Lesnar’s WWE Contract, MTV Wants The Miz, Twitter Storylines

– Brock Lesnar signed a 1-year contract with WWE over the weekend – and the backstage buzz is that Lesnar received one of the most lucrative contracts in company history. After seeing what a juggernaut Lesnar was in terms of PPV sales for the UFC, WWE is rumored to have guaranteed Lesnar $5 million to work a limited schedule. Based on what we’re hearing, Lesnar is contracted to appear twice a month for the next 12 months.

– The Miz returned to MTV this week, hosting the “Challenge: Battle of the Exes” reunion show. During the episode, the official MTV Twitter account wrote that they would pay anything to get The Miz to come back for another Challenge show. Miz replied:  “ANYTHING???”

– In preparation of the upcoming WWE Network launch, WWE is considering reaching out to former announcers so they don’t put too much strain on current employees.

– WWE is looking to run more storylines on Twitter. The Twitter rants from Epico and Rosa Mendes about being left off WrestleMania 28 were an example of this recent company initiative.

(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias


    Pretty damn good deal for lesnar. Like the rock, he’s worth every penny.
    I knew the tweets epico, and rosa sent had to be for a stroyline. I don’t mind this seeing as they reallly need to garner more attention if they want to be seen as a legit tag team.

    • Fckyoujohncena

      Was Rock’s contract fee ever announced?  I can imagine it was roughly the same but also depended on WM’s buy rate.

      • postalman

        Wm buy rate effects everyones pay but not their contract. Contracts include a “guaranteed amount”, they also get bonuses from each ppv they are part of (why so many want to be part of wm), as well as merchandise sales. Id imagine part of the rocks contract included some advertising for gi joe as well.

        So when they say brocks deal was 5 mil, that’s not including all the bonuses from merchandise and ppvs.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Al-Oli/1191330090 Al Oli

          And Jimmy Johns is paying Brock to rock their logo on the back of his shirts still.

  • Bakershah

    good move by WWE…. Still people are gonna bash them and it begins…. now!

  • Fckyoujohncena

    5 MILLION DOLLARS!! Insane money, 5 times more than they allocate to the FCW roster lol.  WWE must be expecting big things from Lesnar. 

  • http://twitter.com/Mlambert89 Michael Lambert

    I’m ok with this, surly he can pull in more money then that in a year.

  • Drizzydrake

    Please jeff hardy is worth so much more than that

    • Bakershah

       Troll… ;)

  • master

    take him we dont want the miz in the wwe coz we got the next big thing

  • pwnez

    I expect lots of backstage heat on Lesnar for this lol.

    • ALDO the APACHE

      Yeah but you think the locker room will actually be vocal about him. Brock seems like the kind of guy who talks with his fists lol.

      • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

        Yeah, but CM Punk would be the first to tell Lesnar he’s not afraid of a man who got his ass kicked by Cain Valezquez or got dominated by Overeem.  Would that be smart, no, but CM Punk would be egotistical enough to say that about Lesnar, much like he’s been vocal about the Rock and then started backpeddling once he saw ‘his’ fans weren’t backing him on it. ;)

        • logan87

           actually if you do some research cm punt did mma in japan and its just not made public by wwe so to say would it be smart no but i think lesnar would lose to cm punk due to skills in mma. Not a fan of cm punk or lesnar but its just facts.

    • Elgwyn

      I think the heat is just natural. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that very lucrative contract? And we can’t deny that Lesnar could really steal the limelight from others. The locker should understand that it’s all for business. After all, they will enjoy a hefty payday come WM29 because of Lesnar. 

      • Lil jimmy

         for the 5 million he gets paid i would expect every ppv with brock lesner in to do atleast 500-750 thousand and wrestlemania to do 2 million plus buys.

  • Guest

    I like to think of it as about 208k per appearance….I’m a jealous bastard. 

  • Jmc60

    5 mil DAMN!!!!!!!!! for a appearance every 2 months for a year just damn…..

    • NoachShana626

       Who are you Ron Simmons?

  • http://twitter.com/TeamAwesome418 Team Awesome

    Interesting price. I kind of started something with Layla and Zack on Twitter by mentioning both people and she replied with Something cute concerning him 

  • Tiran66

    Wow!  Not that I’m going to sit here and complain about Lesnar coming back but seriously?  208k per appearance?  So your telling me Vince paid Lesnar 208k to F5 Cena on Monday?  And we thought Hogan had it good.  If the “annonymous” superstars who bashed the Rock don’t go up in flames over this they will have a spot reserved for them in the dictionary under “hypocrite”.

    • lolsupimsogood

      How dare a world famous athlete come in and make 2 appearances a month, increase viewership in the product, and then be paid accordingly.  How dare he.

    • http://twitter.com/FlipCity1017 Jager1017

      the difference between brock and rock is brock deserves it. the rock sucks plain and simple. he is not the powerhouse that lesnar is.

  • GameXXX

    I can’t wait to see brock lesnar kick superstars ass let fun begin until after WM 29!

  • Kinnardscott

    Well get ready for a bunch of spring cleaning to free up the money for Lesnars contract. I swear of they release guys like Tyson Kidd, Christian ect. I will be pissed. I’m sorry but 5 million is way too much. Lesnar wasn’t that big of a draw in UFC. I doubt Austin or Taker ever got a 5 million dollar contract fpr 24 appearances- and they were better draws than Lesnar

    • lolsupimsogood

      First up on the chopping block is Evan Bourne, followed by Justin Gabriel.  Christian is no where near the list.

    • Sixxstring1

      The PPV’s that Lesnar fought on in UFC were some of the highest buyrates they have ever had if not the highest. Go back and watch RAW on Youtube or if you have it on Tivo, look at how crazy the crowd went when he came out. He puts asses in the seats like him or not.

  • Comic_book_fan

    that is insane that is only 3 million away from matching austin’s contract from the attitude era and i don’t think brock is worth that but i am not a fan of his but i did like the reaction he got we will see how this turns out

  • Sixxstring1

    His paydays in UFC were similar in size for appearences. Considering he fought at most 2-3 times a year, he fought for big purses.

  • ProgressNow2012

    ugh god this is gonna be so gay, stupidass twitter for storylines…….I’m so glad I’m not employed by WWE, I HATE tweeter

  • Logan87

    sorry but for those who have a false idea of lesnar importance, the rock made almost 3 times the amount lesnar did. Also lesnar justa s the rock is there to get rating the company has realize that by making only one superstar a face of the wwe is a mistake, in other eras u had Steve Austin, the rock, triple h, undertaker, etc… now the only huge name (in the wwe eyes) is cena and that much pressure on one wrestler can end a career quit

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Good thing they want Miz cause VKM doesn’t.