John Cena Tops ESPN’s WWE Power Rankings, ESPN Questions Swagger’s Push has released their weekly WWE Power Rankings and John Cena jumped to the top of the charts after barely breaking the top 10 last week (9). Following Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, here’s a look at this week’s WWE Power Rankings:

1. John Cena
2. CM Punk
3. Triple H
4. Brock Lesnar
5. Ryback
6. Randy Orton
7. Sheamus
8. Mark Henry
9. The Shield
10. Jack Swagger

The article noted the “awkward” wet spot on Triple H’s pants during his brawl with Brock Lesnar and gave big props to John Cena and CM Punk for their stellar main event match. The article also questioned WWE’s decision to continue pushing Jack Swagger’s after he was arrested for DUI and drug possession last week:

“So does WWE have a wellness policy or not? How can Swagger get arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana last week and not only avoid suspension, but star in multiple segments on Raw? Weed the People.”

* VIDEO: CM Punk’s Nasty Piledriver On John Cena From RAW

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ddp

    pothead swagger shd be released immediately

  • wwetnadudez

    Lol my dad made me rewind like 5 times to see the wet spot on HHH to see what happened

    • Jonny Mick

      Your dad has some weird fetishes.

      • wwetnadudez

        LOOOL no no he wanted to see if HHH pissed himself or if it was just the water he spits out in his entrance

        • 5er

          Must of spit it out when he had his head up his rear.

          • wwetnadudez


        • Jonny Mick

          Haha. Kudos to you for having a sense of humor and not FREAKING OUT like most people on here!

  • Richard

    LOL! Weed the People! Classic.

  • Adam Michael

    Punk should of been number 1 surely? I know the “cena hate” thing is “getting old” to some people but seriously, why is the guy given so much damn praise? He had an ok match in which Punk dominated the hell out of him only for him to hit a AA and win, what? RANKED NUMBER 1. Yea, it’s a complete joke

    • Sisisi!

      I would put Punk at 1 as well but Cena did work in that match, they killed it last night.

    • Chris G

      It isn’t fair. It’s wrong that Cena is allowed to dominate opponents and wrongfully pick up victories that, despite the fact he’s a bully….he always gets his way. It’s pathetic B.S.

  • Jay Jayerson

    Didnt Randy Orton miss a Wrestlemania because of a wellness policy violation that was marijuana related? But you give the Kurt Angle wannabee a pass because you came up with a topical storyline that would drive some buys?

    • Sisisi!

      He’s Vince’s personal project they’re not going to drop him.

    • Burke

      No. Truth is that Randy Orton always does his best in matches and is a dedicated person who works for things he wants. He doesn’t use or do steroids or marijuana. False rumors were spread on the internet, misinforming people about what was going on. Randy Orton never missed a WrestleMania because of any wellness policy violation. John Cena was trying to get Randy Orton fired from WWE and was the cause of Randy Orton being accused of doing steroids and marijuana. John Cena also wanted to have Randy Orton imprisoned and jailed for being accused of using and doing steroids and pot even though he didn’t do any of that.

      • 7 year old boy

        What dude where the hell did you get that info from?

        • 5er

          Language, young man. language.

      • Scott Sanchez

        Works hard…What fucking matches are u watching….He is a horrible wrestler

        • Bovver_Bois

          Orton’s the best wrestler in the WWE!

      • GodsLoyalSon

        That is most certainly a rumor. I can’t believe Cena would try to get a man fired for weed when he tried to get a man rehired after choking someone on national tv.

        • Joe Hawkins

          John Cena already tried to get Randy Orton fired for doing things he never did. John Cena’s already blamed and accused Randy Orton of using, and doing steroids and marijuana. He’s also swung at Josh Matthews for asking him a question and tried to bully him. John Cena betrayed Zack Ryder’s friendship and stole his girlfriend, Eve Torres. Orton had been getting antagonized, insulted and disrespected by John Cena for a long time. Why the f**k should he have to put up with it and not punch and kick Cena’s head off??
          Personally, I believe that if a Skinhead girl likes Randy Orton and admires him she should get herself a dog or two if she wants, and move to Tampa, FL and go train at FCW, kick ass and get into WWE and get onto SD and Raw and beat the hell out of the guys and prove she can do this instead of only talking about it. Though she’d have to save some more money and move back to her place once it gets redone….since she’s been unable to live there for the past 4 months and a week. The Skinhead girl should marry Randy Orton and he should marry her! They should be able and allowed to enjoy themselves for the rest of their lives and make each other proud of one another! The Skinhead girl should go and give a boot party and a curb stomping to:
          John Cena and The Shield and anyone else she doesn’t like. Orton should join her!

    • TrueFan

      No, Orton didn’t miss a Wrestlemania, but he did miss raw 1,000 that was in his hometown.

  • Trevor

    ESPN are a bunch of pompous cunts. Their programming is some of the driest and most up-tight bullshit on tv They should leave sports entertainment alone. I like my athletes on roids and weed

  • Burke

    John Cena not only admitted on the national TV news show, CNN…. around 2005-2006, to using and doing steroids and in the same breath he denied his steroid use..and a lot of people believed him that he doesn’t and didn’t ever use steroids.

    Question: Is it possible for a woman to train and get into good enough physical condition to be able to beat John Cena in a rope climbing contest? Man, I’d LOVE to see that happen! I hate Cena always winning and nothing would be sweeter than him losing to a smaller woman in that sort of contest. Just my opinion.

    • Doug

      Possible….but if she did train properly it would take her years to get into good enough physical condition to be able to do that. And to do so without using her legs to help her climb up the rope and to be able to kick his ass. That’d be AMAZING!!!

      • Keith

        Could be done without her using steroids but it would take her years to develop the serious uppper body strength to be able to do it. I hope that any woman thinking of doing that…..actually DOES do it! I’d DEFINITELY pay to see that happen!

    • Simba

      Actually what Cena said in that interview was that while he never used steroids the situation behind the scenes of professional wrestling was that he ‘COULD’ say he did steroids but you will never prove it, referring to the fact that if he had used steroid to get as big as he is and stopped using no one would be able to prove that he ever used.
      After the interview he was misquoted and almost fired from the WWE until the news station released the entire video in context and apologized to Cena and the WWE. Now i am not going to say that he never did steroids, as i don’t know a thing about him personally but don’t say that he admitted to doing steroids when he did no such thing.
      And to answer your question, Cena is freakishly strong but he is also extremely heavy so there will be a lot of women who would be able to beat him in a rope climbing contest such as gymnasts, acrobats, etc.

      • Luke

        No what Cena said in a roundabout way was that he did use and do steroids. He lied on TV about not doing steroids or using them. Which makes him someone who doesn’t deserve to be a role model for today’s youth.
        Reason people can prove he did use steroids is because he did admit to doing and using steroids in a roudabout way. That’s what I’m explaining.

        A woman wouldn’t need to be an acrobat, gymnast or whatever….but she would need to do strength training to be able to get into good enough physical condition to be able to beat his ass in a rope climbing contest.

        Besides, how many women do you honestly think would actually do something like that?? Not many.

        Orton’s extremely strong…..physically and mentally. Cena may be strong as well but it doesn’t compare at all to Randy Orton.

        However with the proper physical and mental training…..even a chick could beat Cena in a rope climbing contest.

        Orton would be able to do that, beat Cena in a rope climbing contest.

        Orton wouldn’t need to do steroids to beat Cena in a rope climbing contest but Cena would have to do or use steroids to beat Orton.

        And any chick who is in shape, condition and is fit would be able to climb a rope faster than Cena. But she’d also have to take her time to get into that kind of shape. Because women have to work harder than guys do to get a lot of upper body strength and lower body strength.

        No one apologized to Cena for anything. He doesn’t deserve an apology. Only people who do deserve an apology from Cena are:

        Josh Matthews Alberto Del Rio Vince McMahon
        Randy Orton Michael Cole IWC smark guys
        Triple H Zack Ryder C.M. Punk
        Brock Lesnar Eve Torres The Big Show
        Wade Barrett Dolph Ziggler The Rock
        Nexus The Miz Skinhead Jenn

        as well as other people who Cena has used, antagonized, insulted, lied to, lied about, spread untrue rumors and gossip about in negative ways, etc.

        Skinhead chick kicking ass on Cena and beating a guy 2X her size in a rope climbing contest…that’d be cool as hell and totally SWEEEET! I’d LOVE to see that happen!

  • raVen

    poor wwe doesn’t see how much they are wasting???
    how do you keep swagger in that spot when a.) it’s jack “flop” swagger and b.) the dui possesion
    he should be fired and rejected by tna.
    swagger si garbage and will NEVER be a star no matter how hard they try.
    what a huge black eye on the wwe and wrestlemania

  • Max Da Boss Patterson

    I love how the wwe marks act like they so f*cking holy


    I love seeing the IWC getting pissed because Swagger is still getting pushed. Where was the outrage when Jericho won the WHC a onth after punching passengers in a cab. I guess I orgot about the double standard. Go to hell IWC!

    • Gary Willis

      or CM Punk punching the wrong fan. My view on it is if the court only decides it is only a $800 fine (which many reports show that will probably be it) then why would WWE punish him out of a $50,000 payday.

  • Zach Darrah

    … when did espn start caring about wrestling when it isn’t bad news

  • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

    Weed the People should be RVD and Sabu’s team name if Sabu ever comes back to TNA and reunites with RVD.

  • Reality

    Swagger’s an idiot. He must be punished. But the thing is I really like what they’re doing with him. I’d probably wait until Mania is done to suspend him. Make him win the world title, have Ziggler cashing in, then suspend him is how I would do things. I don’t want to stop the storyline halfway.

    • Steve

      maybe they should add some other superstar to the stable and after WM publically fire Swagger or something (in reality suspend for his DUI). Because the storyline is good, Zeb is great. Swagger should just be replaced, maybe with some NXT star like Corey Graves or Kassius Ohno

      • Reality

        It would look too forced to me if he’s replaced.

  • Steve

    please, Cena,please DO NOT do the Hurricanrana anymore

  • MisterE

    The wet spot was Stephanie crammed up his ass, she was crying buckets due to the tight confinement…so says Wikipedia.