Kevin Nash Responds To DDP Reaching Out To Scott Hall

Kevin Nash has responded to the news that his friend Scott Hall has once again agreed to join Diamond Dallas Page’s Accountability Crib in an effort to get sober and clean up his life.

Page released an emotional video on Wednesday of his and Jake Roberts’ phone conversation with Hall, where Hall claimed several times, “I’m dying. I’m dying.” and said he was consuming large quantities of vodka.

Having known Scott Hall for 20+ years and seeing his self destruction up close and person, Kevin Nash is not so sure that Hall will be able to turn himself around like Jake Roberts did. He tweeted:

“I love everyone telling me about what Scott needs. Been dealing with this for 20 years. Scott will get healthy when Scott wants to. Period.”

Nash says this is not the first time Scott Hall has agreed to visit DDP’s accountability crib and he’ll believe it when he sees it:

“Scott told everyone 2 months ago he was going to DDP’S going to be there that weekend.Show me the tape when he walks in the door.”

Nash says DDP’s yoga program sounds great, but the abuse that Hall has done to his body requires professional detox under the care of medical personnel:

“Does anyone realize Scott will die if not taken to a hospital and clinically detoxed? You f*cking idiots. Yoga great. 20 years of abuse?”

He’s also not happy that DDP captured Hall at his lowest for the world to see and questions whether Hall knew his phone call would be posted on Youtube for the world to hear:

“Did Scott know he was on that call live, that’s f*cked up. I would never have my friend saying over and over he lives on vodka, don’t work for me.”

“This is my friends life,not a PSA.You want the truth it’s not for you to know.”

Several of the tweets were later deleted.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • stone cold 4 life

    its good to see that theres still some fight left inside Scott.

  • Miztery_Meat

    I think Nash needs a drink..

  • KevinW

    I’m glad he’s going to try but I hope he does have the medication he needs when the withdrawal hits. My future father in law has been a drunk almost the entire time my fiance has been alive. He tried quitting a few months ago, had a seizure, and almost died. Hope the same doesn’t happen to Hall.

  • Aiii

    I am not gonna pretend to know Scott Hall better than Kevin Nash does. But if Jake the Snake can be saved by DDP, than why the hell couldn’t Scott Hall. Alcohol addiction can most certainly be cured without resorting to other drugs or medications.

    • Hogan4Life

      Actually, unless medically treated, severe alcohol withdrawals can lead to death.

    • Hogan4Life

      Alcohol withdrawals can most certainly lead to death. Nash knows his shit.

      • Aiii

        Nash knows as much shit as you and I, that withdrawel could, in rare and extreme cases, lead to death. Medical detox should be reserved to extreme cases, as it’s only fighting the results and not the source of his addiction issues. I’m sure that if Hall should end up having medical issues when under DDP’s care, he’ll take him to the hospital in a heartbeat.

        • tiran66

          You don’t think Hall is an extreme case? Nash knows what he’s talking about here. Detox isn’t going to solve any emotional problems of course but it will probably save his life if he’s really serious about going sober.

          • kquickstillsucks

            It’s quite obvious Aiii has her IWC medical degree and has a very “informed” opinion here…..

          • raVen

            you think hall is anyworse than jake was??

          • JTG

            Scott HALL is WORSE then Jake,Jake had pill problems,but hiis body didnt get used to it,Jake did drugs becuz of how bad he got,Scott suffeers from post traumatic stress diisorder,Years ago he shot a guy,whch led to drug abuse,He used to drink during his WCW matches as well,whch led to his iife pleading for Biischoff and Russo to stop the whole thing,and stop allowing Hall to drinkkk during matches,and doing pills,Hall iis on like 40 pills nw jus to keep hiim functioning

        • MissyH316

          I, too, think DDP would be prepared to get Scott to a hospital if necessary – at least I certainly would hope so. Non-medical-specific treatment is fine; there’s evidence it can work or at least truly help (congrats to Jake, btw – may he keep up the good work). But even so, I think the professional medical treatment option should always be available & close at hand.

          We know that many women wish to have “natural” childbirth at home and aided by a trained midwife. But most properly trained midwives also know when a woman’s (and baby’s) condition is beyond their abilities and need to go to a hospital.

          Bottom line is I hope Scott can get whatever help he needs to kick his habits once and for all; he’s in my prayers.

    • Adrian Goodison

      Nash is right on this 1 imo. A UK sports star (gazza) when to rehab last week and his body couldnt take it and he ended up in intensive care. He really will need medical help while he detoxes

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      I wonder if DDP can cure my addition to Asian on Asian girl porn.

      • Backstreet Bungalow

        A-d-d-i-C-t-i-o-n, you’re welcome and no DDP can’t help you with your Getsnopussy Syndrome

        • Jeremy-County Roberts


          • Backstreet Bungalow

            Just doin the exact same thing you did to me the other day, except I didn’t throw a bitch fit and go all CAPLOCKS on that ass. I actually have some interesting conversations on here and only troll not on countless users but those who deserved to be trolled on such as jail bait as yourself. I maybe 40 something and I don’t live with my parents, I lurk in the hobo shacks. As for being called a fag, I don’t discrimate so how about we kiss and make up twinkie tits

          • Jeremy-County Roberts

            SORRY. The same guy that hacks Kurt Angel has hacked me now. I’m so very sorry. I was hacked.

  • Paul Rotando

    I think that this is a tremendous opportunity for Hall. I would hope that Page had permission to put Hall’s conversation with him on tape. I would think that Page is smart enough to know that Hall will be going through withdrawal and how to counteract that. I can’t see Hall getting sober unless he really wants to, but I could see him looking at Roberts every day and what he did to turn his life around, and then really wanting to. I fear Nash is right because he knows his friend. But what the hell, if Hall doesn’t do it, he’s fucked, so I say it’s worth the shot.

  • WWEFan4Life

    There are 2 things of which I agree with Kevin, there. 1) Yoga, no matter how great or healing it is, will NEVER cure someone who has gone through as much physical and emotional abuse that Scott Hall has and 2) That DDP shouldn’t of gave the whole world access to Scotts personal problems, that is for him, friends and family to know, certainly not the whole world.

    • aj2345

      Scott Hall gave the whole world access to his problems when he allowed the E:60 piece on him air. We all knew what the has been dealing with before and especially since then.

    • raVen

      scott was fired multiple times from differnet bosses, arrested multiple times, in and oput of rehab multiple times. he made his problem known to the world not ddp.
      also, the yoga isn’t a cure it’s a way to focus your time/energy into something positive and healthy. it’s trading one death addiction for a life addiction
      i believe i know someone who went thru as much or more abuse than scott. he’s the guy sitting next to DDP we know as Jake “the snake” Roberts

  • GeniusKing

    Nash is just an opinionated dirtbag. At least DDP is doing something to at least try to help and be a positive influence. It’s easy for him to sit back and criticize, the only Kliq in his life anymore is the sound from his wore out knees.

    • fatneal

      there is a line in between optimism and pessimism…you never know what nash has seen to make him draws his where he has

      • King Nutra

        Aw shut up trying to come off intellectual like you peasant

        • fatneal

          you noticed the intellect and youre calling me on…jelly

          • really

            Naw you just corny as hell to be frank fellow

          • fatneal

            your right intelligence is corny…i wish i was more like you then i could be one of the cool guys who visit this site

    • kquickstillsucks

      ….and you having ZERO insight into what Nash has done for Hall are judging him just because you have a key board…STFU

  • essinodub

    AMEN! There was absolutely no reason for him to post that video

    • raVen

      except for maybe the huge outcry of fans that are coming to help push scott to get better….
      or the big emotional story when scott accepts his rightful place in the hall of fame in the best shape of his life and totally sober.

  • anonymous

    it will be a great thing for scott. he has two former coleagues there to help and aupport him. something nash should do instead of saying let him do as he wants..and who the hell doesnt know that hall is a freakin drunk?..E:60 told the whole world about it..and as for ddp placing the call on youtube it was to let the people know that hall has agreed to try and asked for help..thats the bottom line..

  • GMpunk

    He needs to stop talking, the last time Kevin Nash tried to go to rehab he tore a quad! You’re welcome!

  • fatneal

    this is why i love nash lol hes the kanye west of wrestling…audacious and opinionated saying what others wont lol i love it

  • BeaunerX

    Because Kevin Nash is doing so much to help his so called ‘friend’ besides leaving him in his mansion, alone, with booze. Way to go, Diesel.

    • kquickstillsucks

      How the hell would u know what Nash does….oh thats right u don’t IDIOT!

  • raVen

    how many times has he been sent to rehab and clinics all just to go deeper into the hole.
    Nash may feel this way but it’s not something this ego maniac attention whore needs to put on the net. if anything encourage your so called friend eh big man
    jake was a drug crack head for 20 years and look at him. i find it hard to believe anyone was worse than jake…

    • partsunknownresident

      I can see why Nash would be cynical about this. No doubt he’s heard Scott say a thousand times that he was going to clean himself up, only to see him fail time and time again. But I agree he should be more supportive and optimistic, if only for two reasons: 1) a guy like DDP is helping Scott out. To rehab clinics, while I’m sure there was a basic level of human concern present, Scott was just another patient whose stint was being funded by a company that was doing it for PR purposes. With DDP, Scott is a friend and a guy who helped DDP out in his career. There’s a certain level of compassion now and, dare I say, love that wasn’t present in those rehab centers. And 2) a clean and sober Jake the Snake. As you said, a guy who was arguably worse off than Scott ever was. With a guy like that acting as both inspiration and encouragement, Scott may be able to see that there’s hope for him after all.

      But I agree with Nash on one point. Scott needs to want this. DDP isn’t a miracle worker (although it may look like it with Jake’s progress). Jake wanted this, and that’s why he’s doing good now. Scott must want this. Otherwise, it’ll be the same story as before.

  • SwindleFox69

    Scott Hall’s been begging and bitching for years that he’s dying and miserable and blah blah blah. I don’t know Scott or the ramifications that go along with completely detoxing but Kevin Nash was right when he said Scott Hall will get healthy when Scott Hall wants to get healthy. Truthfully if you watch his ESPN60 documentary, you know he’ll never quit. It all comes down to what Scott Hall himself said “What do you do when they stop chanting your name?” There’s no helping Scott Hall anymore.