Lesnar Negotiating With WWE To Appear At WrestleMania 28

SEScoops.com has learned that former WWE Champion and former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is in negotiations with WWE to make a surprise appearance at Sunday’s WrestleMania XXVIII pay-per-view event at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. The story is also being reported at fwonline.com and pwinsider.com. Negotiations are ongoing, but a source within the company says that there is a 50-50 chance that Lesnar will appear on the show.

The source went on to state that WWE wants Lesnar to appear and is hoping that a deal can be finalized within the next 24 hours.

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White confirmed to F4WOnline.com that Lesnar is legally able to appear at WrestleMania on Sunday since he is no longer under contract to the organization. White was not aware if Lesnar was appearing on the show.

Lesnar left WWE in March 2004 to pursue a career in the National Football League, which was short-lived. Following a brief fling in New Japan Wrestling, he stepped away from the professional wrestling industry entirely in 2006 to pursue a career in mixed martial arts. He captured the UFC Heavyweight Championship from Randy Couture on November 15, 2008, then avenged his loss to Mir at UFC 100 to become the Undisputed Champion. He lost the strap two years later to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121. Lesnar announced his intentions to retire from mixed martial arts following a subsequent loss to Alistair Overeem in December, which prompted speculation of a return to WWE.

A writer for the Associated Press stated in his article on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that if WWE wants to squeeze another potential blockbuster buy rate out of The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment, the last man standing to get the headline match would be Lesnar.

“I’m not saying a thing,” said a laughing, grinning Johnson with his eyebrow raised after being asked about the possible encounter. “I didn’t say anything.”

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • http://twitter.com/dxbrandon Brandon Hamilton

    Ya This what i was talking about.

  • Flare Demon

    Wait so lesnar v rock? Uhhh

    • askbillmitchell

       Lesnar vs Rock would probably be the better match than Lesnar vs Undertaker given Taker’s compounding injuries, subsequent surgeries and so forth. I would like to see closure to the make shift feud that Lesnar/Taker had going on but realistically I think the better performance would be with the Rock. That’s assuming Brock is healthy enough to compete to begin with.

  • http://twitter.com/DA_Righteous1 Brian Clark

    Wrestlemania 28 could possibly have have the greatest wrestling pay per view I have ever seen.

    • askbillmitchell

       Don’t get your hopes up. Always keep your expectations low so that way you are either highly impressed or at the very least go what you were expecting.

      • lolsupimsogood

        Holy s*** are you my twin?  Finally someone with the same pessimistic outlook on life as myself.  I’m derailing but your comment hit home, because I’ve literally said that s*** numerous times.  Keep your hopes low and you can’t be let down!

        • Superlative

          We get it, you want to be his butt buddy.

          • Jmc60

            I think he wants more than that

      • http://twitter.com/DA_Righteous1 Brian Clark

        I am hyped but I am kind of weary because this is the WWE. I was hyped to see Jericho win the Royal Rumble and he lost.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Malik-Hayes/100001050643978 Malik Hayes

      but wm 29 could be even better

  • Hemphog1234

    WAY to spoil every thing .. sescoops …. 

    • Jerichoholic101

      If you think they spoil it then dont read it in the first place.

  • http://twitter.com/Payaso_113 Payaso

    Brock F5’s cena on the table. 

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Brock v Rock – Wrestlemania 29. It’s a done deal. The question is do they use Brock to turn Cena or do they use Brock as the excuse Rock loses to Cena.

  • Catonqb

    Yooooonif taker wins they should do Lesnar vs. Undertaker WM 29!!!!!! OMGGGGG


    Maybe he could show up after takers match and say, “Wrestlemania 29. You and me.” Or some sh*t like that. Either way I’m really hoping he shows up. I’m miss that dude in wwe.

    • Franll2507

      Agreed man! It would be better to see Taker vs Lesnar than Rock vs Lesnar. It would be awesome if he shows up this Sunday!! 

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    There’s also been speculation they’re going to do a repeat of last year’s Raw after WM by announcing a WM29 match on Monday’s Raw.

    • Franll2507

      Most likely that will happen and most likely (as well), the last raw on the road to WM 29 will be in Miami (just like Atlanta this year)

  • LlennellV3

     I was just telling my friend 2 days ago that, they needed to bring Brock Back at Wrestlemania. The Cena-Rock match it is “too important,”  so it needs a decisive winner (No interference, etc.)  But I told my friend they should bring Brock (((AFTER)))) the Rock Vs. Cena match. After they have beat the living hell out of each other, Brock should come out and F-5 both of their asses. He would probably get booed so bad for “taking out 2 of the top babyfaces (althought people might cheer just cause he’s been gone for so long.) But it’s worth the try (to make him the ultimate bad, hated guy) I know to most this would be closing the show on a sour note…but if all you get it’s 2 F-5’s to end the show, people and the IWC would go crazy waiting for a follow up. But that’s only if the plan to push him hard, like his first run.  Next year Cena-Brock, or Brock-Rock (Both already happened) IDK I don’t care about next year. I want something exciting to happen, and I want an ultimate bad guy, and what better way….?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KXSXCK63OE2O3CTQDOXYZ7U stoops

      I like that. Brock F5ing both to send the crowd home would be a huge moment. Raw’s ratings the next night would be off the charts. Since Brock has gone to the UFC he has expanded his fan base and many of them would tune in to see him on free TV. Brock was Rocks last match before he left the last time (I think) and like I posted before Brock can do the whole if I was here Cena would be nothing schtick. I just hope WWE can get something done and have him be there and involved. 

      • Shambo

        brock f5ing both cena and rock would be send into the world into ultimate freezney… i would go skitz that would be sweet. and some one said if sting was just in the crowd after taker vs hhh match.. comes out clims the cage and just have a five min stare down… would be fuckin wicked

  • JR.399

    This has the possibilities of being the greatest Wrestlemania ever. I find it funny that if it is, it took place in the PG Era.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      I just don’t see it. Rock/Cena would have to far exceed expectations in the ring. Cena’s had some ok-to-good matches with the likes of Shawn Michaels but he’s never had what I would consider a classic match inside the ring. Nor has Rock for that matter even though I consider him to be underrated in the ring.

      What it does have a chance to do is pass WM18 in terms of that “huge moment” feeling. I’ve never forgotten the crowd in Toronto’s reactions during the Rock/Hogan match. Best atmosphere in the history of wrestling, in my opinion. 

      I don’t think the WM 3 moment with Hulk/Andre will ever be passed in terms of importance for wrestling as a whole, but we never know.

      WM 28 will either exceed expectations or fall short I think.

      • JR.399

        Well, I disagree on Cena not having a classic. His match last year at MITB with Punk in Chicago was an instant classic, plus it was the first 5 star match in WWE History in the past 12 years. I believe Cena is VERY UNDERRATED in the ring and the IWC just bashes him when it’s WWE idea of limiting him and making him a brawler. Watch Cena at the beginning at you can see that he’s a good wrestler. Plus, it takes 2 wrestlers to put on a 5 star match.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Punk/Cena was not a wrestling classic. It was huge more because of the atmosphere than the in-ring wrestling.

          It was a 5 star match for the atmosphere, much the same way Rock/Hogan was.

          Of course, that’s my opinion on it. I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m just telling you my point of view. I consider somethinng like the Flair/Michaels match to be light years ahead of that Cena/Punk match inside the ring.

          • JR.399

            And I respect your opinion, I was just saying that Cena is actually a good wrestler and was showing that. I think his matches vs Batista and Michaels where excellent. I just get mad at the IWC when they say that Cena is a bad wrestler, when that is not the case.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Oh, I agree with Cena being underrated in the ring. He’s not terrible at all. He’s just not at the same level Flair, Michaels, Steamboat etc are/were. Nor is Rock for that matter which is why I said I don’t expect a classic as far as wrestling goes, just the atmosphere. And, to me, the Rock/Cena match would have to be a classic in the ring for this WM to even have a chance to be the best ever.

          • JR.399

            Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think Cena is a good wrestler and all, but in no way will I ever put him in the league of HBK, Flair, Steamboat and others. If anyone is close to their level, it’s Punk. Punk vs Jericho is gonna be the Match of the night. 

        • b-ran

           agreed.  when he first debuted he was wrestling.  when the rap gimmick began, Vince wanted a brawler.

          • JR.399


    • manuntd10

      I think wrestlemania is going to be rated R that night it always is

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KXSXCK63OE2O3CTQDOXYZ7U stoops

    Lesnar/Cena could be huge. I don’t think he wants to do a match with Taker since everyone knows he would lose. At least with Cena you can speculate who wins. Lesnar could do more appearances over the next year and actually wrestle unlike Taker who needs a year between matches. Not to mention there could be the whole if Lesnar was there Cena is not the top guy. That said money talks and setting up a match with Taker/Lesnar is huge for fans and the business. I can’t recall for sure but I don’t think Taker ever beat Lesnar. Add that with a possible Punk/SCSA match and there’s a PPV I might pay for instead of steaming it.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      It’s not gonna be with Cena. It’ll be either Rock or Taker. However, I think Taker is really retiring this year so I see Rock v Brock.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJ2KXSXCK63OE2O3CTQDOXYZ7U stoops

        I think it really depends. If WWE is going to announce next years main event than the players will need to be under contract. Hopefully it’s SCSA/Punk because fans want that more. No matter what the announcement is next years WM could be chalked full of main event matches and WWE will have to decide which one goes on last. I am leaning towards Taker retiring like you said with the “end of an era” talk. I just think that Cena/Rock will rematch sometime this year and Cena will  move on to face Brock. Shit I don’t know the more I think about it I get a headache. 

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Who knows, maybe they’ll announce 2 or 3 matches for next year’s WM on Monday. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    If/when he does return, JR MUST be the one on commentary to sell the moment. Not to mention, he’s gotta be the one to call Rock/Cena. 

    • JR.399

      I agree. Cole and Lawler don’t bring the raw emotion and energy that JR brings for special moments.

      • Jerichoholic101

        How about tazz he should return to commentary as well

        • Jake

          here comes the pain!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Garra-Haze/658842338 Garra Haze

    the rock says

    • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

      Rock vs Brock II would be great to see. Rock has a bit more size to him than Lesnar does this time around though.

  • pwnez

    This COULD be good but I won’t count WWE out of messing this ‘Mania up. I do look foward to seeing Lesnar though.

  • Jmc60

    BROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna mark out if I see him but in reality

    *Brocks music hits* He comes out all pumped up and playing to the crowd

    Kids: wut????????

    • Jake

      what?? who’s this? this isn’t cena?

      • Jmc60

        what r u talking about?

  • Rhawk

    Maybe we can see a slight Taker/Lesnar interaction? If Taker is gonna finish at 20-0, I reckon Lesnar is the man to do it against. We can always have Austin VS Punk at Wrestlemania 30, seems bigger for them if they go that route.

    • Nyykeith

      last time i checked…Taker is 19-0

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.

        He said if he was gonna finish 20-0..?

  • EdgeheadY2J

    It will be Rock vs Brock, which will leave Cena to face Undertaker and then CM Punk vs Stone Cold

  • lil jimmy

    its funny how the iwc bashes the rock for returning after 7 years all the while he was with wwe for 6-7 years before and not bash brock who was with wwe for two years. 

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Yeah, you’re right. Same with Jericho and Batista if Batista comes back.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-Wagner/100000463380428 Patrick Wagner

      Hell, I’m waiting for a Mordecai return!

      • http://twitter.com/rystu07 ryan stewart


      • NoachShana626

         I want the Goon v. Knuckleball Schwartz in a cage match!

  • Game xxx

    This is going to be awsome with lesnar comes back to wrestlemanai but i don’t know bout match but involved any match!

  • Game xxx

    This is going to be awsome with lesnar comes back to wrestlemania! But i don’t know bout match but involved any match!

  • WCWPunk

    The Greatest Game Ever was Brock Lesnar on the front cover of WWE SMACKDOWN! HERE COMES THE PAIN 

  • http://www.facebook.com/coty2255 Coty N Knapp

    Could we possibly see Cena and Brock working together or a future F5 vs. AA match? 

    • http://twitter.com/RomulusVonFlex Romulus Von Flex

      lesnar’s is way more intense.

      • Guest

        Hells yeah. Just like Hogan’s lame-ass Leg Drop, Cena’s stupid Fireman’s Carry Flip is a dumb finishing move.
         But I can’t complain too much- when I was a kid, Baron Von Raschke’s Claw was the coolest thing ever.

        • TheKillingMoon

          So is the people’s elbow. One of the dumbest finishers ever.

  • Guest

    How awesome it would be if Brock did a run-in on the Rock’s match against that other guy. Rock/Brock and Brock/Cena all have history, and that would be a great ending to this yearlong feud,allowing WWE to not have to worry about picking a winner.
    BUT- Brock also has history with Undertaker. How awesme would that be to see Lesnar come in to run interference when DX decide to gang up on Taker. Brock runs in at the last second, tosses HBK out of the ring, Taker gives Trip a Tombstone, just as Brock rips off his shirt to reveal a ref’s jersey underneath. One, two, three. 20 and 0. Crowd goes wild. WWE has figured out how to get one more big pop from a match we’ve already seen twice.

    • Guest

      OR- Dx is kicking the hell outta ‘Taker. It doesn’t look good. After a few minutes, we see a mysterious masked figure run in from the crowd. He’s a big guy, covered head to toe, and wastes no time taking it to the now-heel DX. He hits HBK so hard, Shawn flies out of the ring, knocked loopy. Triple H has picked up his sledgehammer, but just as it looks like Trip is going to get the upper hand, the masked stranger kicks him in the gut, and lifts him up on his shoulders. The figure pauses for a minute while the crowd stares in wonder- is he going to do a Wasteland? Why does that look like Cena’s AA… What move is he… Then BOOM, Triple H gets an F5! The figure pops right back to his feet. ‘Taker wobbles to his feet, staring in disbelief. As the crowd begins to realize who it is, and the pop gets louder and louder, the masked man rips off his hood to reveal- Brock Lesnar! They stare each other down for a minute. Shawn gets back into the ring, and BRock quickly knocks him back out to the floor. Triple H slowly gets to his feet, but is immediately met by a choleslam. As Undertaker looks down at Shawn passed out on the floor, Brock rips off his hoodie to reveal the ref’s shirt. Tombstone to Triple H. Three count from Brock. 20-0. The crowd goes wilder for this match than for ANY other that night. If it was the final match, the camera would fade out as Undertaker and Brock stand toe to toe.
        First Shawn, then Brock interfered, thus tainting the “purity” the Undertaker wanted for this match, setting up an Undertaker storyline for later in the year, or at WM29.

      • http://twitter.com/ryan1038 ryan

        HBK will screw HHH and WM 29 will be HBK vs HHH brock the next night on raw might issue a challenge to taker bcuz rumor was wwe is gonna try to do a 1year storyline again

        • Guest

          That would suck. I like my way better. Because if they did manage to sign Lesnar to something substantial, this would set up a feud with HHH, and or maybe something for ‘Taker at WM29.
           But lets not forget Batista is lurking around, too. I’d like to think that WWE has realized that letting the Rock go beyond the PG boundaries was good for business, and that maybe Batista could be brought back and given a longer leash.
           But again, I’ll hope for the best, and expect the worst.

  • Abz

    I think hes gonna jump the barricade and attack triple h in order to set up a match between himself and undertaker at next years mania

  • Guest

    As excited as I am about a possible Brock return, I’m not getting my hope up for anything beyond Sunday. Brock has made it known that he hates the WWE travel schedule, and since he just retired from UFC,  he might not want to commit to that kind of hectic schedule.
     I’m just going to hope for the best and expect the worst.

  • http://twitter.com/ryan1038 ryan

    could he screw over rock or cena
    maybe batista will try to screw cena then lesner will help idk but i kno WM29 will be the best maina ever if wwe can get stone cold vs punk brock vs taker HHH vs HBK and maybe rock vs cena rematch

  • King_Of_Kingz18

    that would be awesome!!!!!!!

  • X Alberto Del Punko X

    I would LOVE from Brock to return…that would be awesome, espeacially Live!!


    UNDERTAKER 20-0 in comes LESNAR !!!!

    • ryanoceros77

      Yep thats when it should happen but then if lesnar cost him the match it would mean taker would want another mania ….against lesnar I really dont see taker doing another mania after this

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001700548189 James Al

    if lesnar returns it should be to go after big show.

  • Jerichoholic101

    Brock should appear in orton/kane

  • Ryanoceros77


  • ryan


  • rypod


  • ryanoceros77

    Your all getting your hopes up over nothing.
    The taker vs triple hhh will be a bore,They’re 2 guys who are well passed their time and considering their age and them ending their careeers soon it would be crazy for either to take any serious kind of bump (flying off the cell) We will see both boys pull out the razors though.
    Cena Vs The Rock, One guys who was a fan favourite heel or babyface back in an era where every superstar complimented eachothers weaknesses ie: rocks only moves peoples elbow ,sharpshooter and rock bottom,Then we have another guy whose more interested in rapping,dressing like a fool and using the most pathetic finishing move ever.Also one guy ( the rock) is doing this for the pay check and lets not forget the publicity this is going to bring him (he’s not stupid) then we have another guy who thinks he will really be remembered but sadly wwe atm is an era we all hope to forget.
    We have kane vs orton, one has well passed his prime and is no longer a mystery and then we have another who as young as he is has even passed his prime.
    The chance of seeing Lesnar?? big 9ucking deal,another publicity stunt.Who is there for Lesnar to have a story line with these days? orton,cena,or maybe even punk.
    Wwe doesnt have austin,mankind,HBK,big bossman,ministry,co-operation,shane mc,billy gun,road dog,legion of doom,x-pac,test,benoit,eddie,rvd,lesnar,goldberg,nwo,kurt angle,hardy boys,dudley boys,edge and christian,APA,headbangers,al snow,hardcore holly,ken shamrock, an evil undertake,a badass triple hhh a myseterious kane ,a selling rock anymore
    People ahte to say it too you but WWE has nothing these days,old run down taker,triple hhh,kane and oh yeah who is big show again ?haha

    • ProgressNow2012

      you sound like Chyna on Twitter lol

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Ya know, seeing how you believe WWE is so boring these days and all of that, I have one question: Why are you wasting your time reading a dirt sheet and leaving a comment? 

    • TheKillingMoon


  • http://www.facebook.com/wwerner86 Will Werner


  • ProgressNow2012

    well I guess this lines up perfectly with WWE wanting to announce WM 29’s main event.

    *everything hypothetical from here on out*

    Undertaker beats HHH (with HBK screwing him due to letting his ego get the best of him), Lesnar comes out and stares down or attacks Taker, and then next night on RAW they announce Taker Vs Lesnar. the screwjob ends up with HHH vs HBK at WM29, according to those rumors floating around.

  • Mark R.

    Big question now is: Where will Brock Lesnar interfere? HHH vs Taker?ROCK vs Cena?

    or even Punk vs Jericho? or Bryan vs Sheamus??
    (I’ve listed the matches in order that I think is more probable – weigh in in your thoughts…)