Latest Backstage News On CM Punk’s WWE Status, Plans Going Forward

WWE is reportedly continuing to distance themselves from CM Punk, with the assumption being that he will not be returning to the company.

One source within WWE noted recently that the script for the WWE Flintstones DVD project, which was originally slated to feature Punk, has been re-written. The script now features Rey Mysterio in a more prominent role.

Additionally, the Camp WWE animated series, which is expected to debut later in 2014, will also see Punk being removed.

Punk is, however, expected to remain as a character in the WWE Slam City animated series. The reason for that is the 24-episode series, which will serve as a promotional vehicle for the action figure line of the same name, has already been completed. Punk’s name will not be used in the promotional material for the show, and while his character will remain included, it will be downplayed in the publicity.

Finally, Punk has been taken off of all WWE promotional videos that air during live events and television tapings, including all of the footage of his recent WrestleMania match against The Undertaker. The clips of his bout with Undertaker were removed from a WrestleMania music video package that has been running in the arena’s at the start of every taping.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Guest

      Seriously sescoops. CM Punk is done… get the f over it

      • Loopy S

        This. And they made this up for clicks and desperate content because they have no real sources EVER

    • DCee

      CM Punk just wants out. So, WWE is finally deciding to roll on without him. It’s sad to see him go, but on the other hand, guys like Bryan and Cesaro got a bigger push because of Punk’s departure.The train known as the WWE will not stop for no one. Punk may come back to wrestling one way or another. For now, let Phil be Phil and live his life. He wanted time off and to be done with the game, let him go. If it’s meant to be, let it.

      • Daniel

        he left cus he had to…. he’ll make a return in 7 years and cut a promo on some jabroni and host WM & end up main eventing WM 2 years in a row

        • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

          By then, no one will care about cm punk. The stars of tommorrow have a brighter future than punk. guys like the shield, bray wyatt i see doing big business. unfortunately for cm punk, most of his wwe career was in the weak era before he pipebomb promo.

      • Shoe Poo

        Dirtsheets made this piece up about Punk

        They have no real new sources leads or facts to they are just bs’ing their readers like doetbags

    • Undertaker316

      people should stop complaining about sescoop reporting news about cm punk simply because of the fact he “walked out” on the wwe their job is to report all wrestling news if you dont want to read news about cm punk then simply dont click on the article because there are other people actually want to read the article

      • Guest

        But you know hes not coming back

        • msk343

          so? i hate it when ppl get butthurt when wrestlers leave wwe… e.g rock leaving, brock and goldberg leaving etc…

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      CM punk has a hard life. On the road all the time. a new hoe every 6 months. Punks diick pretty much is the locker room sllutt. How he has not caught anything yet is just amazing

      • MachoViper

        No wonder he is burnt out huh

    • Harry Be

      Why keep reporting on it? We all know he’s gone

    • Shimmy

      He’ll be back someday.


      CM PUNK is nothing but one ungrateful bitchhh , in 2011 yeah i supported his cause what WWE did to him and other talent but regarding him now ? come onnnn since then he has been WWE champion 434 days longest in modern day history crossing not only HULK HOGAN but also JOHN CENA , he defeated the ” SUPER CENA ” numerous times on major PPVS , he has had his bout with the UNDERTAKER at WRESTLEMANIA nonethless and still whined like a twatttt , i could care less what he does or if he comes back or not who cares !! even the crowd chanting CMPUNK for like 2 minutes and then they suddenly loose interest .. the biggest ” CHICAGO HIJACK RAW ” crap propaganda failed miserablyyyyy , its apparent no one cares anymore WWE has moved on and nothing will change due to his ” HIGHNESS ” abscense ..

    • joshidanger

      Sooo we are now treating Punk like Benoit. Cute WWE. Very cute.

      • BasedWorld

        How are they treating him like Benoit?! You fan boys are something else lol. They distant themselves from who whoever leaves/quit until they decide to comeback again.

        • MachoViper

          No free publicity from WWE for sure.

        • Cesaro

          they are removing all traces of him, never mentioning his name now, not doing anything that involves him. in a way, it is a benoit treatment.

      • Summer Rae Dudley

        New Jack is the way I like it.

      • Dave from Germany

        Idiot! They just stopped promoting him because he isn’t in the company anymore. It’s not like they act as if Punk never existed.

        Following your logic, wwe treats Bastion Booger like Benoit. They don’t mention him, too.

    • brad

      Punks the man. Fuc haters.

    • Espizito

      Punk isnt done….just taking a break. Rightfully so too. Dude is a workhorse .

      • BOOCH

        He’s not taking a break. HE QUIT! there is a HUGE difference. How is it people have a hard time understanding that?

        • Espizito

          I dont have a hard time understanding anything. Break/quit doesnt matter … its temporary. Lol

    • llllNinjastarllll

      Well Looks like Jeff Jarret has CM Punk And Kurt Angle now , this could get interesting in the future of Wrestling .

      • C-Snap

        I would all kinds of watch that match

    • llllNinjastarllll

      Im still waiting for the 1guy to still think this is a ”Work’ LOL!

    • llllNinjastarllll

      I have a feeling it didnt end well with CM PUNK and Vince that night of that Raw , Vince has so much hate for cm punk now, i dont think Vince ever did like him , either did HHH .all started way back with those pipebombs ,

    • llllNinjastarllll

      And who ever thinks CM PUNK will come back ? Im almost 100% sure he wont , after how they’re treating everything about him and everything he has done in WWE , they wanna wipe him right off the map of wwe’s wrestling history ,

      • Punk2k14

        The company feel what they are doing is best for business, remember it’s Punk who chose to walk out on his contract, with that royalties should be expected to be lost.

        However I hope he changes his mind and comes back which I believe he will, I miss the guy…

        I think WWE are just letting the dust settle and waiting for Punk to cool down as well as waiting to get WM30 out of the way first which is main priority and rightly so, before they try to make contact with him for talks.

        • llllNinjastarllll

          I dont see it happening , punk is fully done with wwe and wwe dont want him back, punk will demand too much if he returns

      • Cesaro

        well, its almost obvious bryan is winning at WM, Cesaro is starting to get a push. so all the stuff punk wanted, but didn’t happen is happening now, so it might just convice him to give it another go.

    • Curtis Axel FACE of WWE

      He’s been erased just like the Ultimate Warrior was for so long. JOhn Laurinaitis did a PPV main event before Punk, and that was Punk vs Bryan at the same show !!! Also, Punk had champion vs champion matches against both Bryan and Sheamus, so why didn’t they unify them then ?

    • Dirty Sanchez

      So Punk is still not coming back. And now they’re replaying the DBag beat down on Smackdown.
      Its a good day.

    • Buzzard Follower

      Are we still with this. Come on punk is gone to enjoy the rest of his life i thank punk for all he did but im ok with him moving on. The wwe just has to replace him simple as that

    • partci

      Aahahaha, next WWE step – to pull a Benoit on him:

    • TheFaceOfSeScoops

      Im glad Punks whiny a$$ is gone. WWE doesnt need him and the WM lineup is more entertaining without him. The “best in the world” shouldnt be welcomed back with open arms if he ever decided to return. He says he doesnt want to be “the man” yet he wants that kind of treatment. No one man is bigger than WWE and Im happy they didnt bow down to his holier than thou attitude this time. CM Punk is the best in the world at buying into his own hype. He needs to take a step back and realize the WWE doesnt and never did revolve around him. Im sure whenever Daniel Bryan is no longer as popular as he is now, CM Punk might give Vince a call.

      • Vince

        Damn right!!

    • Johnny B Bad

      Punk worked his ass off for the WWE, he took some of the most shots and falls compared to anything Danial Bryan has done or anyone else, I don’t blame him for being done with the company, why stick around and get more injuries when there is nothing left to do? He said that clearly in his last DVD, when there wasn’t anything left for him to accomplish, he’d probably be done. He wasn’t going to headline WM30, and he’s already got injuries that haven’t healed, and won’t heal as long as he continues wrestling 275+ days out of the year. When I went to the live Monday night RAW, after the show was over Punk was the only guy that came out in the parking lot and took pictures and signed autographs, he stayed out there for 15 minutes or so, you won’t get that with Cena or any other guy, this was about a month after the “pipebomb” for that I will always respect the guy.

    • K

      i think he’s just taking a big break from everything
      but in the end he will be back

    • jj

      Punk screws taker @mania. Taker gets his revenge next year in a buried alive match??
      Won’t happen but is nice to think it might?
      Might be for the best that punks gone.

    • Chris Savage

      here’s the thing regarding punk he left because he was sick of part timers comming back and getting main event title shots like batista, the rock and brock lesnar. don’t get me wrong at first i was excited for batista to come back because i thought that he could do it and be a legit superstar again. unfortunatly i was wrong and we were left with what looks to be an anorexic version of the batista that we knew from evolution.

      • Noah

        Batista is not part time.He signed a 2 year contract.CM Punk was more pissed at The Rock and Brock.Batista could have been a legit superstar again and he still can be but everyone turned on him just like everyone turned on Brock and The Rock.

        • Guardian Star Lord

          How did everyone turn on Brock? He has been a heel since he returned.

    • Chris Savage

      we all want to see people like the sheild get a push or sandow or any of the younger talent. but let’s be honest that whole thing died out when they let ziggler hold the WHC for what 3 weeks? it may have been longer but you get my point that one of the hardest workers in the company get’s outcast and labled a joke.

    • Kris

      Haven’t really been following WWE related news as of late (kinda gotten fed up with their crap so I’ve stopped watching), but did Punk actually leave? When I first heard of it, I thought it was just something to get people to tune in, in order to see Punk make some amazing return or something.

    • TrueFan

      This is like.. the realest thing us fans have ever really cared about in a long time. It’s bittersweet. We know Punk was leaving sooner than we wanted him to regardless, we were all not expecting him to leave out this way though. I view it as, he gets what he wants, hes paid his dues plus more, and he’s opening up chances for more of the roster. I miss seeing him on tv a lot, but best luck Best In the World !

    • Judd603

      hmm funny i’ve read on other wrestling news websites that punk might be returning at wrestlemania.

    • KennyD

      I STILL believe that this is the biggest and most elaborate WORK ever done by the WWE .
      We all know that Punk was working with several Injuries and was in pain . …. Now; what IF he actually took time off to rehab his injuries before Mania ; BUT to feed the fans; WWE made it appear that he “Walked Out” …. ?
      Don’t forget that they released new CM Punk merchandise the very next day that he did his famous “Walk Out” …..
      I believe that we WILL see the return of CM Punk either the night before Mania at the awards ceremony .. to set up a match against Hunter OR we will see him in a match at Wrestlemania ….
      Keep in mind that ALL of the reports of Punk not coming back etc say “ALLEGEDLY” .. and I won’t believe that he is gone from the $$$$ he was making in the WWE until Mania is over and Punk isn’t on it … Then and only then , will I believe that CM Punk has left the WWE …..

    • Ralph from StateFarm

      I still feel it’s a work just because that he hasn’t tweeted anything since late January the day he walked out. He could’ve tweeted about his Talking dead appearance or something related to a ufc bout. Idk