Latest On WWE’s Interest In Alex Shelley, Future FCW Tapings

— reports WWE has not contacted Alex Shelley. A friend of Shelley’s who wrestles for the organization informed the former TNA Wrestling star that there is interest in signing him.

Shelley plans to take a hiatus before negotiating with WWE. The website reports that he wants to bypass developmental and head straight to the main roster.

— The final Florida Championship Wrestling television to emanate from FCW Arena in Tampa, Florida reportedly takes place Thursday night with Jim Ross announcing and William Regal facing Dean Ambrose. The organization’s official website has a show listed for June 21.

— WWE developmental wrestler Richie Steamboat competed at Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Augusta, Georgia, losing to Damien Sandow. He was originally scheduled to face Drew McIntyre.

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  • Team Awesome

    I heard he was thinking about going to ROH but who knows. A Hiatus is good for a bit until he decides he wants to head to a bigger promotion. When I think of Hiatus i automatically think of Eddie vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio back in 2002

    • pwnez

      If it were ROH a few years ago i’d say go for it but that company has gone downhill. He should go to NJPW or NOAH instead but only if WWE doesn’t sign him.

      • CleverNameTaken

        Didn’t people say Japan was his original plan? I’m sure he’d much rather wrestle there than waste years in developmental, so that’s probably going to be a dealbreaker.

  • BrandonDaProdigy

    id love to see shelley in the big E


    With chris sabin reportedly leaving tna as well it would be great to see both as a tag team in wwe.

  • Chaos Punk

    A bit late again SEScoops…

    Once again, I offer my help. Free of charge.

  • brainlazer1987

    It would be awesome to see Shelly AND Sabin in wwe. Best tag team today.

  • askbillmitchell

    Sorry, Patrick. There is no avoiding developmental, ask Tyler Black and Jon Moxley. How long as Creed been wading in developmental now? A former TNA alumni.

  • tlsxoxo

    Shelley shouldn’t go to the WWE if he has to to development first.

  • Brian Clark

    Alex Shelley vs Zack Ryder Wrestlemania 29 Intercontinental Championship match

  • Daniel Fundora

    alex shelley he was good in tna with motor machine guns but now when comes to wwe it won’t be same and he singles matches unless shelley’s has friend working for wwe and team up!

    • Daniel

      Didn’t understand a word you said

      • Daniel Fundora

        I said he might work for wwe if he works with tag team matches or maybe singles matches!

  • Reignmaker

    shelley looks kinda like glenn howerton aka dennis reynolds on its always sunny in philadelphia. the three guys on that show seem to be wrestling fans also, b/c they did an episode where they put a tribute to the troops type wrestling show that featured roddy piper, and i just saw an episode a few days ago where they had a poster of attitude era wrestlers in one of the three’s apartment

  • Kenny Ryan

    guaranteed they (wwe) will bury him, and he returns to tna. wwe can’t write a decent storyline to make youngsters rise up in the ranks. and also him being a former tna talent, u know he will not get as many lucky breaks. christian was the only one who got a break for a short period of time that was formally from tna. in conclusion, wwe sucks. god i miss the wwe from 1997-2003. best years ever!!!!

    • riphawk592

      what about Jeff Hardy when he returned to WWE after his first run with TNA?

      • Kenny Ryan

        but then he left again and returned…. again.

    • IKeepsit100

      WWE really started to fall off soon as PG13 hit, I’m only saying that because we will never see just about anything outside the ring again. They even nerfed hardcore matches which is limited to only the arena. Barely even get a decent backstage brawl

      Diva matches will FOREVER be stale because nobody cares,they only have regular matches and there is nothing fun about watching them. 1 ladder match in almost a decade? WTF

    • Kjhaltz

      Christian or Truth don’t really count because they were made in the WWE/f do there exceptions. Also CM Punk was apart of TNA. He did well for himself. I think it is the matter of certain skill sets and what they really want to accomplish in the WWE.

      Gale Kim never connected will live audiences from her first run as when she won the womens title the first week. Plus second run she was there for the money she said before her second return.

  • Chaos Punk

    To everyone that thumbs downed my comment, go play in the damn freeway. This site is going nowhere fast.