Kofi Kingston Says He Would Make A Good Heel

New WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston was recently interviewed by the UK’s Evening Times to promote this week’s overseas live events tour. Here are highlights of what he said about:

Returning Overseas With WWE:

“This is one of the tours we look forward to the most as the environment and culture are both very different to the USA. We often hear some pretty unique football chants at the Scottish shows.”

Part-Time Wrestlers In Top WrestleMania Matches:

“The Rock and Brock Lesnar have really paved the way for guys like me. Maybe somewhere down the line we can be the ones coming back for the big appearances and there is certainly a desire for young talent to come through to high profile matches. I’m sure you’ll see that in the coming years.”

Turning Heel:

“Everybody on Twitter seems to want me to turn bad… I would try my hand at anything and I think I could do it well.”