List Of Raw Wrestlers That Have Died – Writer Slams WWE

New York Post sportswriter Phil Mushnick has once again taken aim at WWE and company chief Vince McMahon over the staggering number of wrestlers to have died before the age of 45. He quipped in his column Sunday,

“A former WWF/WWE content man wonders if, in the upcoming 1,000th episode of Raw, Vince McMahon will present a roll call of WWF/WWE TV performers who didn’t live past 45. Or would that take too long?”

In the past, Mushnick has branded the professional wrestling industry, particularly WWE, as a “death mill.” Although the majority of the performers died after parting ways with WWE, Mushnick attributed their premature deaths to their lifestyle while under the employ of McMahon. Other media outlets have likewise provided statistics showing the high number of wrestlers who have died young from car crashes, suicide, heart failure and steroid-related health problems.

Of individuals who appeared on Raw as a wrestler, manager or referee and died before the age of 45, the list includes the following 28 names:

* Bam Bam Bigelow

* Bertha Faye

* Big Boss Man

* Brian Pillman

* “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

* Chris Benoit

* Chris Duffy

* Crash Holly

* Crush

* Earthquake/Golga

* Eddie Guerrero

* Giant Gonzalez

* Joey Marella

* Johnny Grunge

* Kanyon

* Lance Cade

* Marianna/Miss Cleavage

* Mike Awesome

* Mr. Perfect

* Owen Hart

* Rad Radford

* Rick Rude

* Road Warrior Hawk

* Skip

* Test

* The Executioner (a/k/a Terry Gordy)

* Umaga/Jamal

* Yokozuna

Additionally, of individuals who competed on Raw and died between the ages of 46 and 50, the list includes the following names: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Ludvig Borga, Luna Vachon, Rocco Rock, Sensational Sherri and Steven Dunn.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • qwertyboy619

    Rocco as in LOD’s ventriloquist’s dummy, died also??

  • Josh Foley

    and may all those great performers rest in peace they entertained well too bad they cant continue

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Giant Gonzalez was a giant, giants don’t live long, Earthquake died of cancer and you cannot claim he got cancer from doping. How many famous people in the acting industry died before 45 in the 30 year span they’re using here.

  • Kaos

    Damn, what a disappointing article. R.I.P to all these great men

  • Johnie

    Phil Mushnick Go to hell where’s Jim Corenette when you need him?

  • mark datcanbump

    “livin the dream”

  • NickRivera33

    I’m kind of upset they just call Chris Candido *SKIP*. =/ He was such a talented guy.

  • Brian Clark

    So many sports writers hold grudges it is sickening. Lets name all the football players dead of brain damage. There have been a lot that were not all attributed to CTE.

    • Diashi79

      That would be an interesting comparison. Unfortunately, in order to compare this list to anything, you would have to say any football player that died of ANYTHING before the age of 45.

      • Brian Clark

        Jeff Alm 25 DT Houston Oilers Suicide

        Leon Bender 22 DT Oakland Raiders Seizure

        Frank Buncom 29 LB Cincinnati
        Bengals Blood Clot

        David Croudip 30 DB Atlanta Falcons Drug Overdose

        Kenny McKinley 23 WR Denver
        Broncos Suicide

        I really do not need to even go to the ones who during a game from neck injuries.

  • pwnez

    He can call it a “death mill” all he wants but the WWE isn’t responsible for every death that occurs.

    • Drizzydrake

      I aint know crash holly died

      • Roger Penland

        you mean you didn’t know Crash Holly died.

      • XTX21

        Yes. Sadly he died of suicide in 2003… R.I.P. Crash.

        • indywrestler22

          Crash actually died from a stranglation from regurgation in his sleep. Wasn’t a suicide.

          • Cyber Criminal

            The cause of death was first ruled as choking on his own vomit, but it was later officially ruled a suicide.
            Source: Wikipedia

          • indywrestler22

            Can’t kill yourself in your sleep & can’t believe everything on Wikipedia is true.Source:fact.

          • Cyber Criminal

            wikipedia didn’t decide the cause of his death…..besides you see the number of dislikes you got for your comment

    • Dontay Hollins


  • kquickstillsucks

    The majority of the deceased on this list id venture to say loved the wrestling business. The fact that Mr.Mushnick is using their names in some piece as a vendetta against Vince McMahon, a piece that’s not even factually correct is disgusting

  • XTX21

    Wow how depressing… Phil Mushnick is an asshole. Everytime a superstar or diva past or present dies it is not WWE’s fault!

  • Jamvaan

    Why does Phil Mushnick get press from anyone, much less wrestling sites? The man clearly has an agenda he’s trying to push by dragging wrestling at every step through the mud. This is like video game websites giving Jack Tompson press, your not doing yourselves any favors by putting his BS out there.

  • Bigbadguns02

    I am getting really sick of this jackass who keeps trying to attack wwe. Its almost as bad as some of the retards on this site who like to bitch non stop about how terrible wwe is. (You know who you are)

  • jugc

    What happened to the doc the circus it looked amazing and never got released?

  • genericwwefan

    lance cade was so young.. its a huge shame :/ RIP to the loss of all these great stars!

  • getcarter


  • Jeremy

    He doesn’t get called Phil Putznick for no reason. Living in New York, I am well aware of this twat. Look him and and see how much of an embarrassment the guy is.

  • partci

    Ah, Mushnick again… Just give him to Jimbo Cornette already.

  • cool

    rip my hero chris benoit!

  • Dale Madd-az Bounce Maddocks


  • Eo

    That’s like a wrestler every 35 episodes, the most in any type of entertainment.. I was thinking about this a couple days ago cuz I knew there were a lot of wrestlers who died young leading up to the 1000th show but not this many. Great article shoutout Test r.i.p.

  • jpost

    There are several names on this list that died from causes that can
    not be attributed to pro wrestling / WWE. WWE cant cause cancer, they cant cause a car accident, and they cant cause diabetes. If they can, then they have greater powers than anyone can imagine. LOL

  • coach c89

    Everyone on that list knew the risks & chose to enter the business. Anyone who has ever played football knew the risks. Every player that’s played in the NFL would still chosen to play even if they knew the negative outcomes.

  • John Enuch Heaney

    People really need to lay off pro wrestling in terms of these big deaths. Chris Benoit was a wrestler and that’s why he killed his family. If a postman killed his family how many people would blame the postal industry for that?

  • riyadviper

    hardly know any of them but i bet they were great… i know umaga,lance cade and chris benoit

  • scoobyh35

    This writer has an axe to grind. He makes one point crystal clear drugs is major problem. Now take this list & compare it to musician who died before 45 you would find more historical name like Elvis Pressley to Tupac Shakur

  • JamieEvsxx

    it’s sad the amount of people who died over the years…especially the fact that a majority of them died from heart attacks or something drug related…=/…dunno why this guy feels the need to bash the WWE for their deaths…not all of their deaths were the WWE’s fault…=/…anyways…RIP to all if them…xxx

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I get the outrafe by the writer but, we have to remember, these guys know what they’re getting themselves in to. It’s no differnet than the NFL and their players.

    Most humans in free countries have their own choice about what to do with their lives. They know the risk and choose to do it anyway. Can the WWE do more? Yes. Have they been in recent years? Yes. Just like the NFL. Lay off already. It’s a work in progress.

  • Jeremy

    I live in New York, so I am pretty familiar with this tool. Forget wrestling, he is a moron in general.

  • Jeremy

    I seriously wonder how many of you people would know him if he didn’t attack wrestling. He attacks radio station WFAN a lot more than he does wrestling.

  • Alfredo Martinez

    mushnick isnt only a wrestling hater he is a racist i live in new york and i’m 38 i’ve read the newspapers from little and he is a wrestling hater and a racist prick f*ck him and whatever he has to say