Luke Harper Slimmed Down, New Ring Gear & Entrance Video

Luke Harper wrestled at Sunday night’s SmackDown live event from Albany, New York and looks to be in great physical shape. Harper has lost weight, had a new entrance video and was sporting new ring gear. Harper was defeated by WWE Champion Bray Wyatt in what was said to be a very good match.

Luke Harper in Line for a Push?

New gear, new entrance video, and a split from the Wyatt Family have it looking good that Luke Harper may be in line for a push up the Smackdown rankings.

Now 37 years old, Harper was already in his 30s by the time he landed in WWE in 2012. He had previously wrestled with Chikara, Dragon Gate, Evolve and numerous other independent promotions. Harper received a brief push in 2014 when Bray Wyatt let him and the other family members “go free”. Harper briefly won the Intercontinental championship during this period, his reign lasting just under 4 weeks.

Video of Harper’s entrance, which includes his entrance video, can be seen below.