Lashley Talks About Returning to Wrestling, Batista & Lesnar

Former WWE & TNA wrestler Bobby Lashley discussed former wrestlers Brock Lesnar and Batista, as well as a potential return to pro wrestling, in an interview with this week. The following are excerpts from the wrestling portion of the discussion. The full interview can be read at

PRO MMA NOW: You along with guys like Brock Lesnar and Batista have made the jump to MMA from professional wresting. Do you ever talk to those guys any?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I haven’t talked to Brock. You know I’ve never really talked to Brock. When I went to WWE he was already out so our paths have never crossed so I’ve never even met him or even talked to him. Then as far as Dave Batista, we were pretty good friends when we were in the WWE but when we came out of the WWE, when he went into his fight deal, I think that his target was kind of set on that big fight and that big fight was supposed to be against me. So I think our relationship kind of went two different directions and I think the reason why he was wanting to do that was because he was wanting to use me as his big match and I think that’s what Strikeforce is really hoping for if they have that match with me against Dave. I haven’t really talked to him since I’ve been out of the WWE or since he’s been out of the WWE.

PRO MMA NOW: You’ve said in the past that while a fight between you and Batista might be a good fight for the fans, it wasn’t really a good fight for your career. Do you still feel that way, and are you open to a fight with him at some point in the future?

BOBBY LASHLEY: I’m open to a fight with almost anyone and Dave has been training. I’ve heard that he’s been training pretty hard and if that fight were presented I would definitely take it. Of course it is a fight for a lot of wrestling fans because a lot of wrestling fans out there want to see that fight. There are millions upon millions of wrestling fans, but I’m not going to decline that fight. If that fight were ever brought to me I would definitely sign in a second and fight him. That’s the way the fight business is. You have to fight so whoever is brought to you that is who you are going to be fighting.

PRO MMA NOW: Do you ever see yourself at any point going back to professional wrestling?

BOBBY LASHLEY: Man, I love professional wrestling. Some people get out of professional wrestling and they’re real bitter for several different reasons. I don’t know, maybe it’s the travel, maybe it’s the people that you encounter when you are in the wrestling business, but for me I loved wrestling when I was in there. It was very time consuming and it was hard at the time when you were just thrust into an organization and there are a lot of really shady people in wrestling. I mean I dealt with them on a daily basis. But that’s not going to stop the fact that I love the sport. If I had an opportunity to go back to wrestling I would definitely consider it. I still do some wrestling. I go to Japan every couple months and I work with an organization out there with Inoki’s organization IGF (Inoki Genome Federation). So I still get that taste of wrestling going out there and working out with those guys. At the same time, there are usually a handful of fighters there. Like last time Josh Barnett was there so I was able to work out a little bit there and do some MMA training and then have the show. I’m completely open to professional wrestling anytime.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • rabidwolverine

    The BOSS open to wrestling, SWEET. He has the ability to be a world cihamp and if he were WWE it would be more entertaining.

  • Daemos13time

    never call that piece of crap the boss that no talent bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    No talent bum is bit extreme….battle of the billionaires….WWE’s highest drawing match…people loved lashley…potential to be first African American world champ…I don’t know what passes for talent these days if lashley isn’t talented…

  • killer16

    lashley is the sh*t

  • tnawwefan4life

    @ Daemos13time…..Calling Lashley a bum?? what the hell? the guy is an accomplished Amateur Wrestler,went to WWE and achieved fame,went on to fulfill a dream as an MMA fighter,that is your definition of a bum?I would call Bobby Lashley a very successful athlete.please list your accomplishments and then we will compare

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    Yeah compare them to Lashley’s balls and see what you’ve got over him.

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    If his booking in TNA wasn’t a massive waste of time I don’t think anyone would have a bad thing to say about Lashley. He could have atleast feuded with Joe or Angle before going off to do MMA.

  • http://[email protected] rockymavia

    Lashley is awesome…..


    @mostwrestlingfansareidiots: Lolz The Rock, Booker T, Ron Simmons were all African American World Champions bud, so Lashley wouldnt have been the first, however he did have a great future in WWE and if TNA knew how to mold their “Non Home Grown” Talent. Well Spoken and physically skilled, Lashley has star power.

  • mostwrestlingfansareidiots

    @Az Tech – lol, sh*t dude you busted me. Fail. Ok, TNA haven’t had an African American WHC yet have they? I’m clutching at straws trying to pull that one back. AHHH I remember what I meant by that. There hasn’t been an African American WWE champ if I’m not mistaken ….Is The Rock considered African American? I’ve opened up a can worms on myself. lol :s

  • stratojaxter

    @mostwrestlingfansareidiots, dude thanks for being able to laugh at yourself. It’s a lost art that most of us (myself included) could stand to try more often.

  • J.R.399


    Dude, I’m glad some people know how to laugh at themselves sometimes. We need more of that in the world.

  • supermanthathoe

    @mostwrestlingfansareidiots Ron The Truth Killings was the Heavyweight champ in TNA during the asylum days if I’m not mistaken. Rock is considered an African American. There has been a black WWE Champ. Although I am sure that Lashley was the first ever black man to retain the ECW title by jumping into a steel cage wall while wrestling Hardcore Holly. Lol your humility gets bonus points though.


    @mostwrestlingfansareidiots No Prob, and i agree, we should all be able to laugh at ourselves when we make a booboo without being skinned alive lolz. The Rock is 1/2 African American and 1/2 Samoan. Ron “R-Truth” Kllings was TNA Champ. And Ron Simmons was the first African American World Champ in WCW, won it in like 1992. And “King Bookah” is like a 6 time Champ, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW Champion lolz, and 1 time WWE World Heavyweight Champ! The rock gets most exposure for being Samoan because of his Grandfather “High Chief” Peter Maivia. And Ron Simmons …well….DAMN! Lolz. I am rambling, just love to talk wrestling.


    @J.R.399 & supermanthathoe, kudos to both of you too! This is one of the first threads on here that I have seen that people arent eating eachother alive. I like it.