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";}i:6546453;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_excerpt";s:5:"value";s:84:"WWE Diva Kaitlyn suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Monday's WWE RAW - check it out!";}i:6546405;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_format";s:5:"value";s:7:"gallery";}i:6546363;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"post_ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"81539";}i:6546450;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"post_mime_type";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546423;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_name";s:5:"value";s:45:"kaitlyn wardrobe malfunction pictures wwe raw";}i:6546376;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546372;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:6546367;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"post_title";s:5:"value";s:45:"Photos: Kaitlyn Wardrobe Malfunction From RAW";}i:6546358;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_type";s:5:"value";s:4:"post";}i:6546469;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:3:"183";}i:6546394;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"publish";s:5:"value";s:7:"Publish";}i:6546407;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_background_page";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546409;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_comments_type";s:5:"value";s:2:"WP";}i:6546427;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_1";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546428;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_1_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546429;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_2";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546430;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_2_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546431;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_3";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546432;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_3_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546433;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_4";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546434;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_4_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546435;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_5";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546436;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_5_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546408;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"reedwan_featured_image";s:5:"value";s:2:"No";}i:6546425;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_overall_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546406;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"reedwan_page_sidebar";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546411;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_show_review";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:6546426;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:15:"reedwan_summary";s:5:"value";s:2:" ";}i:6546410;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_user_rating";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:6546360;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"referredby";s:5:"value";s:45:"http://www.sescoops.com/wp-admin/post-new.php";}i:6546368;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"samplepermalinknonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"75c58248e1";}i:6546493;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:4:"save";s:5:"value";s:6:"Update";}i:6546395;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"sitemeta_noncename";s:5:"value";s:10:"508acb2382";}i:6546382;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ss";s:5:"value";s:2:"47";}i:6546454;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"to_ping";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546416;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"trackback_url";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546439;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"txfx_links_to";s:5:"value";s:7:"http://";}i:6546438;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"txfx_links_to_choice";s:5:"value";s:2:"wp";}i:6546354;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"user_ID";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:6546412;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"video-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"a9f8204766";}i:6546413;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"videoEmbed";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546375;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:6546370;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"wp-preview";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546448;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"yoast_wpseo_canonical";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546440;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"yoast_wpseo_focuskw";s:5:"value";s:28:"Kaitlyn Wardrobe Malfunction";}i:6546444;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:32:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-nofollow";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:6546443;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:31:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-noindex";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:6546442;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_metadesc";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546449;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_redirect";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:6546446;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:27:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-include";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:6546447;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:24:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-prio";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:6546441;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"yoast_wpseo_title";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}} ) [_ajax_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 88895c6e3c ) [add_comment_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 97d34dd754 ) [_ajax_fetch_list_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 0b8c614453 ) [dsq_thread_id] => Array ( [0] => ) [_wp_old_slug] => Array ( [0] => photos-kaitlyns-wardrobe-malfunction-from-raw ) [wpb_post_views_count] => Array ( [0] => 7494 ) ) -->

Photos: Kaitlyn Wardrobe Malfunction From RAW (18+)

WWE Diva Kaitlyn sufferd a wardrobe malfunction on WWE RAW (6/17). Warning: The following gallery contains some nudity and should only be viewed by people 18+.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.

    Piece of a titty…interesting find

  • Number Onebigdaddy

    i see a booboo

  • G.I.R.L.

    How fitting: her boobs are why she was initially offered a contract.

  • pwnez

    AJ vs Kaitlyn in a bra and panties match, please.

    • PoopFaceTomatoNose

      your avatar is so damn funny!

    • Noach

      I’m reffing that match

      • Pozessed

        No way, the referee who looks like JB Smoove should referee it.

    • PassingBy

      dude your idea might be the most liked idea ever posted here, congrats!

    • sudhakar

      thats nice……………………………

  • Merc_416

    nip slip :)

  • Stephen

    IT was only a matter of time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

    I like……

  • stormgreyeagle


  • Game4play3

    (In Teddy Voice) Oh yeah!!!

  • rashad jackson

    good raw overall
    i missed the puppies!!! damn it
    glad brock came back
    glad mark didnt retire
    think brock n punk shud fight at summer slam
    also think the shield shud attack brock lesnar!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

    I can honestly say without a doubt that this was one of the best Raw’s i’ve seen in years. I felt young again. This Raw made up for the horrible PPV last night.

    • http://coorslight.com/ Scott AlcoHall (DrunkRybacker)

      Horrible PPV? Really?

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

        IMO ok. I didn’t like that PPV at all.

        • pwnez

          Stop complaining, you’ll get flamed.

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

            lol true.

          • Seth Bob

            Don’t be butthurt everyone always flames you because you’re a moron.

      • Progress_Now


        in other words, yes it sucked.

    • pwnez

      I enjoyed the raw after ‘Mania better but this was really good. I liked how they surprised us with Lesnar and Christian. Henry’s promo was what made this raw awesome. I also agree that Payback was a horrible PPV.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

        Raw after Mania had a better crowd, but i think this was a better Raw in terms of execution. They did everything right for once and threw in surprises. Henry almost had me. The feels were too strong. He caught me off guard bad especially since i was busy so i didn’t get to see the spoiler. When i heard he was retiring i freaked. Henry is one of my favs.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          I’ll admit that Henry had me..and I seriously told people that it was all a work leading up to it. His peformance was one of the best of the past decade on any wrestling show and they should just show that segment on repeat on next week’s Raw.

    • Stephen

      The PPV wasn’t horrible. It was predictable. There’s a difference.
      RAW was great because of its surprises, but I think it was overbooked. RVD’s announcement, CM Punk returned, Mark Henry was coming back, the McMahon story is growing (which hopefully sees Shane return but I doubt it) and they had Del Rio’s turn to finish. RAW would have been great with just that. Then they add Christian, who enjoyed yet another lackluster return, and Brock Lesnar.
      Unless they have the next few episodes drafted already (?) they should have saved Christian or Brock or both for next week, otherwise, next Monday will fall flat.

    • Kozawsky

      …and please tell me Why you thought the PPv was so horrible last night? You had a slew of good matches, and it was clearly one of of their best PPV’s in terms of matches, and storyline’s (IN RECENT MEMORY) Geez…is there NO pleasing the IWC?

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

        The only good matches to me were the diva’s match and Punk v Jericho. The main event was corny, They killed off Ziggler (but i did like the double heel face turn), Kane vs Ambrose was boring, and Bryan couldn’t even save his match from being boring. Overall, to me, it wasn’t really that good at all. But thats my opinion on it.

        • Randy James Crawford

          They did that to Ziggler to make a double turn with him and Del Rio.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

        The only good matches to me were the diva’s match and Punk v Jericho. The main event was corny, They killed off Ziggler (but i did like the double heel face turn), Kane vs Ambrose was boring, and Bryan couldn’t even save his match from being boring. Overall, to me, it wasn’t really that good at all. But thats my opinion on it.

  • Benjamin

    You people are sick and uncouth and nasty. How dare you do that to this poor woman, this isn’t news, it’s exploitation.

    In unrelated events:


  • TDR25_Forever

    Not much of malfunction in my opinion. Plus they blacked it out. I knew one of two things happened when the screen blacked out for a second: 1)Either Kaitlyn popped out as she was already tugging her shirt back up, or 2)AJ’s shorts went a little too far up or too far to the side as Big E. was carrying her out of the ring.

    • raven

      and they both got the slow-mo dvr replay haha

  • Fathead

    NSFW tag anyone? Arent there rules in this internet?

    • Sameoldnew

      Really dude?

      • Fathead

        some of us work

        • Sameoldnew

          My “really dude” wasn’t meant to disrespect you. The article said 18+…..but I mean dude…..its the INTERNET.

          • Fathead

            I didn’t see the 18+ coming in from facebook. And all good man, I didnt take it bad. But I was at work, fortunately, I am the network admin. Ha

          • Sameoldnew

            Oh! I see. Man that sucks. One of my friends lost a job over some crap like that. Got sent a link,it was a nude pic,3 days later he was fired.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      What, the 18+ connotation with the article wasn’t enough for you?

  • yes

    nice hard nipple. im a rub it to this.

  • Tyler Bateman

    FINALLY WWE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO THE DIVAS. Kaitlyn v.s AJ could be the next Trish v.s Lita!

  • Quentin Diaz

    yahoo!! she should be honored……a woman like her should be proud of what she’s got.

  • Daniel Strandberg

    TV-14 !!

  • ddp


  • Daniel Strandberg

    the only thing missing now is Sexual Chocolate :P

  • heterosexual

    I hope when justin gabriel’s flops out accidentally, sescoops is just as willing to share it with us.

  • joe

    who else is masturbating to this right now

    • Derringer Duo

      20,000,000 adult scenes on the internet, many with girls much hotter than Kaitlyn, and you’re spanking it to this?

      • BeBeINC

        pretty sure there are 20.000.001

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/DJKenKenSwag KenKen Beats

          Can’t have 2 decimals. Thats mathematically impossible.

          • Jimmy Slandorooni

            Other countries use . in numbers the same way we use commas

          • In Case of Fire

            That’s retarded! (Not you. The period thing.)

      • Christopher Walken

        i guess joe likes blurry nips

  • Roger Penland

    Dat nipple.
    still, it would take alot more than to see a chick’s nipple to get me going. you all must be virgins or something. plus, there’s way more sexier pics of her on the internet…..

    • stormgreyeagle

      got me going, turd and Id all NIGHT dat nipple

  • Derringer Duo

    I’m sorry man, I just can’t get over how weird it seems that her nipple is that high.

    • Roger Penland

      You know, i tried to come up with a comment that said something about how high it is, but it ended up the way it did. Lol.

      • Derringer Duo

        Actually, I have to take it back. I didn’t see this was a slideshow, I thought it was just the first pic. The other pics, yeah, it looks at a normal height. Maybe they added those other pics later?

    • Guest

      Apparently, you don’t have much familiarity with nipples or breasts in general. If a woman with larger breasts wears a tight shirt and/or bra, it’s going to push them upwards. Find yourself a date with large breasts and see for yourself.

      • Derringer Duo

        Damn, you got me there, man. I got no idea what a breast looks like. I’m going to have to tell my son when he’s old enough that his mom had him via a test tube. Thanks.

        By the way, did you come up with something that stupid on your own? Up? Push-up bras push BREASTS up, not nipples. Find yourself a human woman to date and you’ll see that they don’t have some mysterious reptilian layer of skin that allows the nipple to unnaturally point up without being extremely uncomfortable by pulling on the skin underneath it.

  • Feelmemore

    Kaitlyn’s nipple now trending world wide.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I have such a crush on Kaitlyn, dear god. I feel 8 years old again when i was in love with Sable. I think I am in love………….

    • CC

      lol youre pathetic, loser. plus shes gross, you must be bisexual if you like her man arms

      • Rob Tyson

        Then you must be gay if you don’t find her attractive.

  • Pozessed


  • Progress_Now

    looks like Stephanie McMana didn’t teach her to wear bras during the show. she got her tittie on display for all to see during that Pedigree on the table lmao

  • 7 year old boy

    This is so sad to see how many desperate people are out there on sescoops.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Amen, kiddo.

    • Paul Kersey

      Some day your balls will drop and you’ll enjoy looking at women’s breasts. Hang in there kid!

  • NewAgeOutlaw


  • Michael

    Well, it was bound to happen

  • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

    like mordecai on regular show wud say, nipple! nippppppple!


    .. TITTS .. always fun to watch :p ..

  • riyadviper

    poor kaitlyn

  • Stephen

    I was really impressed with AJ and Kaitlyn both at Payback and at RAW. I can’t remember the last time divas got that much promo time. Sure, Stephanie probably has something to do with that.

    And speaking of, how is that photo 18+? Kaitlyn’s mishap is nothing compared to when Triple H pedigreed Stephanie’s boob right out of her top.

  • http://QueenOfTheInterwebs.com/ Chelsii

    Lol, she pulled it right out practically in image 4.

  • http://www.myspace.com/parcaleste partci


  • Jose C

    It’s all planned to increase the ratings . she did a Janet Jackson on WWE .

    • http://QueenOfTheInterwebs.com/ Chelsii

      I really doubt that was planned….. it’s PG.

  • Mr_DJ

    Now that’s a titty.

  • Ryan Ryles

    This is considered a wardrobe malfunction now? Please, its not even fully boobage lol.

  • raven

    miss Jackie still has the best wardrob..eh nip slip of ALL time!

  • w4rm4chine

    *shakes head* I suppose a nip slip is a bit of a novelty, but you can certainly find better with a simple google search.

    Still, since I still had RAW on my DVR, since I wasn’t paying close attention to it last night. Unless you knew she’d fallen out of her top, most people wouldn’t have noticed it; save for a split second while she was sitting in the ring, right before E grabbed AJ.

    The camera did swing back to her, but the screen went black for the few seconds that she was in the frame…

  • Shon Inwaves Jersey

    i love it

  • Trollcules

    I started jacking off on her for the first time!!!!!!!!!

  • RKO

    Kaitlyn is a babe, would love to get wrestled by her

  • TwoTon21

    in the end… who cares? big deal a nipple

    • Randy James Crawford

      I like it, WWE shouldn’t care.

    • Stephen

      You know, for some of the people in that arena, maybe even on this site, that was the first nipple they saw all year.

  • Octane the Teen


  • Octane the Teen


  • aozaki