Kurt Angle Labels “Stone Cold” Steve Austin “Underrated”, Robbie E Offers Tips On Being A “Bro”

– Speaking to English digital publication Hooked on Wrestling, TNA Wrestling star Kurt Angle labeled WWE Hall of Famer and former rival “Stone Cold” Steve Austin “underrated.”

“One of the most underrated wrestlers – not entertainers, but wrestlers – in the history of professional wrestling,” said Angle of the 6-time WWE Champion. “He changed the face of wrestling. I wrestled him in my first year in the business, and I knew nothing. Austin carried me through every match that we had.”

– In Robbie E’s latest blog for Spike.com, the former TNA Television and X Division Champion offers tips on how to be a “bro.” One vital requirement concerns grooming.

“To be a proper bro, one must be properly groomed. Which consists of trimmed nose hairs, ears regularly cleaned, and so on,” wrote E. “And if I have to tell you to use a ton of product in your hair and keep your tan perfect, you should probably just stop reading now, because you’ll never be a bro.”

E has also re-launched his official website, Robbie-E.com.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • Thomas Aqunio

    someone hacked his account.. jks

    • Jim Ross

      I did..

  • The Guest

    I’ve always thought Austin was underrated. I first seen him in the USWA, when he had the ponytail. He went to WCW shortly after and was pushed pretty quickly. I thought he was pretty good in the ring when he performed as Stunning Steve. He was a technical heel wrestler. His matches with Steamboat, Windham, Dustin Rhoades, and Pillman were pretty damn good. When he was with Col. Robert Parker, I thought he was one of the best heels anywhere.

    I followed Austin pretty hard and the Stone Cold character really took me off guard. To this day, it’s still hard to believe they’re the same guy. Man, he played the cocky Stunning Steve character so well it’s kind of a shame he left that behind. Of course he achieved even greater success(that’s an understatement, lol) as Stone Cold. This guy could do it all. Cocky heel or tough guy, technical wrestler or brawler, the guy had tremendous talent.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.

      goosebumps from your comment; a true fan, respect

      • The Guest

        I’m a huge Stunning Steve mark. Along with Vader, Bret, Shawn, Sting, and Yoko, he helped make early 90’s wrestling so enjoyable. Very underrated era of wrestling in general.

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.

          From the playback vids I see I can agree I’m a youngin and wasnt around then

    • sdelfin

      Very nice comment. I’m glad I saw it. My first exposure to Steve Austin came as I just started watching WCW on a regular basis in 1992 and Austin was in the middle of his feud with the great Barry Windham trading the TV title. It was apparent early on that Austin was a very good performer. It was guys like Austin and Windham after he went heel that I started cheering for the best wrestlers rather than for whoever was babyface. I’m glad to say that I was lucky enough to witness in person one of the big matches between Austin and the Hitman.

    • AustinFan

      Your comment almost brought me to tears, i’ve been seeing people listing The Rock as their number 1 wrestler in their “best” of all time lists for a while even more so since his return, and let me say Rock doesn’t even come close to Austin when it comes to wrestling talent and (i know ill get some heat from this) also when it comes to charisma. When Rock came to wrestling Austin was already a wrestler for almost 7 years, if you watch his stuff from late 96 all the way to 99 you’ll see what I mean (charisma-wise). Also watch some of his 5 star matches like the one he had with Bret WM13. I’d like to also note that by 1998 Austin’s body was really car wrecked. When Owen botched the piledriver in summerslam 97 Austin was already suffering from broken neck so you know how that could affect his wrestling. I’d say he was toned down wrestling-wise post 96 but he still did some classic matches ;).

      • The Guest

        Watch Austin vs. Rhoades to see some excellent mat wrestling. That’s what he really excelled at, good fast paced back-and-forth mat wrestling.

        In the mid-90’s, Austin actually broke Chono’s neck during a match in Japan using the same exact move Owen did to him a few years later. That’s the definition of eerie right there.

        • AustinFan


          That is the match you meant?

          • The Guest

            Actually, there was a match in 91 when he was still using Lady Blossom as a valet. He had a ponytail back then. I believe it might have been at the previous year’s Halloween Havoc but I’m not sure. Austin was very agile in his early days.

            I love that match you just posted though. Dr. Death is my favorite wrestler of all time. Used to watch him live in the UWF as a kid.

            In another note of irony, Steve Austin shares the same first and last legal name as his tag partner in this match. Both named Steven Williams. Austin adopted the Williams name as a child when his mother remarried. Like I said before, I’m quite the Stunning Steve mark. The only wrestler I’m a bigger mark for is Dr. Death, ironically tagging with Austin in this match. Weird day with all the irony and have been experiencing several instances of deja-vu today. I think I’ll go play the lottery right now and see how that turns out.

          • AustinFan

            lol, i remember him saying about that name thing in almost every DVD of his. Too bad Dr. Death’s push came to an end in WWF when he lost the brawl for all, otherwise i think he would have done some great things like i read somewhere that Vince was planning on making him wrestle for WWF tittle, he had it all.

          • The Guest

            Dr. Death actually tore his hamstring during the fight he lost. He was a sitting duck at that point. Dr. Death did achieve his glory in Japan though. Triple crown winner. WWE finally got the rights to the Mid South/UWF library. Check that out when it comes out on DVD to see my favorite feud of all time, Williams/Gordy.

            Not only did that Brawl-for-All tournament cause a countless number of injuries, it made a lot of people look bad. Terrible idea to actually go through with but it was entertaining. Could have done without it though. It actually helped Bradshaw’s career so it wasn’t entirely a bust. Didn’t really help when Bart Gunn, the tourney’s winner, got knocked out by Butterbean. Very dumb putting Bart up against him. A lot of people though Butterbean was all hype, considering his physique and all. The guy wrecked people when he hit them.

  • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

    I officially have NO RESPECT for angle at all anymore. Just vanish into the indie scene please.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

      Why don’t you he is right Stone Cold is not ranked as high as he should be if anything he is ranked higher as an asskicker, fighter, entertainer, any of those but for wrestling he is unrated so why don’t you have any respect for Kurt Angle anymore? Your just an idiot.

      • Guest

        says the guy calling someone and “idiot” via internet.

        • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

          didnt you know? all geniuses surf the web and insult people on comment boards.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

            Well you have no right to say that about Kurt Angle for no reason just because he told the truth.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

          Well he has no right to say he has no respect for Kurt Angle for saying that about Stone Cold.

          • Deante320

            That’s his opinion is his alone. It has no reflection to everybody else. I feel Kurt has a point IMO though.

      • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

        You should give proactive a try on that disaster of a face you have there bud, otherwise 20 MORE years of virginity is sure to follow you.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

          You know real people don’t try to fix their appearance to be some fake version of themselves, and I have had lots of women so the 20 years thing is not true.

          • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

            mothers, sisters, and nieces aside, you sir, WILL remain a virgin.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001177411091 Seth Bob

      Troll alert.

  • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

    Nobody “under rated” could ever make that much money, and be that famous in the sport. That can only be done with god given gift.

    • Trollollolllo

      He’s at the top of every list. Bald sob isn’t near under rated.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

        It doesn’t matter he’s at the top because he entertained people.

  • pwnez

    I agree, Austin is underrated in terms of wrestling. He was great before he even debuted in WWE. It was after his neck surgery that he started to brawl alot more. His match with Bret Hart is one of my favorites.

    • Trollollolllo

      You are my friend.

  • Bro88

    Its great to see that Angle hasn’t completely lost it when he uses twitter. He tends to abuse twitter

  • Stoops Nic

    Well he was the Ringmaster after all.

  • AngelFlow

    Finally I agree with Kurt on something. Austin was indeed underrated. He had a lot of talent and was a great technician. When he got the neck injury was when he change he style to brawling.

  • sdelfin

    It’s not that Steve Austin is or was underrated as a wrestler. It’s that his character and neck injury forced him to change his style that some people either never knew or forgot how good he was in the ring. But in the early and mid 1990s, Steve Austin was widely considered among the very best workers in the United States. His feud with Bret Hart in 1996 was partly about Steve Austin claiming to be a better wrestler than Bret.