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Braun made the announcement on Twitter late last night: No word yet when they will be getting married. Braun and his family were in attendance at last night’s WWE TV tapings to see Kaitlyn in action. Congratulations to Kaitlyn and PJ!";}i:8833103;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:8833105;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"15";}i:8833101;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"27";}i:8833099;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"11";}i:8833107;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"57";}i:8833151;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"cws_links_to";s:5:"value";s:7:"http://";}i:8833150;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"cws_links_to_choice";s:5:"value";s:2:"wp";}i:8833745;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"edit_date";s:5:"value";s:4:"true";}i:8833125;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"excerpt";s:5:"value";s:66:"WWE Diva Kaitlyn is engaged to be married to bodybuilder PJ Bruan.";}i:8833114;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"existing_tag";s:5:"value";s:6:"select";}i:8833127;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"gallery-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"5221167c1f";}i:8833095;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"14";}i:8833102;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:8833104;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"14";}i:8833100;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"27";}i:8833098;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"11";}i:8833106;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"58";}i:8833088;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"hidden_post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833086;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"hidden_post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:8833089;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"hidden_post_visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:8833165;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"91795";}i:8833093;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"27";}i:8833078;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"meta-box-order-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"998ba6e646";}i:8833131;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"metakeyinput";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833130;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"metakeyselect";s:5:"value";s:6:"#NONE#";}i:8833132;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"metavalue";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833092;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"11";}i:8833096;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"58";}i:8833116;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"newcategory";s:5:"value";s:17:"New Category Name";}i:8833117;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"newcategory_parent";s:5:"value";s:2:"-1";}i:8833113;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"new_tag";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833069;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"originalaction";s:5:"value";s:8:"editpost";}i:8833072;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"original_post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:8833108;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"original_publish";s:5:"value";s:6:"Update";}i:8833169;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"ping_status";s:5:"value";s:6:"closed";}i:8833070;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_author";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:8833152;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"post_author_override";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:8833166;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_content";s:5:"value";s:445:"[gallery ids="91823,91816,91822,91818,91821,91820,91817,91819"]   WWE Diva Kaitlyn is engaged to be married to bodybuilder PJ Braun. Braun made the announcement on Twitter late last night: No word yet when they will be getting married. Braun and his family were in attendance at last night’s WWE TV tapings to see Kaitlyn in action. Congratulations to Kaitlyn and PJ!";}i:8833746;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_date";s:5:"value";s:19:"2013-11-27 14:58:26";}i:8833747;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"post_date_gmt";s:5:"value";s:19:"2013-11-27 19:58:26";}i:8833167;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_excerpt";s:5:"value";s:66:"WWE Diva Kaitlyn is engaged to be married to bodybuilder PJ Bruan.";}i:8833126;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_format";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8833076;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"post_ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"91795";}i:8833164;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"post_mime_type";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833136;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_name";s:5:"value";s:36:"kaitlyn-engaged-bodybuilder-pj-braun";}i:8833091;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833087;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:8833080;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"post_title";s:5:"value";s:39:"Kaitlyn Engaged To Bodybuilder PJ Braun";}i:8833071;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_type";s:5:"value";s:4:"post";}i:8833743;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_view";s:5:"value";s:4:"list";}i:8833185;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:2:"27";}i:8833109;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"publish";s:5:"value";s:7:"Publish";}i:8833120;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_background_page";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833122;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_comments_type";s:5:"value";s:2:"WP";}i:8833139;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_1";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833140;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_1_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833141;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_2";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833142;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_2_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833143;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_3";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833144;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_3_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833145;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_4";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833146;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_4_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833147;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_5";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833148;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_5_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833121;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"reedwan_featured_image";s:5:"value";s:2:"No";}i:8833137;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_overall_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833119;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"reedwan_page_sidebar";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833124;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_show_review";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:8833138;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:15:"reedwan_summary";s:5:"value";s:13:" ";}i:8833123;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_user_rating";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:8833073;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"referredby";s:5:"value";s:151:"";}i:8833081;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"samplepermalinknonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"1c23515929";}i:8833189;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:4:"save";s:5:"value";s:6:"Update";}i:8833744;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"screen";s:5:"value";s:9:"edit-post";}i:8833112;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"sitemeta_noncename";s:5:"value";s:10:"49e8f1b38e";}i:8833097;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ss";s:5:"value";s:2:"26";}i:8833168;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"to_ping";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833129;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"trackback_url";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833067;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"user_ID";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:8833083;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"video-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"63bdc0367e";}i:8833084;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"videoEmbed";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833090;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:8833085;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"wp-preview";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833162;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"yoast_wpseo_canonical";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833153;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"yoast_wpseo_focuskw";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833157;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:32:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-nofollow";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8833156;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:31:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-noindex";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8833155;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_metadesc";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833163;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_redirect";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8833161;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:32:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-html-include";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:8833159;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:27:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-include";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:8833160;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:24:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-prio";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:8833154;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"yoast_wpseo_title";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}} ) [_ajax_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 484f00bc89 ) [add_comment_nonce] => Array ( [0] => bc31d61abe ) [_ajax_fetch_list_nonce] => Array ( [0] => b25b4f68b1 ) [_status] => Array ( [0] => publish ) [_inline_edit] => Array ( [0] => 0ca6264e56 ) [post_view] => Array ( [0] => list ) [screen] => Array ( [0] => edit-post ) [edit_date] => Array ( [0] => true ) [post_date] => Array ( [0] => 2013-11-27 14:58:26 ) [post_date_gmt] => Array ( [0] => 2013-11-27 19:58:26 ) [_oembed_592fd6ae5f79058cec80ba4dfb2996c4] => Array ( [0] => ) [_oembed_1f639fe99c00e0802234952cb66fce40] => Array ( [0] => ) [dsq_thread_id] => Array ( [0] => 2005219147 ) [_oembed_8d98a5b541fe341fe25a361395715c34] => Array ( [0] => ) [_oembed_time_8d98a5b541fe341fe25a361395715c34] => Array ( [0] => 1427650450 ) [wpb_post_views_count] => Array ( [0] => 760 ) ) -->

Kaitlyn Engaged To Bodybuilder PJ Braun (Photos)

WWE Diva Kaitlyn is engaged to be married to bodybuilder PJ Braun. Braun made the announcement on Twitter late last night:

No word yet when they will be getting married. Braun and his family were in attendance at last night’s WWE TV tapings to see Kaitlyn in action.

Congratulations to Kaitlyn and PJ!

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Peter Milano Whosoever

    good for her, no jokes about being dumped. I noticed she packed on a few pounds, nothing wrong with it at all. Not every diva should be skinny minny.

    • dude

      How the heck can you tell she put on weight?!

      • Peter Milano Whosoever

        ummm it’s called eyes! I have two eyes, if you haven’t noticed, then you haven’t been watching wrestling lately. She wrestled this weekend and Monday. She packed on a few pounds, not a lot, but there has been a weight gain. I said there was nothing wrong with that, I rather see a girl with curves and not be a bag on bones.

  • A Realist

    Those are going to be some muscular freak mutant babies.

    • Pozessed

      They will be genetically gifted.

      • A Realist

        Oh, they’ll be strong, sure.

        With giant, balding foreheads, shriveled up nutsies, and horrible bacne– but they’ll have lats for days, sure.

      • Sabastian Knight

        How Many freaking times do I have to say it, P.J. and Kaitlyn are not dating, engaged, married, or even seeing one another, get this story right people, Kaitlyn/Celeste Bonin is dating me, we have been seeing each other since late June of this year, so again, GET THE DAM STORY STREIGHT.

    • Nicolai

      How can I flap to those puppies when dudes ugly face is all in the business!?

      • Noach

        crop the picture

      • Sabastian Knight

        I hate to be the bringer of BAD NEW’S as Wade Barrett say’s but HELLO NEW’S Flash people, Kaityn is NOT with this P.J. person, she’s with me, look at the pics posted…….

    • Sabastian Knight

      NO THEY AREN’T, KAIT IS NOT WITH P.J., she’s with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morris_b


  • Maltodextrin

    I thought it was Tyson Kidd

    • Bam Bam

      No he is married to Natalie. Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart’s daughter.

      • Maltodextrin

        Thank you captain

    • Pozessed

      Tyson Kidd with like 80 lbs more muscle, yeah.

      • brad

        Prob more than that

  • SOBI

    These guys should dress as Superman and Wonderwoman on their wedding they sure have their physique

    • Sabastian Knight

      NO WEDDING FOR P.J. with my women, I don’t think so, that’s NOT going to happen, Kaitlyn/Celsete Bonin is MY girlfreind LOOK at the pics attached to this message…..

  • Mr 561

    Kaitlyn’s hotness is highly underrated .. Congrats to them

    • A Realist

      Hey man, I emailed you, did you get it?

      • A Realist

        People disliked a QUESTION not even directed at anyone but one person? lol…ooookay.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    well there goes my dreams of marrying her. :( *crying*

    • Aperture

      Come here, bro…

    • trei58

      hey bro don’t forget about your dreams.
      maybe she divorces later!
      or maybe you’ll find “the dream girl” of yours instead.
      say congratulations and concentrate on finding another single diva!

  • Deleted_Account

    Just like that, this guy became public enemy number one. Congrats though… maybe.

    • Sabastian Knight

      Kait’s not really with P.J., She’s dating me !!!!!, look at the autographed dedicated pic’s I sent you…

  • ____

    Poor Big E never had a chance.

  • tnicols

    he looks like he needs to be in the wwe.

  • SonofSheik81

    Kaitlyn has long been the most attractive Diva IMO. Good for her on getting engaged. I agree that ole PJ should be in the WWE as well. Guy is a beast and can’t possibly be worse in the ring than Mason Ryan.

    • Pozessed

      I’ve been saying the same for years, hottest diva.

      • brad

        Agree well hottest modern day diva, along with Renee young and Natalya.

        • Pozessed

          Nah, they are not in Kaitlyn’s league.

          • dude

            Yah, Kaitlyn’s hotter.

          • nadirah18

            Pff please they ALL are hot!

  • Louis Salera

    Pj braun is a good wrestling name

    • Sabastian Knight

      I hate to tell all of y’all, but she’s not engaged to this P.J. at all, Kaitlyn and I have been seeing each other since late June of this year, and I have a signed dedicated pic to prove it just look to the near top of this page, and pay direct attention to the hand writing and the way the letter’s are more to less the way her hand come off the paper with the pen on the flair of the letter Y, the State Police here say both signiture’s come from the same person, and the bullistic’s read a 85-to 90% identical Match.

  • A Realist

    Ten to one she gets this guy a job.

    Vince’s jackhammer just got hard at the sight of him.

    • Progressed_Now

      and that’s TOO realistic, even for you

  • Progressed_Now

    he could easily play James Vega in a Mass Effect movie. other than that, he’s fugly and gross. I guess she wanted someone who’s musclier than her.

    • brad

      Dude that is just what I was thinking.

  • WCWPunk

    In the famous words of Ron Simmons “DAMN!” >.<

  • BigE216 .

    congatz u two wish u too the best

  • omega riddler

    First word that comes out their kid’s mout is HULK SMASHHH!!!

    • Sabastian Knight

      NO IT WON’T BE< BECAUSE THEY AREN'T going to be having any kid's, Kaitlyn is NOT with P.J., SHE'S WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!

      • trei58

        yeah…in your dreams(maybe)!

  • Abz
  • brad

    One lucky sob.

  • Bro88

    This article is bad/good news. Bad that she’s off the market, not that I stood a chance, but good in that she’s in a bikini. Giggity

  • Bobby Higgins

    i want to go with kaitlyn she is in my life

  • Sabastian Knight

    The problem is Kaityn/Celsete Bonin is suppose to be going with me, and i’m serious, we have been dating since June of this year 2013

  • Sabastian Knight

    I have the dam proof and the signed autograph addressed directly to me from Kait saying” To My BOYFRIEND BASH< LOVE KAITLYN,

  • Sabastian Knight

    here is the proof that Kaitlyn dedicated a pic directly to me last week, if you still don’t believe the signiture is authentic, I can prove otherwise.

  • Sabastian Knight

    here is the proof beyond the shadow of any dougt that the signiture is authentic, if you have any question’s regarding this, I know personally Randy Orton and Dew Galloway, and I have their e-mail address’s to confirm.

  • Sabastian Knight

    I don’t know whats going on here, but Celeste Bonin/WWE Kaitlyn is dating MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, not the MR. Bowlwinkle body builder, so he better keep his paws off my women.

  • trei58

    hahaha braun’s muscles are bigger than brock lesnar’s. maybe we should call him the new beast? however kaitlyn’s muscular too.
    however like everybody say the babies are gonna become a big show each one of them at the age of 9! lol!