Knockouts Feuding On Twitter, Aries Shoots On Sting, Dixie Carter Action Figure

– TNA Knockout Brooke Tessmacher has been feuding with Angelina Love via Twitter, writing:

She also re-tweeted the following message from a fan:

– TNA will soon be releasing a Dixie Carter action figure exclusively at

– TNA will be running live vents this weekend from Concord, NC (2/22) and Roanoke Rapids, NC (2/23). Top names advertised to appear include TNA champion Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, James Storm and Velvet Sky.

– TNA has published the following video of Austin Aries “shooting” on Sting:

Brad Davis

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  • Josh Foley

    bold but awesome promo from austin

  • Bigbadguns02

    LOL TNA why don’t you copy Punk v Taker some more

    • General Disarray

      That’s exactly what they’re doing. LOL! TNA is a joke. They wouldn’t be shit without the WWE.

    • Pozessed

      It is a very common story… Have you heard of Ric Flair? The guy had the same story for a few years against who he faced. It is simply a younger guy wanting to face an in-ring veteran what is so CM Punk/Undertaker about it? Is one of them bragging about being straight edge and carrying an urn with him? Is one guy playing the character of a dead man?.. Nope, thought not.

  • The Ryback

    Who in the blue hell is going to buy a Dixie Carter action figure….

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      Me!!!! I have WWE action figures. I’m gonna buy her and have her do an in ring segment.Kane will then come out. I’m gonna chockslam her and then pour gas all over the ring and her. I’ll then set her on fire. I might burn my house down but a burned Dixie Carter action figure would look pretty badass.

      • The Ryback

        LOL! I’m good with that

    • Kevin Lazar

      I am


    He’s like a tna punk

  • JamieEvsxx

    I know it’s un-related…but did anyone else hear about Madison Rayne being pregnant?…I’m suprised SEScoops didn’t bring it up yet tbh…=P

    • Guest

      I believe she was a referee during the Knockouts One Night Only PPV taping and is expecting the baby sometime in August. Other than that she’s irrelevant and needs either a new character to play or needs to be released.

      • G.I.R.L.

        She doesn’t need to be released.

      • JamieEvsxx

        ohh, I don’t really pay much attention to TNA PPVs (or taped PPVs) tbh so I didn’t know that lol…and yeah I think she did say she was due in August…=P…and I’m not really a fan of her either tbh, but I don’t think she needs to be released (I think she’ll end up leaving anyway because of the baby tbh)…=/