John Cena Talks About Almost Joining The Marines Before Becoming A Wrestler

WWE Superstar John Cena spoke to Virginia’s this week to promote WWE’s upcoming Tribute to the Troops special. Here are some highlights of what John Cena said:

Pro Wrestling & Patriotism Going Together:

“You know what, I don’t know. At the root of the good-vs.-evil story is what America is all about.”

Meeting Members of the Military:

“It’s kind of backwards. Every one of them wants to thank us, but we’re there to thank them. It’s a mutual respect.”

What It’s Like Performing for the Troops

“The energy is crazy. They like to get excited. We encourage them to take a night off and come to the event and be exactly the fans that they want to be.”

Almost Joining The Marines Before Getting Into Wrestling:

“I was literally about to join the Marine Corps (Officer Candidate School) when a buddy asked me if I wanted to be a wrestler. I thought I would literally last two weeks in there and the Marines would always be there.”

* Picture of CODY RHODES Sporting a MUSTACHE

Brad Davis

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  • pwnez

    Just think, Cena could have went AWOL along with Mr. Orton.

    • Dontay Hollins

      naw cena aint like that i aint no cena fan but i’m jus sayin

    • shashy626

      well this is just an attempt to claim “up” votes from the IWC. You really think Cena would go AWOL? The love he has for his country is tried and true. He has always had a close link to the military and clearly admires and respects its troops.

      And another thing, if someone goes AWOL then yes, it’s disrespectful and frustrating. However, if someone is not in the right frame of mind, would you want them leading you on the front line? Wars have and always will have serious psychological affects on the individual and it fucks people up. Having someone on the front line, whose heart is not in it, puts all of the lives of that battalion and the operation at risk.

      Stop burying Orton ONCE AGAIN for going AWOL. You jumped to a conclusion without giving it much thought, regardless of whether or not it was just a joke. It’s like me jumping to the conclusion that you’re an overweight, middle-aged man who still lives with his mother (I’m basing that conclusion on the fact that you always come on here and comment on EVERY article so it looks like you have nothing better to do with your life). I’m guessing i’m wrong, just as you are about Cena and Orton.

      • Hellobuddy

        You’re taking this a little bit seriously buddy. Welcome to the IWC?

      • pwnez

        An attempt to claim “up” votes? I didn’t know getting “liked” on a dirtsheet was that important. Is this really your argument? If so, try a little harder next time. By the way, i’ve defended Cena countless times before on here, just sayin’.

        Hellobuddy called you out on your stupidity. You took my harmless joke way too seriously. I don’t blame you, sarcasm doesn’t go well over the internet. Then again, I wasn’t the one who wished death on Cena unlike the other comment on this article.

        Ohhhh the whole “you comment on here too much” thing. Why is their a comment section if people aren’t allowed to post? Unless you’re completely blind, you’d be able to see how i’m not the only one to post on this site. That’s like me telling someone who is constantly on their computer/phone checking updates on their fantasy football league that “they have no life” or “you’re on your phone too much.” Your petty insult means nothing. Now, go blow more things you read online outta proportion.

        • BigManonCampus

          You talk too much. All you geeky types, always trying to prove your worth and that you’re better than the next guy. It’s so silly dude… If you are not the type of person that shashy described, then why are you even giving him the time of day? Shouldn’t you have just been indifferent to his comment.. or ignored it all together.

          • REX

            What you said actually makes perfect sense. Unfortunately there’s alot of over sensitive sissy men on here that will be offended by this, and thumb you down out of pure spite.

      • EdgeheadY2J

        A joke about being fat, 40, having no life and living in his moms basement. Holy shit guys, we’ve got Dane Cook over here

        • pwnez

          LOL that’s great.

        • Hobo With A Shot Gun


    • IKeepsit100

      Cena was about to become a body builder…this story is full of shit.

      • WhoRaH!

        No! Cena already was a bodybuilder lol

  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    Shame. He could have eaten a bullet and the world would have been a brighter place.

    • siberian_skies

      That’s uncalled for.

    • Salacious B. Crumb

      That’s fucking horrible.

    • pwnez

      Real classy.

    • SavageBomber

      That’s cold… And low. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for wishing harm on another human being, whether you like them or not.

    • Dontay Hollins

      thats bogus lol

    • Jervaughn Stewart

      Yeah I understand if you don’t like his character but really? Grow up dude

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      A guy that says something like this should not only be banned but punched in the mouth, repeatedly. How you could even want that for someone is pathetic and miserable, douchebag.

      • DAX

        and yet punchin him in the mouth would be allright? talk about double standards. :)

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Since when is punching someone in the face = wanting someone to die. They’re not even in the same ballpark. Perhaps you should choose your words more carefully.

          • DAX

            Sir, Yes Sir!

      • REX

        What he said was wrong and uncalled for. But as for “douchebag”’re one of the biggest ones on this site. Insulting people because you don’t agree with them… or because they call you out on your BS. Give me a break… hypocrite. Now you’ll probably insult me in a reply even though I told you the truth about yourself. Vintage Bushwald with your one up-manship weak punk ass.. I’m not gonna come back to read it anyway since I said what I needed to say, and also because I don’t respect you.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          I insult people I dont agree with now? LOL. No, I actually try to have a mature debate most of the time with people. I won’t insult someone for the hell of it. I called the guy a douchebag because he wished someone’s death. I believe it was warranted. If that offended you or bothered you, change your tampon and come back.

          What is this BS you refer to in regards to people calling me out? Last I checked, nobody has called me out for shit. A person will post an opinion and I’ll agree with it or won’t. There’s nothing there to “call out”. Yes, some people and I have gotten into arguments here. I’ll give you an example….pwnez and I used to go at it a lot. But, we got past that and actually have this thing called a mature debate about shit. There have been others as well and I think they would tell you that I was the one who basically squashed the stupid stuff.

          As for you respecting me or not, I couldn’t care less. I’m not here looking for your respect, Rex. What’s even funnier than that is that you call someone a hypocrite for calling someone else a douchebag and, yet, you throw out names. Contradict yourself much?

          And of course you’ll come back and read it. You seem to have a hard-on for what I type. It’s too bad you don’t have the ability to understand what the difference between a debate and an insult is though. Maybe one of these days, you’ll learn it.

    • IKeepsit100

      wow…. and 5 likes? WOW reporting this

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Always nice to see people talk with class on this site

    • Peer Pressure

      What’s even more sickening is five people actually agreed with this dipshit.

    • Hobo With A Shot Gun


    • DAX

      Now that whasent nice. Nurses in the old mental asylum let you out of their sight and you started to play on the internet?

  • 7 year old boy

    Well John if you did then I wouldn’t be here.

  • that guy over there

    cena bitched out since he wouldnt be able to bully anyone in the the marines and the sargeant would not have let him suck his dick like mr mcmahon does, thats why cena gets away with bullying people

  • sparky

    I know randy orton went AWOL but I love him. Randy should be the face of wwe. He got a great face