Kevin Nash Speaks On His Health, Starting DDP Yoga Soon, Mick Foley’s Style

The following are highlights of a new Miami Herald interview with Kevin Nash:

On his health: “My wife, my son and I went on a European vacation. Three or four days walking around London. Three or four days walking around Paris. Three or four days walking around Munich. My knees were so swollen. My ankle has been operated on. It’s got a plate, screws in it. My body just couldn’t take walking eight to 10 miles a day. What are you gonna do? Now that you’ve got the time and you’ve got the funds to see the world with your family, you don’t have a body that can participate in anything. Finally, I just had to tap out. I said, ‘I’m going to that little garden over there to sit down in the shade. I’m done.’ They came back and got me 2 1/2 hours later, and I was sitting down. I got a chance to see all those places before, so I was a good tour guide, but I was just physically uncapable of putting that much mileage on my knees. I just went up to a wedding in Minnesota and just the travel — two hours in a car, four hours in a plane. The lodge we were staying at, when we got there after all that travel, I felt like somebody beat me with an aluminum baseball bat. In the plane, the seats are right against my knees. I can’t move. I’m sitting there at a 90-degree angle, jammed in my seat. It’s miserable…Oh well.”

On beginning DDP Yoga soon: “I’ve read testimonials from people, and he’s done some really good things with them. There’s a lot of people losing 30 to 40 pounds in 13 to 15 weeks, and that’s not water weight. His isn’t ballistic, where those Insanity and other things are very ballistic workouts. So if you do have an injury, you can’t do the Insanity workout or any of those things because you can’t sit there and jump up, do one-arm push-ups. You can’t do that stuff if your shoulder is all torn up. The next time I get a chance to see [Diamond] Dallas [Page], he’s gonna tailor some things specifically for me. The only thing I’m starting to lose range of motion is in my shoulders because of my rotator cuffs. One of them has been repaired, and the other one is just shredded.”

On wrestling taking its toll: “Mick Foley was probably one of the biggest abusers of not taking care of his body. Raising the bar, falling 50 feet through tables and doing all these things, but when you’re 35-years-old, your body has some resiliency to it. When you get to be 45, 50, it takes you two hours to get out of bed. We call it the bump card. Your body only has so many bumps in it. I was never a high-flier. I was 340 pounds. I was falling seven feet. You knock me off my feet. I’m seven feet tall. That’s my drop, seven feet with 340 pounds of weight going down. That’s equivalent of getting rear ended at 30 miles an hour in a car. You do that 12 times a night, 300 days a year, 10 years in a row. [Recently] I got up. Gees, it took me an hour to get out of bed. Just to pick your head up off the pillow, it’s miserable. It’s a slow process to get moving everyday.”

“I was traveling so I didn’t get a chance to see [WWE] Money in the Bank, but I was reading the feed on Twitter. Guys getting busted open. Guys doing crazy things. You read some of the comments about it saying fearless,’ and that’s all great, and that’s part of what makes WWE what it is…You have guys go out there and give their bodies and give their souls for the good of the company and for the fanbase… Rey Mysterio was a high-flier all those years, and I think now he’s two or three knee surgeries behind me. I think he’s had about nine knee surgeries. He’s a guy about half my size, and we’re sitting at WrestleMania [30] talking, and when we both get up, it’s like two 70-year-old women getting up. His style was incredible, but at the same time he’s paid dearly for it.”

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    • pvnez

      Kelvin vs Hulk Hogan wm 40

    • my

      really sad what wrestlers have to go thru in their later years…imaginewat it wud be for foley

      • SomeInternetGuy

        It’s going to be f***ing awful for Mick! He’s hurting badly right now, probably more than Kevin Nash and it’s nothing compared to what he’s going to feel 10-20 years from now. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Mick in a wheelchair, although I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

        DDP Yoga isn’t gonna turn Mick Foley into an athlete again, but it’s really gonna help him in the long run if he starts the program ASAP.

        • BrayWyattsFedora

          And Foley has a lot of body fat…..isn’t the tallest guy in the world….he’s gotta have some bad joints and a horrid back

        • yrabadi

          Very true. I really hope Foley starts doing something. Losing weight will probably help as he’ll be carrying less weight on his joints… DDP yoga would probably help him a lot – even doing the simple things. I would think with DDP and him being tight back in the day, and all the good publicity DDP has gotten with what he’s done so far, that they could connect and get started relatively easilly.

      • brad

        Man I know it’s gotta be hard, no wonder most wrestlers never want to come back or if they do for that long.

    • mika009

      I hope they caught the guy that held a gun to his head and made him choose this profession. As much as I liked Kevin Nash he is either putting other people down because they aren’t as smart as he thinks he is or he is whining about something. I wish he would take all the money he is so proud of getting and go away.

      • TNA Live Crowd

        His career trumps anything you do at your job at KFC. Quit being such a douche. Other wrestlers have said how smart Nash is so it’s not just him but his peers to. If you know how to read, Nash took his family on a vacation to Europe so he’s doing good thing with his hard earned money. He’s was being interviewed and nobody put a gun to your head and forced to to read the article. The only time you get interviews is when your boss is asking you how come you didn’t clean the hot corny turd from the men’s bathroom.

        • mika009

          Wow, guess I hit a nerve with the fan club. You’re exactly right, I don’t know how to read. I saw the picture of Nash and started randomly pushing letters and surprisingly that’s what came out. Please don’t be mad and take it out on me or KFC just because they fired you for not accepting other peoples opinion. You went pretty in depth on the bathroom scenario, maybe something you’ve been through? I know you have to get back to your hero worship so I’ll desist.
          TNA Live Crowd? That says it all.

      • Andrew

        I didn’t read it as him blaming WWE or anyone for his injuries. I think he was just stating facts. Didn’t notice anything condescending from him either.

        • mika009

          I’m not saying he’s blaming anyone just that a person knows what risk they are taking when they get into that profession yet they go on and on about how beat up they are. What did they think was going to happen? Kind of like football players who take constant hits to the head for ten or fifteen years then realize that it’s not good for you.
          I wasn’t meaning this particular interview but if you watch some of his shoot interviews he puts down a lot of people. Putting down older guys who did drugs when he admits all the stuff he did with Hall and the clique. He picks and chooses different people and situations to make himself look better. Acts like kind of a bully. But when your 7 foot tall you can do that.

    • Patrick

      What, no quad jokes?

      • Undertaker316

        he tore his quad during this interview

      • Kayfaber

        Tore his quad during the interview

      • fatneal

        he tore his interview running through the quads on his way to the gym..

    • John Cena’s Golden Shovel™

      Off topic but true.

      • gdaddy1971

        Three former ROH World Champions. Nice!!

        • Steve

          All 4 of them were…