Now i guess cena……can’t see us.

  • yowsa

    probably happened while giving Nikki a bj.

  • Dixie Carter

    Actually, I was in my state of the art office in Orlando…and WWE sent down a hugh bus to wreck our tapings. Problem was, when Nash got off the bus he tore his quad. Jake the snake was passed out and Hulk Hogan tore a muscle in his back, Billy Gun fell when he couldn’t find his walker…AND Linda McMahon got sedated and thought she was running for office again.

    Pathetic, these WWE old timers thinking they can wreck TNA or have a shot down here. Go back to the antique company!!!

  • The Best there is!

    I’m pretty sure nobody asked for a refund over Cena.


    This is not a Photo of Cena and BRIE Bella. And poor Nikki the girl in her tweet said John Cena and one of The Bella Twins. SMH.

    • Killthecrown

      I just find it easier to remember that its Bryan & Brie (both names start with B) and Nikki & John obviously. And nikki has the boob job but that’s a minor detail.

  • Progressed_Now

    lol I highly doubt anyone requested a refund. they probably offered to pay more

  • bambam

    Who’s watching live events on Superbowl Sunday anyway???

  • Roberto Corbari

    It’s Nikki Bella, not Brie.. There are two big clues that help identifying her! Can you see ’em in the picture? Just look.. one is crystal clear, the other one is a few inches on the right :-)

  • Shayla Everhate

    Wasn’t there an article not too long ago saying he was double booked on the second?

  • abinniss