Kevin Nash Responds To DDP Reaching Out To Scott Hall

Kevin Nash has responded to the news that his friend Scott Hall has once again agreed to join Diamond Dallas Page’s Accountability Crib in an effort to get sober and clean up his life.

Page released an emotional video on Wednesday of his and Jake Roberts’ phone conversation with Hall, where Hall claimed several times, “I’m dying. I’m dying.” and said he was consuming large quantities of vodka.

Having known Scott Hall for 20+ years and seeing his self destruction up close and person, Kevin Nash is not so sure that Hall will be able to turn himself around like Jake Roberts did. He tweeted:

“I love everyone telling me about what Scott needs. Been dealing with this for 20 years. Scott will get healthy when Scott wants to. Period.”

Nash says this is not the first time Scott Hall has agreed to visit DDP’s accountability crib and he’ll believe it when he sees it:

“Scott told everyone 2 months ago he was going to DDP’S going to be there that weekend.Show me the tape when he walks in the door.”

Nash says DDP’s yoga program sounds great, but the abuse that Hall has done to his body requires professional detox under the care of medical personnel:

“Does anyone realize Scott will die if not taken to a hospital and clinically detoxed? You f*cking idiots. Yoga great. 20 years of abuse?”

He’s also not happy that DDP captured Hall at his lowest for the world to see and questions whether Hall knew his phone call would be posted on Youtube for the world to hear:

“Did Scott know he was on that call live, that’s f*cked up. I would never have my friend saying over and over he lives on vodka, don’t work for me.”

“This is my friends life,not a PSA.You want the truth it’s not for you to know.”

Several of the tweets were later deleted.