John Morrison Talks To About His Fitness Program, Life After WWE recently interviewed former WWE Superstar John Morrison about his “Out Of Your Mind Fitness” program. The article jokes, “The WWE Universe might think is out of its mind interviewing an ex-Superstar not seen since late 2011. They’re right.” Here are some highlights of what Morrison said about:

His Fitness Program:

[“Out of Your Mind Fitness”] is a fully functional training regimen built to getanyonein the best shape of their life. Functional training is the bee’s knees these days. It’s all about time efficiency. Training your body to move … so you can have the highest quality of life possible.

Everyone needs to move — if you’re a pro athlete, a contortionist, a computer programmer or just somebody who wants to play with their kids. One of the benefits of functional training like this is that it utilizes movement across multiple muscle groups as opposed to old-school bodybuilding, which is about isolation. You don’t move with isolated muscle movements in real life.

Functional training is about integrating core and stabilization muscles, which are engaged while doing these exercises. The whole body is getting worked out as a unit.”

What He’s Been Doing Since Leaving WWE:

“Life is a pretty awesome ride. Since stepping off [the WWE] train, I’ve been writing some [film] shorts and a feature that I’m hoping to produce and star in. I just wrapped a movie called, ‘The Factory.’ I’ve also been training for stunt work, acting for some independent classics, and working out.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Andrew Campbell

    Never liked John Morrison. Great athlete, but a terrible wrestler with even worse mic skills.

    • JamieEvsxx

      I didn’t think his wrestling was that bad tbh, he was a bit of a spot monkey but besides that he wasn’t terrible…but yeah I’ll have to agree that he wasn’t great on the mic (plus what was with that shirt he had out that had “We’re gonna eat your lunch” on the back of it?…never actually understood that tbh, I know it was randomly on Z True Long Island Story at one point but I still don’t get it)…=S

  • yo

    I don’t know how on earth Morrison plans on becoming a famous actor when he can’t even cut a decent promo…

    • Andrew Campbell

      I think he’s more cut out for stunt work than acting. Too bad Jersey Shore ended, he could’ve had a future on that as Situation 2.0.

    • tara strong

      He could be a voice actor for a children’s cartoon.

  • darthjebus666

    I liked morrison, his mic skills needed improvement but he was a great worker. His fued with shamus at & after king of the king, his last royal rumble & elimination chamber & matches with the miz was great

  • Dan QUinn

    I met him and Christian at a philly cheesesteak joint(Tony Lukes) a couple years back next to where they taped smackdown. I came from a Sublime concert, so a little drunk, but when I realize who was in front of me in line, i thought it was cool. John Morrison was chill, Christian not so much, but he kept his cool and let me get some pics for me and my son and nephew(boviously not at the concert!!). He is a great guy. John, if you remember, you made me, and my kids night. Classy guy.