Latest Backstage News Regarding Jeff Jarrett’s New Pro Wrestling Promotion

According to one source, Jeff Jarrett won’t be hinting at or officially launching his new pro wrestling project until the hype from WrestleMania XXX dies down.

Jarrett has reportedly been acting very coy with people who have asked him about it, but has also been involved in a number of meetings regarding the project. Additionally, Jarrett and others have been scouting potential talent.

As noted in the past, the belief remains that country music star Toby Keith is involved in some form or fashion.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • pharmxy

      1st signing…….cm punk

      • askbillmitchell

        I would sign Adam Pearce over CM Punk any day.

        • bri

          sign both. plus cabana, reform the second city saints

        • pharmxy

          OK..give u that one…I havent seen much of Adam Pearce but he appears to be s badass….

          • askbillmitchell

            The only reason I mentioned that I would take Adam over CM Punk is because CM Punk is tainted with the aroma of egotism. CM Punk is no longer “coachable” he has become a diva in a sense, if he doesn’t like something he just rather get paid to stay at home then to actually help change a situation. Whereas Adam has never been into the WWE, hasn’t developed that “ego” and doesn’t have nearly as much wear and tear upon his body as Punk. Punk has one foot out the door, Adam hasn’t reached full stride. That’s why from a business stand point, if I am going to shell out money, I still would want a return on that investment and I just don’t see the ROI in Punk. He seems to be more of a headache than what he is worth.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Wasn’t Jarrett running things when CM Punk bolted from TNA the first time? Why would he go back?

        • yrabadi

          I can see Punk taking a break from wrestling, in general. He’s probably completely disheartened by the state it’s in these days. If something sparks again, then maybe, just maybe, he will want to come back again.

          • superturbo

            CM Punk becoming a free agent from all of this is very interesting in one sense of the whole thing not being a complete and total waste.

            But even if Jeff Jarrett has most likely repurchased TNA, its in no shape at all to hire somebody of CM Punk’s value and asking price, and Punk’s probably not motivated doing what he’s love doing (Wrestling) simply for money alone. TNA will take years to once again be financially stable or to have a huge roster of talent that goes way beyond less than a dozen people or so on its broadcasts each week. What CM Punk does next is the $million dollar question everybody’s waiting for i guess?

    • theEDGE

      He bought TNA.
      That is why he wouldn’t say anything about it.

      • yrabadi

        Yeah I mentioned this a while ago… Wouldn’t be surprised if the new company is just TNA… This could all be a storyline build to intro him as the new investor… Whether he actually bought the majority of the company or not is questionable… I would be disappointed if this is the case, though.

    • Matt Gallagher

      If this is true, I think it’ll be interesting. All the Indy guys who don’t have a chance in wwe or tna could go there.

    • luuig

      This may be hard to believe but I think we are heading into another boom period for wrestling in the near future. WWE is making amends with a ton of legends, have a huge deal on their hands with Bryan, etc. ROH being owned by Sinclair gives them a huge financial backer and a stable tv outlet. TNA is changing things up. Jarrett is starting a promotion. AAA is starting a US tv show soon. And CM Punk is the biggest free agent in wrestling. If he goes to TNA it will be just like when Hogan went to WCW. Just imagine him having matches with Joe, the Wolves, Kurt, Hardy, etc.

      • yrabadi

        You have some points… There’s def a lot of mainstream media surrounding it this week. Punk technically wouldn’t be a free agent till, what, October of this year, though… Contract up in July and then 90 days…

        • askbillmitchell

          He could breech the contract, and then challenge the validity of the non compete. That isn’t to say he would, just that he could.

      • Mike

        TNA has to be relevant and big on the playing field for CM Punk’s jump to mean something. Kurt Angle went over there fresh when he was still a hot ticket in WWE, and nothing came of it. That’s because TNA does not advertise their guys nor themselves. Without advertisement your company will remain obscure. CM Punk’s jump would mean something if TNA was equivalent to WCW in 1997-1999. And it isn’t…

    • lazarus87

      Toby Keith plus Jeff Jarrett = angry american wrestling