MAILBAG: Did Triple H Help or Hurt Curtis Axel On Monday Night?

SEScoops Mailbag for May 24th

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Q: I know WWE is trying to find themselves a new Hispanic star now that Rey Mysterio is heading closer towards retirement. [They] slapped Del Rio with the label, but he doesn’t really do anything for me. What about Ricardo Rodriguez? He is far more over than Del Rio and I genuinely want to cheer for him, much like Joe Park [in TNA]. You once said yourself the quickest way to get over a babyface is to wear a mask because they are over with the kids. You could stick Ricardo with his old Chimaera gimmick where he wrestled as a masked luchador and turn Del Rio. – [email protected]

A: While it’s true that Ricardo appears to be more popular with the audience most weeks than Del Rio, and I do think he is being underutilized, I can’t see him as WWE’s next big Latin star. So who could fill that role? As I said on the Sound Off weeks ago, he’s still rough around the edges, but I think if “Super Mex” Hernandez were to make the jump from TNA to WWE, and spent some time working in NXT, he could be that guy. He’s got the size they like, moves around real good and does all the power moves that get over with the fans.

Q: I was watching an episode of Vintage Collection in which they showed Ric Flair’s WCW title match with Vader at Starrcade ’93. Flair bled in the match, but the blood was edited out for Vintage. They have done this numerous times. They also edited out Flair’s blood in his match with Randy Savage at WrestleMania 8. I know WWE has banned blading and [have to] answer to every sponsor under the sun, but if it was okay to show it on a PG show back then, why wouldn’t it be now since WWE is a PG show? – Anthony

A: Back then, shows didn’t have ratings like they do now. Was the product more PG than not? Yes, but it was never really classified as such. Flair actually got a ton of heat from Vince McMahon for blading because it was banned back then as well. Bret Hart bled on the same show, but claimed it was legit and got away with it. It’s a PG product today and they don’t want to air footage with that stuff on it.

Q: I was going through some YouTube videos and noticed a lot of comments about Nexus reforming. No doubt these comments were likely posted right after Nexus broke up, but I would personally love to see a reunion as there wasn’t really a breakout star (Ryback doesn’t count, he has a new gimmick). Then it hit me… [they could unite] with The Shield in a WWE takeover angle. I know there are many flaws in this idea, but do you think it would provide for good TV? – Zack H.

A: If done correctly, anything could make for good TV, but this idea is not practical. It’s barely been three years since the Nexus angle was done, so it’s way too soon to do a reboot. And frankly, having three members of the Shield works just fine, we don’t need to add another 6-8 members to water the whole thing down. All of the key guys from that original Nexus group (Michael Tarver aside, who got released) have found a role for themselves on the roster, anyway. No need to disrupt that.

Q: Did Undertaker and Nailz ever [have a match] against each other? I was watching something on YouTube where both did a face off, but what was the aftermath of that? – Anonymous

A: Not on television, thank god. But there is footage out there from at least one house show match they did have. That face off was to have led to a feud between the two once Taker’s program with Kamala finished up at Survivor Series, but then Nailz, upset by his payoff for that year’s Summerslam, went and attacked Vince McMahon in his office and got fired.

Q: For as great as they’ve handled The Shield, why does it seem like WWE is clueless with how to put other young talent in best positions to succeed? Introducing Joe Henning by having Triple H slap him in the face, with him just sitting there is a horrible way to bring in a young guy. What’s the point of that? Why should anyone care about this guy now? To make it worse, they can’t even say the guy’s name later in the show. They just call him Paul Heyman’s new guy. Whoever’s idea this was probably shouldn’t be making decisions anymore. – Damien V.

A: It was a curious move to see such a build up to the announcement of Heyman’s new guy, have it be Joe Hennig (who is going to need all the help he can get to overcome the stigma of being a prelim guy) and then treat him that way. That being said, I’m taking a wait and see approach on this one. The fact they even chose a young guy and not a major name for that spot is a positive, and Triple H has supposedly been a big advocate of his, so let’s give it some time. They say it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Q: Was there legit heat between Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar? The reason I ask is because I was reading some stuff saying they had a real fight on the plane ride from hell back in 2002. If this is true, did that get Mr. Perfect released? – Ravonn Adamson

A: Not really, both were good friends. There may have been alcohol involved, but Hennig was needling Lesnar about who the better amateur wrestler was, which resulted in a wrestling match in the aisle of the plane. They also apparently smashed into the exit door, which could have been disastrous. The best visual depiction I’ve ever seen of what happened on that flight comes in the form of the following illustration, which I first saw on the WrestleCrap forum years ago.

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The Solomonster

  • 7 year old boy

    LOL that picture is great. I seriously think people need to stop complaining about HHH so much, this is just the starting let it go on for a bit then start complaining.

    • Takerfan78

      he’s right, this axel will just end up being once again a flop like we all know that he will be. so give it time, we’ll have plenty of time later on when he’s not on tv aganto say told you so.

      • 7 year old boy

        You know why Vince does not listen to us anymore? Because we complain about everything and when we get what we want we still complain. Hence, we don’t know what the fudge we want LOL. That’s why I am satisfied with my John Cena <3

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Sad but true. Vince listened to the IWC fawning over Zack Ryder and pushed the guy. Major dud, mainstream audiences didn’t care and now he’s back to jobbing where he belongs.

  • Main Event Player

    “For as great as they’ve handled The Shield, why does it seem like WWE is clueless with how to put other young talent in best positions to succeed?” That type of question gets thrown around alot in reference to WWE.
    WWE can give you that push. If the fans do not connect with you, then that is it. Antonio Cesaro for example, all the talent in the world is irrelevant if he can’t connect with that audience and make them care that he exists. WWE can spin all different types of gimmicks on him. Some may stick, some may not. The point is, the fans create the stars and it is up to them.
    It’s not realistic to say WWE does not give them chances, when they obviously do. Curtis Axel… he’s getting a push right now. Now it’s up to him to do his best on that mic and even ad lib if possible, as WWE isn’t that strict on following a script as most fans think they are. WWE only cares that the superstar makes his point from what is written on script. It doesn’t matter how he spins it. And if the fans like Axel, then he’s in. If the fans give him the silent treatment like they do Cesaro then he’s done. The fans decide people. There is only so many chances WWE can throw at a superstar until it becomes wasted time on a poor investment! If strike out, then WWE moves on to the next potential star. That’s how business works. Time is money people. WWE is a fast paced business, they don’t have time to waste trying to groom someone that the fans don’t care about. They can repackage them and see. If it fails again… then move on.
    So far Wade Barrett has been repackaged so many times I lost count. And fans don’t get behind him as much as they should. I don’t see him becoming a World champion anytime soon. Sandow has more charisma and more of a level of interest than Barrett or a Cesaro. Sandow is that one superstar you groom, because it’s worth it. He has World heavyweight champion written all over his forehead. I can’t say the same for his buddy Cody Rhodes though. It’s about who creates a reaction and who doesn’t. As a business man it’s smart to keep the ones that have value and discard the one’s that don’t. I personally would repackage Cesaro if I were in charge. And if it didn’t work, then I would release him on the spot, because it is wasted time. Nothing personal, just business as they say.

    • Takerfan78

      i agree cesaro, what they’re doing to him is bull, axel however; i just don’t see it. i didn’t see it before and i don’t see it now.

  • insomniacreviewer

    I really don’t see what people see in the Shield they are all okay as mid carders but they all lack something to be main event guys, they still have the minor league feel to them

    • Marvin B.

      Indy boys will defend them to death

      • insomniacreviewer

        True, Ambrose doesn’t look like a believable tough guy and he is goofy in the ring, Rollins has no charisma and doesn’t look like a main event guy and Reigns is okay in the ring for a big guy but no natural charisma for him.

        • lunchbox87

          and who do you guys want Cena and Orton ?

          • insomniacreviewer

            No Orton i can tolerate as champion, Cena… not a chance

          • Marvin B.

            Exactly man

    • jccox01

      They’re not main event stars, everyone on this site is always like yup this ROH guy is going to be a world champ in the next month. They should just stay mid carders, that’s what WWE lacks. Everytime someone comes into the WWE the “fans” want to push them into the title picture so quickly, they forget that back in 2003 wwe had a full plate, they had their main eventers, a great mid card and even watchable divas matches.

    • Juan Sobalvarro

      people are idiots they love their 2000’s era crpay that screw up the 90’s

      • insomniacreviewer

        The problem with the indy fan boys they think every indy wrestler is going to come to WWE and be a main eventer, every one is entitled to their own opinion but gotta be realistic about it.