Kharma On Her Brief Stint In WWE, Who She Wanted To Face, Whether She May Return, State Of The Divas Division

In the spring of 2011, Kia Stevens, famously known as Awesome Kong, burst onto the WWE scene by decimating members of the Divas division. Then, almost as suddenly as she first appeared, the internationally-acclaimed grappler took a leave of absence, with her affiliation with the sports-entertainment organization ultimately ceasing last summer. Speaking to, Stevens recalled her brief stint in WWE.

Weeks before her debut at Extreme Rules, where she attacked the departing Michelle McCool, vignettes aired on WWE programming with Stevens, whose face was concealed by shadows and her signature braids, dismembering female dolls while cackling maniacally. She says of the creative process behind the vignettes, “They let me know the idea that they were going with so I went in and we shot it, we had a great time and they used some of my ideas and they actually used the first idea, which was in the first vignette where I flicked the doll so that was awesome. I was actually included a lot in the creative process leading up to my debut which I didn’t expect to be so that was a big surprise and very exciting.”

Stevens continued to attack different Divas on both Raw and SmackDown in the following weeks, but soon took a leave of absence without having an actual match. Stevens reveals who she wanted to square off against.

“After seeing how excited people were over the feud between Gail and I, my next goal was to build up to a great feud with Beth Phoenix,” Stevens said. “Fans were already excited for that match and it hadn’t even happened yet; it hadn’t even been alluded to. I always say and I still say, as long as Beth and I are still breathing it still may happen, so fans don’t lose hope. There were also lots of people that wanted to see me get my revenge on the Bella Twins but they have ended up leaving as well.”

Following the departures of Stevens and other notable female wrestlers over the past two years, the Divas division is currently in a state of flux. Regarding this, Stevens says, “Even with the men’s roster there are periods in wrestling in general that we have fluctuation of talent and I’m not saying anything bad about the roster right now but yes they did lose a big person that the fans were invested in which was Beth Phoenix, but also the likes of Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and Eve Torres. They do have girls that have come back from injury like Layla and Tamina, and AJ Lee exploded on the scene so that’s a great thing, there are still exciting people there to do stuff. One monkey doesn’t stop a show, with me leaving it was exciting for me to be there, but because I left it doesn’t mean I won’t come back, you never know what is going to happen in wrestling.”

Stevens continues to compete independently after parting ways with WWE last summer and does not rule out a possible return.

“People leave and people come back, I left you never know I may be back,” said Stevens. “Look at Ryback he was in WWE once before and now he’s back and wants people to feed him more, it’s exciting! My god daughter goes crazy when he comes on the television, it’s insane so I have to mimic him sometimes.”

“I watched an Ultimate Warrior DVD the other day and he came back about five or six times, so you never know in this business.”

Stevens also discusses her entry into the professional wrestling industry, her memorable time in TNA Wrestling, working independents and more. The full interview is available here.

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  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    She was the only reason I stated to pay attention to the divas division again. What a powerhouse she was………well still is for that matter.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I really hope she returns

  • HunnyBunnyAngel

    At least she still could come back. The division is in desperate needs for interest. The only good thing to look forward to is nxt cuz Sara del Rey is training great future divas. At least with some models being hired they will actually have to train before being put on the roster…

  • Steve

    the problem with Kong could be that WWE has only a few divas who could actually look like they can wrestle more than 10 seconds with Kong – Tamina, Natalya and maybe Kaytlin. Paige from NXT could probably make something interesting with Kong. Other Divas just look like they would get squashed with 2-3 moves. It would be totally nonrealistic if AJ or Alicia Fox would go toe to toe in ring with Kong.

    • Heel4Life

      True, but she can pull it off with small wrestlers too. Her and Gale Kim had an awesome feud w/ great matches.

      • Steve

        i am not talking about pulling it off, but looking like it could really happen in a real fight. and Gail is way better in ring than AJ or Fox

        • Heel4Life

          Point well taken & I agree

        • Stijnosb

          maybe it’s an idea to let her opponent steal the victory.. just guessing

  • wwetnadudez

    It really sucks right now for Kong, she had a great thing going in both TNA and WWE with a unique character but in the long run I just don’t know how many current women she can face without it being obvious who’d win.

  • Jamie Hawker

    Don’t worry, I’m sure the model Diva Search winner will bring tremendous skills and matches back to the division.

    • Oliver_Twisted

      I always laugh when stories come out that WWE is unsatified with the quality of matches the women’s division has, only to see them continuously hire models and not athletes.

  • Rashad Jackson

    i miss her and i wish she was still in wwe!! wtf wwe! the diva division is slacking n losing hope more and more…we NEED divas like karma/kong…aj lee….beth….bella twins….wwe needs to pay more attention to the diva division…i love tamina she is hot!! she needs more matches…kaitlyn is hot!!…aj hot!..natyla needs to wrestle and not be Khali hot diva/manager thats not her style…certain divas need to do certain things…AJ is a perfect manager to ziggler…karma wud be a great wrestler…beth same…natyla shud wrestle…eve i think wud be better as a manager like to zack but shes gone…bellas both wrestle and manage…tamina shud stay wrestling…same with katylin…..DAWN MARIE?!?!? she was HOT! she was a perfect manager she shudnt of wrestled….sable? when she came back she shud of been a manager…stacy kiebler!!?!? SHES GOT LEGS!! she was perfect! when she was in WCW she wud randomly come out n start dancing..she did that in wwe time to time before she started wrestling!!…TORRIE WILSON!?!?!? perfect!! she was a good manager n wrestler!…lita clearly was a good wrestler…some divas deserve certain spots!!…

    trish is a perfect example…she came in as a manager then worked her way to fighting…some divas shud do that or the new divas shud do that….sucks this is the PG era cuz a way to bring back the divas division wud be a bra n panties match…or a pillow fight match…dance off!!…etc….i know wwe is TRYING to bring back the division but they are slacking right now…

    • Marvin B.

      You need vagina asap

    • Oreial


  • jccox01

    They should just get rid of the Divas title and make Tag titles for the divas. It will let other divas get the chance to wrestle and not just the top 3.

  • Oreial

    beth vs kharma ( Two powerhouses )
    trish vs kelly kelly (Similiar to rock vs cena but womens, two generations collide, they were both faces of diva divisions)
    natalya vs lita ( two legends)
    how awesome would that be

    • Brandon Sco??

      uhm, Natalya? Legend? joking right?

      • Oreial

        i mean as in she’s like the hart dynasty right, shes part of that whole family of legends. Herself may not be a legend but im just saying

  • Legend

    Did.. Did she call herself a monkey?

    • 12th Man

      LMAO!! Yeah, I caught that too! I guess it’s not racist if she says it.

  • Hitmaniac

    I really want to see her mimicking Ryback. PLEASE POST VIDEOS!