Mae Young Hospitalized With Failing Health

WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young was hospitalized in the past week and there are reports that she has entered hospice care.

The 90 year old legend had previously been scheduled to appear at Monday’s Old School RAW. Our thoughts & prayers are with Mae Young and her family.

Here are some interesting facts about the incredible life of Mae Young, courtesy of Reddit user The_Pale_Blue_Dot:

– Mae Young is the only person in history to have documented matches in nine different decades. Her first match was in 1939 and her latest match was in 2010.

– She is the oldest living professional wrestler

– She also holds the record of being the oldest person to ever have a wrestling match, at age 87.

– She is the oldest member of the WWE Hall of Fame

– She trained on an all-boys team in 1935

– She would later train the Fabulous Moolah

– She lived with Fabulous Moolah and Katie Glass from 1991 up until Moolah’s death in 2007. Glass and Moolah had already been living together for 40 years, since Glass was 17.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • DCee

    I’m praying for her! #PRAYFORMAE

  • Bubbaray

    She is in my thoughts.

  • A Realist

    Hospice care is not good, folks. That’s typically reserved for those nearing the end. Sad. Thoughts with her and hers.

    • Oliver_Twisted

      Pretty much is, they just come in and pump you full of morphine so you’re not in any pain. Godspeed Mae.

  • Matt Gallagher

    No. She can’t die. How will hand survive?

  • ac1d

    H.O.F. Queen.

  • The prodigy

    About time

    • Brian Lazar

      You know what f**k you lowlife

    • RomBuster

      WTF Dude?
      Not cool

    • A Realist

      You are a waste of air. And so is whoever liked that status.

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Why do people like you always have to do stupid crap like that? I don’t get it; every time something serious happens and people wish to pay condolences or respect, somebody has to f&%k it up for everyone. FU troll

      • pwnez

        To get attention. He probably doesn’t mean it, he just chose to say it to stir up problems. I’m sure he’s praying for forgiveness.

        • GodsLoyalSon

          I can understand that but at the exact same time there is a difference in trying to get attention. Tell a joke, remind us of a funny story, bring up the fact that she will be reuniting with Moolah, or give a show of respect. Saying stupid s**t like that is just trying to be an @$$

    • Deante320

      Go to hell and to those who voted up on this idiot’s comment go to hell with him.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts
    • twomore

      didn’t know Brian Knobbs posted here.

  • Brian Lazar

    Prayers for you darling

  • bambam

    One of my favorite divas of the attitude era!!!! When she was put through the tables is one of the best moments!!! She was amazing!!!

  • AVPredator4985

    The toughest “Diva” the in the business (I use the term Diva sarcastically). Praying for her and her family. She had one hell of a career.

    • Pozessed

      Definitely, 90 freakin years old! Plus it weren’t that long ago that she took the 3D from the Dudley Boyz. Definitely a female wrestler that should be ‘up there’ on a pedestal.

      • Kjhaltz

        And yelled at I believe bubba just to smash her through the table.

        • Billy Guthrie

          It was a power bomb of the stage through a table. She is a true legend hopefully she can fight this

        • Pozessed

          I remember hearing Bully Ray talk about that in a shoot interview, it made me laugh big time, the guy has nothing but respect for her too… A 90 year old female wrestler who had a huge role in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s earning such respect from these guys who are STILL wrestling, a truly tremendous feat.

  • cumdump30

    get well soon mae,you are the real “living legend”

  • boogie

    moolahs callin :'(

  • Jacob

    That’s not good…..That’s not good at all…

  • LaParkaXV

    Hopefully she’s not in the same hospital; as Mark Henry im not sure she can go through another pregnancy at her age ;) In all seriousness get well Mae!

  • WrestilingFan4Life

    Wow… I honestly think that the end is near for Mae. Honestly, I hope she gets better and recovers but it’s unlikely. Thoughts are with Mae and her family.

  • The Drewster

    Stay strong Mae Young! this is sad man..

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Hardcore old lady. 90 years old? What a life. I hope she will be okay. I can only wish I can live to be that age.

  • insomniacreviewer

    I hope she will be okay.

  • Progressed_Now

    she shouldn’t have given Bittchoff that Bronco Buster, it wore her out.

  • number1bigdaddy

    i hope god heal her in jesus name amen

    • David Blyth

      People still think God exists?

      • ThurgoodSinbad

        People like you give atheism a bad name. Pretentious POS.

        • Progressed_Now

          and people like you give religious fanaticism its reputation. “God” is man-made fiction.

          • ThurgoodSinbad

            I’m an atheist, but what’s wrong with someone saying a prayer for a sick person? If your mom was dying & she was praying to her “God,” would you put her down and correct her? Religion causes a lot of harm, possibly more than it prevents, but in this context… what’s the harm?

          • Progressed_Now

            you just contradicted yourself. “atheist” and “saying a prayer” are mutually exclusive. atheists don’t believe in any form of god, so there’s noone to pray to.

            in Mae Young’s case, how much longer did you expected her to last anyway? she’s 90. she’s gotta go sometime. she’s had an amazing life, she’s touched all our hearts.

            *Gary Barlow voice* I guess, now it’s time……..for her to go into the light.

          • A Realist

            He’s saying you’ve regressed because you’re being a pretentious, self-righteous asshole.

            Let people believe what they want to believe. Without judgment from you. It’s not your place. Now, I’m not saying what I believe in, one way or the other. But, regardless of which way I lean, it’s not my right to judge someone based on color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, etc.

            Now if they’re being a douchebag, like yourself….I reserve all the judgment in the world. It’s not that you’re doing it, it’s how you’re going about it. Grow up, and realize it’s not your place to point out any fallacies that you personally see in someone’s personal beliefs.

          • Orestis

            you regressed…

          • Progressed_Now

            that’s a matter of opinion. observe.

            you: gullible human that still believes in the Easter Bunny and waits for God to “perform” a miracle while watching someone die because you wanted him/her to go at it by faith alone, and forsaking modern medicine.
            guess what, you just killed that someone. but hey, ignorance is bliss, rite? more power to ya.

            me: enlightened blonde who believes all the strength he needs is within himself, and prefers to research the cure for cancer and other currently untreatable conditions, instead of waiting for divine intervention that never existed to begin with.

            meaning, you’re the regressed one.

          • Orestis

            Oh man you keep on regressing .I never said I believed in god anyway but that doesn’t mean I have anything wrong with those who do.And I’m pretty sure you’re not the most intelligent guy around.

          • ThurgoodSinbad

            Oh man, I haven’t cringed this hard reading a comment in a while, ha. How’s that research going, oh enlightened one? Atheist does not equal scientist, you tool. Absolute certainty in anything, whether it be the absolute certainty of a higher power or the absolute certainty of no higher power, without proof, makes you just as gullible as anyone else. You’re as enlightened as the most sincere Christian, ha.

      • RiC David (1220-8624-9341)

        Congratulations, you’ve successfully turned a respectful thread about a dying wrestling legend into yet another pointless fight over theism. The human race is so pathetic at times, so damn self absorbed.

        *This is not the time to start this argument – stop making it about what you do and don’t believe and let the guy wish her well*

        This also goes to Thurgood because although I agree with him, he didn’t leave it at the one comment and is also turning this into a pathetic fight about atheism.


    Man this is terrible. All thoughts go out to the family and friends of one of the toughest female wrestler in history.

  • JamieEvsxx

    man this really sucks, not a good start to 2014…=(…get well soon Mae!

  • Jamie

    No, quit forcing religion on us

  • yrabadi

    Sad news. Hoping for the best. Be well, Mae!

  • rashad jackson

    remember when the dudley boyz put her through a table?? lol wow!! at the age she was at i was sure she was gon die then its good to know she is still living to 90

  • Marvin B.

    Aw damn, sending prayers to her family.

  • captaindaddy72

    My prayers are with her

  • Chris Evans

    Were her and Moolah lesbos?


      Show some respect.

  • Chris Evans

    Can you picture that Mae and Moolah eating each other out


      Go away TROLL.

  • Chris Evans

    Mae liked her ahole licked


      You should be ashamed of yourself.


    Get well soon Mae Young.

  • Buzzard Follower

    get well mae

  • Triple X

    Hope she can pull through this.

  • denver41

    I watched her wrestled when i was a kid. May you not suffer!