Josh Mathews Tells Wrestling Podcast Hosts, “Shoot Yourselves”

Over the past week, TNA announcer Josh Mathews has been very active on social media. Following a recent sit-down interview where he referred to himself as the greatest play-by-play announcer in wrestling today, Mathews trash talked several fans and industry personalities who disagreed with his proclamation.

Matthews may have crossed the line this week when told the producers of a wrestling podcast to “shoot themselves.”

Josh Mathews vs. Social Media

The tweet in question is no longer visible on Mathews’ Twitter page. Unconfirmed reports are stating he was asked to delete the tweet by Impact Wrestling management. He has continued to send out insulting tweets to fans since however, indicating the company is aware of and fine with his recent activity.

Over the past week Mathews has engaged in Twitter wars with Jeremy Borash, Shark Boy, and many others. He doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.