John Cena Talks About His Respect for The Rock & Complainers In WWE

John Cena spoke to the Associated Press this week to hype Sunday’s WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view. Cena complimented The Rock on his work ethic and in the process, took a shot at other Superstars who are complainers:

“I wish we had one guy with 10 percent of his vision and his aspiration,” Cena said. “When he gets a small opportunity, he kicks the damn door down and owns the horse. Often times here, we have Superstars that remind me of a hamster on the treadmill and those are the guys that usually complain. I don’t take too kindly to them. I’m fortunate Rock’s here and I’m glad he’s here. He can show up whenever he wants.”

Cena also said he gained even more respect for The Rock last year when The Rock announced his intentions to go after the WWE Championship.

“I always knew he loved the business,” Cena said. “He loves it so much now that he really is the busiest person in the history of the WWE. He’s everywhere at once. He can do everything and still compete as WWE champion.”

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