John Cena’s Elbow Healing Slower Than Expected & His Potential Role At HIAC

– John Cena was in New York City last night at the 10th Annual 2012 IMG Sports Marketing Symposium at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. He was there representing WWE and spoke about the importance of social media and fan interaction.

– John Cena’s surgically repaired elbow is recovering slower than expected, according to After returning to RAW on Monday, he’s now back on television full time.

If Cena is unable to wrestle CM Punk at Hell in a Cell, it’s been discussed that he could could be the guest referee of Punk vs. Ryback.

CM Punk’s matches with Ryback that are taking place at this weekend’s WWE live events would be a run-through of what their Hell in a Cell match would be.

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Brad Davis

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  • cenasucks

    Guest referee? That’s creative… I am strangely looking forward to a Hiac match between Ryback and Punk. Ryback is successfully over with the fans and this match could be the defining moment of Punk, like Mick Foley said.

    • Dan Kincaid

      It would make sense though that Vince would try to screw CM Punk over by putting Cena in as the ref though given the match they had Monday.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    WWE needs 2 stop rushing Cena 2 come back.The guy is a work horse let em fuckin rest( N I’m not even a Cena fan). That said Ryback & Punk should be interesting.

    • DirtyDick92

      No! Ovework him into Obiviltion t give me a BJ!

  • 7 year old boy

    I love John Cena, give him a rest or else he’s going to injure his future!

    • The Guest

      Ok, this was pretty funny for about a week or so. Got old real fast though. This thing only had so many laughs in it, now you’re running on empty.

      • 7 year old boy

        Nah I’m telling the truth, my hero needs a break from all the work this man puts on for us.

    • Josh Foley

      let him injure his future

    • ItsProgressNow

      you say it like it’s a bad thing


    Are they on crack?!?!!?!?!?! WHY IN THE HELL WOULD you risk Cena (not a cena lover) health and have him referee when he cant really drop down that fast. They should have him take it easy at home.

    • Daniel Howells

      No, noo…John Cena no wrestle.


    also what were those black strips on cenas shoulder instead of a sling

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      Its called kinesio tape. Kinesio tape is a medical advancement to help athletes recover faster from major injuries.

      • John Popovich

        Considering he’s healing slower than expected, it doesn’t seen to be working…

  • Jayden53092

    just because ryback is over with the fans doesn’t mean he is ready for a wwe title shot.

    • smith

      this just means Punk is going to have a chance to surpass the one year mark next month at survivor series. which is a very good thing. Cause there is no way they are giving the title to Ryback so early.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Don’t worry. I don’t think WWE is ready to put the title on Ryback. This is just a match, it doesn’t mean Ryback wins. Two reasons I know that Ryback won’t win the match.

      1.) They’re building up the prestige of the WWE title again, hence the reason they keep focusing on how many days CM Punk has held it.

      2.) The WWE would never risk putting The Rock in a match with someone as green as Ryback for the WWE championship at Royal Rumble.

  • Elgwyn

    WWE should let Cena rest for a few months. Shall we say let him come back on next year’s Royal Rumble as a surprise entry. And have someone cost him his RR win for a possible Wrestlemania match. The guy is obviously too exhausted.

  • DigitalWWE

    People keep saying “just because Ryback is over doesn’t mean he’s ready to main event.” All true, yet all of you sounding like broken records doesn’t change the fact that WWE has pushed themselves into a corner by not building any main event stars and they frankly have no choice but to do this at this point.

    • IKeepsit100

      you constantly keep saying that ” people keep saying ” then you do the bandwagon thing. It’s kinda annoying.

      • Craig DeBoard

        How is he doing a bandwagon thing? it’s true. Who else does WWE have that can main event as a face right now? Sheamus already has the world title, so he’s out. Orton is still eating humble pie for acting like an idiot. All the other main eventers are now either in tag teams or are heels. WWE has written themselves into a corner. The guy is 100% correct. It isn’t about a bandwagon, it’s about reality.

  • DigitalWWE

    John Cena’s elbow is healing slower than expected because they are using Elastic therapy tape which has been proven on more than 5 occasions does not really work. Just put him in a sling and let him rest.

  • TheGreatJoe

    Please no Cena as the ref

  • Mark wil

    Nwo let cena screw ryback and have punk, cena, and brock as the nwo and bring in taker to play the sting role and ryback will play the goldberg role

    • Dan Kincaid

      Just have to say that there is absolutely zero chance of this happening

  • Faktorek

    Why does everyone who says anything about John Cena mark that they are not JC fans? It is not a shame of being JC fan.

    • ItsProgressNow

      because they don’t wanna be called Bananas in Pyjamas fans. and because it really is pretty fuggin embarrassin

      • Craig DeBoard

        No what embarrassing is when you’re afraid of what people on the internet whom you’ll never even meet in real life, think. That’s what’s embarrassing. You can crap on Cena all day long, reality is not everyone is as childish as you are to pretend they’re hardcore or some nonsense by booing Cena. Grow up.

    • Craig DeBoard

      I’m a Cena fan. Been a fan of wrestling for 30 years now and I think Cena is great. The guy is a work horse, loves the business, and doesn’t mind putting other people over. What’s not to like? What he doesn’t have some vast amount of moves? Guess what HHH, HBK, CM Punk, even the precious Undertaker whom everyone kisses ass to use the same moves every match. THAT’S WHAT THEY GET PAID TO DO! I think Cena is great. Not my favorite wrestler but I certain don’t “not like him”. I don’t ride that teenager “hey look at me, I want to appear as a “smart” fan so I’m gonna say Cena sucks” band wagon.

      • Reality

        I was a Cena fan. I stopped cheering for him aroung the time he debutted his actual theme. The guy was just boring. It’s not what he does in the ring that bothers me much. It’s the fucking gimmick. Everything that made him entertaining has been left out.
        Oh plus the fact he won hundred of matches the same fucking way. We had to wait for YEARS to see him win in original fashions.
        Being a Cena fan may very well be embarassing, it’s a lot like being a Bieber fan.
        But it’s important to say that I don’t judge people because they’re fan to those two. I judge them on “why they are”.

  • saxman

    Let the guy sit at home and REST!

  • Rashad Jackson

    i jst realize punk cant wait by DQ cuz there is no DQ in a hell in a cell! no rules
    so sumthing is going to happen in order for him to win…i dnt care if he wins but i def. wanna see him n ryback fight! and cena def. needs to rest!

  • Aduha Dx

    Better watch Punk vs Ricardo than cena ever again