Kofi Kingston Interview: The MVP Of Today’s PG Era, Paul Bearer & More

Kofi Kingston recently spoke to Digital Sky WrestleMania 29. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

His tag team partners:

“As long as I’m winning, it doesn’t really matter to me. I have had the opportunity to have some great tag team partners. Between Punk and Evan and Truth, I mean gosh, every time me and Truth get together, whether we’re doing media interviews together or backstage, it’s just constant banter. We’re always just joking around and stuff. It was a very natural fit when he and I decided to team up.”

CM Punk losing the WWE Championship:

“It’s really tough, because I think that we all saw just the road that Punk was on and he’s really be kind of trail blazer in terms of becoming the star of this new generation. Between his pipe bombs, or whatever, every time he gets a microphone you know he’s going to say something that’s either going to tick people off or mainly get you to remember what he’s going to say. He always has a point to make. And then in the ring, he’s very very good, one of the best, definitely of our era, and probably one of the best of all time. “

If it’s harder to come up with good material now, as opposed to the Attitude Era:

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily harder. I just think that we’re a lot more conscious about the product that we put out. Even in the Attitude Era we were able to reach a whole lot of people. So it’s very important because in the broad spectrum of people that we reach, our children are included and families are included. So, I think we’re just a lot more conscious now that we have a responsibility to do the right thing and represent for our kids and provide good role models for our kids. So I don’t think it’s necessarily harder, I think we are more creative in the way that we think.”

Paul Bearer:

“I had received a text that he had passed, and instantly I was just crestfallen because he was just a genuinely good person. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about him. When I first got involved in the business, we always used to have these camps at the school I trained at, Chaotic in New England, and he was the first actual star that came and talked to us, for like three hours. And he was telling us about his upcomings and how he came up through the business. That was like the first experience I had, where I was able to hear first hand, how somebody came up, what the business was like back in his day. It was really really cool. Being a wrestling fan growing up you always wondered what happened behind the scenes and now finally, 10-15 years later I’m actually getting to hear what’s going on and his story. I was very fortunate to be able to share that.”

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  • Puppet H

    They bury Kofi week-in and out, including house shows.

  • Two Cents

    I’ve maintained the stance that CM Punk is leading the way into an new era of the WWE for a while now, and it’s guys that are following him into the main roster like Ambrose and Rollins that will help keep the company going in the coming years. That is if WWE doesn’t implode on itself or hold these guys back from bringing the magic they can.

  • VJGraziano

    Kofi needs a legit push badly. He’s a great superstar with great talent who can easily be a “company man”. Not only is he a good superstar but he seems like a really good person. Never says anything bad and never complains. He takes what he’s given no matter how little and busts his ass all the time no matter if its Raw or a house show. He really deserves more respect, and he’s been there like 6 years.

    As for PG vs. PG-13, here’s my opinion. PG can work. But to make it work, WWE needs to understand the difference between child-friendly, and child-appropriate.