Lesnar’s UFC Past Mentioned On RAW, Moscow Live Event

– The WWE RAW crew is headed overseas today for the company’s annual post-WrestleMania European tour. This year’s tour will include WWE’s first-ever live event in Moscow, Russia, with WWE already looking to return to Russia in 2013.

Approximately 6,000 tickets have already been sold for Wednesday’s show and WWE is hoping for a sellout.  As previously reported, Triple H is being advertised for this week’s live event from Moscow – a sign that WWE is really trying to make an impact in the market prior to their return next year.

– WWE made several references to UFC on Monday night, something the company was reportedly against just a few weeks ago.

Before RAW went on the air, the USA Network aired a cut-in from the Verizon Center where Michael Cole told viewers that RAW would be going live in a matter of minutes – and mentioned former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is in the house. During RAW, both Cole and Brock Lesnar mentioned Lesnar’s UFC past. It is unknown at this time what led to the change in policy regarding mentioning UFC on WWE television.

As we saw on RAW, the storyline behind Brock Lesnar’s return is that John Laurinaitis brought Lesnar in to bring “legitimacy” back to WWE and take out John Cena once and for all.

UFC and WWE have worked together before as it relates to Brock Lesnar. WWE allowed UFC to use WWE footage of Lesnar when Lesnar first entered the UFC. UFC also gave WWE the green light to feature Brock Lesnar in the WWE ’12 video game.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias


    I don’t see why mentioning ufc was such a big deal. They’re two diffrent sports. Its not like he was tna or something. The fact that ufc and wwe can have some sort of business relationship is good.

    • Brett Lane


    • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

      It makes WWE appear more legit, that’s why I think they were so willing to mention UFC on-air.

      • Superlative

        That’s not even the reason….UFC Is a different sport it’s just like if they were to mention NBA or NFL it’s a different sport there’s no master plan behind it.

    • Franll2507

      I agree. Hearing UFC on WWE tv actually feels good specially when taking about Brock’s past. Besides, after this past Raw, it’s clear that Brock is still in UFC mode :).. which if he stays in at least to a mix, it would bring some good excitement in his matches.

    • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

      It’s good for business on both sides, it also helps make WWE look more legit and more professional in the mainstream viewing world’s eye.  Not only that, but given the fact that WWE and UFC virtually are catering to the same audience in several ways, it just makes sense for Dana and Vince to have a working relationship with one another, especially when you got a guy like Brock Lesnar (one of the biggest draws both company’s have ever had) who has a history with both companys and can be used as a means to bring both of them together here.

      Also, the fact that WWE was willing to acknowledge Lesnar’s previous work with UFC as the heavyweight champ just helps put WWE in a good light with viewers, keeps Lesnar relevent and reinforces the fact that Lesnar is a mainevent player of similar status to The Rock, and it also shows the company may actually have some level of respect for UFC (and maybe even MMA in general) and vice versa with Dana being cool with WWE having Lesnar featured in the WWE 12′ game.

      So, my point here is that having Brock Lesnar back in WWE, recongized as a former UFC Heavyweight Champ amongst his WWE achievements is just simply good for business all the way around for both companies and also the fans. :D

    • Systematic

      I think the hogan impersonation would be bigger news since he works for tna

      • peffers

        When i saw that my first thought was that hogan shat himself

  • Brett Lane

    Who cares. iTS not like its a secret or something

  • Hobo With A Shotgun

    WWE needs to do a pure match with Cena and Brock
    1) Each Participant gets a maximum of three rope breaks. After the third, each additional rope break earns a strike. 
    2) Only open hand strikes are allowed. Any closed fist will be counted as a strike.
    3) Each wrestler gets to ban  their opponents finishing moves.

    • Unknownplanet

      Wow what a gay as shit idea. Keep those things in your 14-year old head.

      • American_Dragon

        Its not his idea…ROH did this a number of years ago.

        • Hobo With A Shotgun

          Im glad you know something about wrestling and not a tool like Unknownplanet

          • Unknownplanet

            So by your logic I’m also a tool? Would you like to explain how I’m a tool?

      • Hobo With A Shotgun

        You my friend are a idiot and when you call me gay so  that mean you must be the gay one and your the 14 year old fool. I have the right to freedom of freedom of speech moron and if you don’t like what i said keep you shittie comment to yourself 

        • Unknownplanet

          LOL you can’t say anything without sounding like a child. Am I imposing on your “freedom of freedom of speech” by telling you that it’s a stupid idea and nobody wants to hear it? Okay. Also I didn’t call you gay so don’t start crying, I said your idea was gay. Don’t throw a tantrum and tell your mommy that someone hurt your feelings because you can’t think of anything good.

  • GreatRedBeard

    The reasons are unknown:? Maybe they realized that Lesnar drew millions of buys for UFC and they were throwing away a golden opportunity by trying to ignore his time there.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M7YZMA4QXIYVY6OEPNZ5TLYH54 Andres

    the only thing that was foolish imo was when cole was mentioning lesnars accomplishments he ended by saying that lesnar went on to dominate the UFC HW division…..what? he went 4-3 in the UFC easily could have been 3-4 had carwin not completely gassed…of his 3 losses he was finsihed twice in the first round and submitted in the first round in the other…not exactly a dominating force…unless cole meant dominating in terms of PPV draw?

    • ragreynolds

      He destroyed frank mir with the most vicious ground and pound ever seen, outwrestled and dominated randy couture, dominated and taunted heath herring, did what no one else could and survived shane carwins early onslought and then lost twice because of his health? He was a dominating force until he got sick.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/M7YZMA4QXIYVY6OEPNZ5TLYH54 Andres

        lol are you kidding me…he didnt destroy frank mir with the worse ground and pound ever seen…it took lesnar almost 2 rounds of ground and pound to finish Mir while Carwin did it in less than one second…he beat an old man couture but didnt dominate him size was just too much…lesnars biggest win was against herring and god knows if he still even fights…and lesnar didnt lose his last fights because of his disease…he lost them becuz he sucked and anybody with a good takedown defense would beat him…going into the overeem fight lesnar himself said he had never felt better and he got a beat down…HE DIDNT DOMINATE THE UFC! 

  • Superlative

    Why is sescoops surprised that WWE mentioned UFC? WWE has been mentioning UFC since Ken Shamrock. Like seriously some of this “groundbreaking” and “shocking” stuff sescoops reports isn’t really all that spectacular if you pay attention to the product. A story like this is for teenage fan boys who THINK they know everything about WWE.

  • Satishwarne708

    This cena elimination storyline will be my favorite of the year

  • Rayge3180

    just like when the wcw/wwf wars, they werent suppose to say the name of another company, that simple….Lesnar is a warrior, bottom line