John Cena’s RAW Countdown Continues, Video Of The Top 10 WrestleMania Entrances & More

– John Cena continues to tweet a countdown to his match against CM Punk on RAW:

“Only 2 more days until #thunderdomeindallas @JohnCena v @CMPunk winner faces @WWE champ @TheRock”

– Friday’s WWE SmackDown had a social media score of 59,010, down 5% from last week. This was the least social media activity for the show so far this year, headed into next week’s “Social Media SmackDown.”

– WWE has released the following video of the Top 10 entrances in WrestleMania history:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    So I guess the match between the Cena and Punk is gonna end in controversy, thus leading into a Triple Threat Match unless ‘Taker is gonna be able to wrestle at ‘Mania?..

    • Steve

      looks that way. well, at least now they will be able to make an uncertain Cena victory at WM and start making Rock vs Cena for the third WM in a row

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Nooooo, LMAO, at least one of their matches better be a classic then!

  • Dontay Hollins

    wat jackass made that list how did HBK WM 12 entrance not be #1

  • Brandon Sco??

    What idiot made John Cena’s entrance number 1? That was the dumbest shit ever.

    • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

      You know they’re trying so desperately to put him over with every chance they get, haha!


      ” #thunderdomeindallas ” should have capitalized letters to make it ” #ThunderDomeInDallas ” because I read ” #ThunderDoMeInDallas ” some sort of weird request to his lover Thunder?

    • EdwartF

      have a better idea justin bieber ?

      • Brandon Sco??

        yeah, anything but that one would have done just fine.

        • EdwartF

          dumb ignorant shit

    • Jose Cordova

      Mavens wrestlemania18 Entrance Was better Then that bullshit number one lmao

  • Kaos

    John Cena #1 smh BS

  • 7 year old boy

    John Cena #1 jizzes in his pants. Oh wait can I jizz at this age? And what is jizz? So many questions so little time :(

    • Holliezboy5711

      You try too hard to be funny.

      • 7 year old boy

        I am more like John Cena I get a mixed reaction.

    • Holliezboy5711

      You try too hard to be funny.

  • Flare Demon

    I hate how John cena is sooo happy that he finally gets to beat CM Punk.

  • Smith

    It’s sad he keeps trying to get that hashtag to trend..

  • Ryan Landrum

    Cena had a better entrance with in Chicago where Punk was apart of the entrance…
    Also, I was at WM25, where half of these entrances came from… shame that the matches that particular year were not spectacular, save Taker vs HBK, which is still my favorite match of all time. Oh well, looking forward to going to WMXXX!

  • Smith

    Punk’s entrance at Wrestlemania last year was better than Cena’s “#1” entrance. Which means it shouldn’t even be on the list. I’ve seen way better entrances than half of this list. Holy crap. Not saying Punk’s is a top ten I love the guy but I don’t know.

  • Pozessed

    The best is either Undertakers or Shawn Michaels on the zip line thing.

  • jccox01

    This list sucks. Half of them were just the superstars original entrances.

  • Progress_Now

    1:29 the Iron Sheik: betar get outathaway befor he fuks us in the as

  • Ahmed Naseer

    The Dead Man is back bitches

  • Jack McCurry

    How was Andre’s entrance great? Because he rolled down to the ring in a mini ring

  • John Bero

    alot of those entrances were trash the shawn michaels entrances were cool, i can understand scsa’s since he crashed the hof ceremony, undertakers was ok but i wouldve put it lower, the for whom the bells toll entrance was better than hhh breaking glass. and andres doesnt belong on here at all. edges ultimate warrior and john cenas was the same as normal. sooooooo w/e….

  • Reality

    Most of Taker’s entrances could be number one. Or HBK when he faced Bret.
    My personal favorite entrance of time remains the Ultimate Warrior’s tho.

  • synkara

    Cena was riding high at WM25 and 26. Overexposure and the angle where he joined Nexus was where the backlash set in. I think moves like Sheamus’ 10 forearms, Orton’s DDT and Cena’s 5
    knuckle shuffle should be saved for PPVs only. Seeing every wrestler,
    do every move, every week, takes away from the “big fight feel” that
    wrestling used to have, before everything became over-played. I like RAWs that aren’t jam packed, allowing for a slow build, and the action needs to be scaled back leading into ‘mania anyway. Rock/Cena 2 could be good, Rock/Punk 3 would be much better.
    Cena as champ should only serve the purpose of losing the title, cleanly, to CM Punk – no interference, no foot on the rope, no triple threat. Punk pins Cena “once and for all” at Over The Limit or Money In The Bank.