Another Knockout Gone From TNA Wrestling, Video Preview For Thursday’s Impact Wrestling

– It would appear that Sarita is no longer affiliated with TNA Wrestling since her profile and pictures have been removed from the company’s official website, Her apparent departure should not come as a surprise since she had not been utilized since April and in a subsequent interview with ESPN in October, considered joining WWE a short-term goal. She joined the company in early 2009.

It should be noted that D’Angelo Dinero’s profile has also been removed from the TNA website. Dinero announced on Twitter on Tuesday that his TNA contract expired on January 1st and he decided not to re-sign after 3 years with the company.

– TNA Wrestling has released a video previewing Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, featuring Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.

Daniel Pena

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  • G.I.R.L.

    Great. WWE needs more veterans and what they couldn’t do with Kharma they can surely do with Sarita. Please bring her in as a major heel and have her feud with Naomi (and for the love of god think of an interesting story; these two chicks happen to be my faves).

  • Randy James Crawford

    Yes WWE needs to sign Sarita.

    • Pozessed

      Yeh, it’d be great to see her misused and hold herself in 5 minute matches… At the end of the day WWE has probably the worst Diva’s division in terms of lack of time etc but TNA has the good matches however they are giving less attention to them. She should go to somewhere else… I always wondered why an exclusively womens wrestling organisation hasn’t reached better heights.

      • Rhawk

        Well its not much, but Shine Wrestling seems to be doing well for itself right now with its monthly iPPVs, now if they can get their own TV show, that would be great to see.

        • Pozessed

          If a show like Saturday Morning Slam can air then I’m sure someone should be able to get a show like Shine on air. Thinking about it makes it seem crazy that it hasn’t really happened before.. The women’s wrestling is great since they can actually do some pretty crazy moves and keep up with the length of male matches maybe even longer; plus a lot of guys find the female wrestlers hot. It’s a good idea in my book.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Sarita is too good for WWE. They don’t deserve her.

  • 2Sweet

    I only watch TNA for ODB, Mickie James, Tara, and Miss Tessmacher. Sarita and the other women don’t really turn me on as much. If they would have released ODB though. .. I would have been so pissed! She’s so freakin dirty and hot. I love Tara too, the way she gets into those sexy positions while pinning a girl, and Mickie James too. I can’t wait until Mickie James puts on some more weight, I love it when she’s thick! But damn… I wish ODB would do that move in the turnbuckle that Miss Tessmacher does to me in her birthday suit while she’s all sweaty and grimy from the day.. I love that chick! But I’ll tell you this, one woman I would love to do that to me even more is Vickie Guerrero! She is sooo thick in all the right places. Her ass is so fine and beautiful, wow.. If I was a wrestler and she was managing me in storyline, I would invite her to my hotel room frequently!

    • Rhawk

      Get off the internet, please…

      • 2Sweet


    • Darth

      I lol’d.

    • brainlazer

      you need a girlfriend dude.

      • 2Sweet

        Why do I need a girlfriend to have sex with women? I didn’t need to before

  • stone cold 4 life

    please Sarita join the WWE they need a talented diva to teach the other girls how to wrestle

    • Johnson

      Forget about teaching the other girls, I want to see Sarita in the ring so I can watch that sexy dance, and that body of hers. My friend showed me a tape one time of some women’s indy wrestling. Cheerleader Melissa, Mschif, Sara del Rey, Alison Danger, and some girl named Mercedes Martinez. I don’t watch indie so I didn’t know them. I tell you, I have never been more aroused by women’s wrestling in my life. Their matches were very long, so I noticed all that sweat dripping from their bodies and their legs etc… wow! And they put on the sexiest moves on each other. I loved it! I’ve been watching women’s indie ever since. Those women are so sexy and have such unique looks!

      • stone cold 4 life

        ya that’s very true but I’m from the UK and we cant watch any of those shows here

        • Rhawk

          Ever heard of iPPVs?

          • stone cold 4 life


          • Rhawk

            Har har if your being sarcastic, but if not their Internet Pay per Views, so you can basically watched streamed PPV events on the computer, much like you would with WWE when they do a similar thing.

    • Rhawk

      They already have Sara Del Ray as the trainer for the Divas down in NXT, so we have enough trainers for them all in that 1 woman. If anything Stock’s better off either as a main roster talent, or just being an indy talent as she is doing now.

  • Rhawk

    About time, and I dont mean that Sarita is gone from TNA. But now we know her status in the company, and that she has none.
    Hopefully she can appear at places like Shimmer & Shine, maybe even Ring of Honor since they seem to be having more womens matches lately, take MsChif VS Athena from the latest tapings for example.
    And would it be cool for her to be in WWE? Of course, the woman is beyond fit for the age, and she can hold he rown in the ring, thats an understatement at best. But do we want to see a watered-down Sarita/Sarah Stock in WWE? I’d have to think about that one for awhile longer.

  • morrisonfanone

    Who? They haven’t showed her in months. Why didn’t she leave before this?