Kofi Kingston Gets Married, TNA Knockout Has Cancer Scare

– TNA Knockout Tara posted a blog on her Myspace a few days ago announcing that she recently had a mole removed that turned out to be cancerous. Tara, a lifelong “sun worshiper” who grew up in the desert in Southern California, is now urging her fans to be cautious of skin cancer and check themselves out:

“I went to the dermatologist because I had a bump on my hip. It turned out to be nothing. But the doctor noticed a mole near my collar bone that didn’t look quite right. He cut it off and tested it, and it turned out to be Basal Cell Carcinoma. That is the most common form of skin cancer. He cut most of it off, and next week, they are going to cut out the surrounding tissue and I should be 100% It’s it super minor, because they caught it early. So that some of my MySpace friends can possibly catch it early also, here is a link on what to look for… http://www.wikihow.com/Check-for-Skin-Cancer. Also, always wear sun block for extended periods outdoors.”

– WWE star Kofi Kingston was married earlier this month, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Kingston was married on Saturday, September 11th and was given the weekend off by WWE. He married his longtime girlfriend, who was with him in the audience at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Here they are together:

Brad Davis

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  • JohnyH

    Congrats Kofi.

  • Uzah Mark

    Did they get married in Jamaica?

  • Fullblackhabit

    Probably not, he’s not being billed from Jamaica anymore since WWE management decided that people wouldn’t discriminate since he’s from Ghana.
    Still, congratulations Kofi!

  • http://www.scpw.proboards.com/index.cgi The Councilman

    Kofi wins.

    She’s a good lookin’ gal……

    Good luck Tara, and I’m glad they caught that early. Hate to see people get sick or go down because of something like that.

  • http://www.eaw08.webs.com/chatroom.htm WrestlingNerd

    I’m not really sure how billing him from Jamaica is discriminating. There are a lot of wrestlers who aren’t billed from their actual hometown and nobody says anything about them. But since this is a different race, all of a sudden it’s discrimination, stereotyping, whatever you wanna call it.. It’s not discrimination, it’s simply billing him from somewhere that happens to be a town that isn’t his real home, which has happened many times before with other pro wrestlers.

  • Fullblackhabit

    @WrestlingNerd Normally, they bill wrestlers from places that are more well known. E.g. Wade Barrett is from Preston but they bill him from Manchester because more people know of it.
    Management were worried that he might not be accepted as well being from Ghana than if say he were from a place closer to the USA (Jamaica). I’m not sure, but billing someone from a completely different continent out of worry that he might not get over because of his hometown would be seen as discrimination to me. Not racism, but generally being insensitive.

  • Uzah Mark

    @Fullblackhabit Its funny, I intended for my comment to be taken with sarcasm. My bad, mon. lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3110955&id=561128417#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=10000 SamCactus101

    Hey congratulations Kofi. Wish you all the happiness in the world! And thank God for Tara’s quick recovery. Wouldn’t wanna see you out.