Madden Responds To Heyman’s Denial, Extreme Rules Poster

– Former WCW announcer Mark Madden made headlines over the weekend after recently stating that Paul Heyman has been helping Brock Lesnar with his recent WWE promos. Heyman issued a statement on Twitter on Sunday night denying that he is working with Brock Lesnar in WWE – but Madden is sticking to his story.

Madden responded to Paul Heyman on Monday morning with the following:

“@HeymanHustle helping Brock w/promos absolutely confirmed. He’ll never admit it; not getting paid for it; but it’s true, it’s damn true.”

– A new promotional poster has been released for Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view featuring Brock Lesnar and John Cena:

Brad Davis

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  • Guest

    doesn’t matter if he wants 2 take credit or give it 2 WWE,whoever did it, the promo was cool.

  • Systematic

    and kurt angle is helping mark madden with his lines….

    • Bakershah

       no his twitter account got hacked…… by angle…. :)

      • Jmc60

        DAMN YOU ANGLE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

      Oh its’ real, It’s damn real!(tna trademark saying to avoid copyright infringement)

  • IKeepsit100

    ITS CLEAR paul still works with Lesnar…they go together like mac and cheese.

    • Bakershah

       or fries and ketchup….. :)

      • Lord Spliffmeister

        Or Purp in a Swisha…….XD

      • Lil jimmy

         or fart and ass lol

  • Team Awesome

    Speaking of Heyman imagine, Paul Heyman’s guy CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman’s guy Brock Lesnar. Wonder how the results would look.

    • Vino Sinnathurai

      Punk is overrated. One good promo in a 12 year wrestling career.

      • IKeepsit100

         Punk is almost in Orton shoes,he’s pretty much going to be stale if he don’t come up with something new soon.

        JERICHO IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD anyway. He just needs to stop wearing all that damn glitter…i mean LED lights.

      • Team Awesome

        Everyone tends to become Overrated if too many Fans are behind the person and praise them too much to be honest.

  • TEMPLER-647


  • Harvey

    That poster is pretty cool!

  • WWFAttitude01

    I don’t know why but I feel like John Cena is now going to get buried since Brock Lesanr came back,If you look at the poster the big face on it is Brock and Cena in the back ( when was the last time you’ve seen Cena in the back?)

  • Roger Penland

    Who honestly give 3 shits about anything on this page? seriously.
    i should go poop now.
    better way to spend my time than be on this site looking at “news”.

  • tf37

    WWE would do well to keep a mic OUT of Lesnar’s hands regardless of who is helping him. That contract signing last night was 15 minutes of torture. Lesnar is so uncomfortable speaking.