MAILBAG: Is Hulk Hogan The Greatest Face/Heel Ever?

SEScoops Mailbag for November 21st

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Q: Do you think Randy Orton’s willingness to put people over for the last year or so (Dolph, Christian, Henry) is because he doesn’t care about his current face persona? Could you see him having more of an issue with losing if he was a heel? – Oliver Davis

A: Fact is, Orton may well be OK with putting people over and deserves credit for it, but how do we know he isn’t forced into doing it kicking and screaming? At the end of the day, you do what you’re told to do. And he is really in no position to raise hell given the two Wellness strikes he has against him.

Q: With the WWE debuting groups of wrestlers together the last couple of years, does that tend to dilute each guy more? – Cory Kraus

A: It can, but the key is in the follow-up. If WWE goes out of its way to make sure each guy has their own identity and an opportunity to speak, they can get them over. But typically, with groups like this, it’s one or two key people who end up breaking out from the pack.

Q: Always wanted to ask you your opinion on how long [Chris] Jericho’s push in 2001 would have been held off had Triple H not been injured? – Nick Jackson

A: I don’t think Triple H’s injury impacted Jericho’s push all that much in 2001. He and Benoit got a shot at Austin’s title the following month when the original plan (pitched by Paul Heyman if I recall correctly) was for the Two Man Power Trip to feud with one another, so I suppose that was a small plus for Jericho. If anything, you could argue it *really* helped him in ’02 as they needed someone HHH could beat for the title at WrestleMania and Jericho was that guy. While he ended up doing the job, he still got to work his first and only Mania main event.

Q: Do you think John Cena vs. The Undertaker is still possible for WrestleMania 30? – @1987cordellmitc

A: Sure, if Taker wrestles in 2014, Cena would be a fine (and safe) opponent for him, especially if that is his last match.

Q: What do you think of the new JoMo & Masters tag team? Do you think this could work in WWE or will they never return? – @Wreds_de

A: I wasn’t even aware they had formed a team. I think both could return at some point, but Morrison would definitely be as a single.

Q: Do you think it would be a great boost for Daniel Bryan to hold or just get an opportunity for the World title while being the Tag Team champion at the same time? Like the late, great Eddie [Guerrero] had done before when he was with Chavo. I think it’s a great story if Kane helps him win a World title and [then they] argue about it, or Kane [wins some other] title besides the tag belt. – Bryan V.

A: Comedy with the tag titles is fine. Comedy with your World title is not. There’s enough talent where one man does not need to hold two titles.

Q: Do you think Hulk Hogan/Hollywood Hogan is the greatest face/heel ever? Considering he brought in two different eras in wrestling, from the 80’s and early 90’s in his red and yellow babyface persona, to the late 90’s during the Monday Night Wars where he reinvented himself as a complete heel, which he was very successful at as well. I really dont see anybody else in the same breath. – Cordell Mitchell

A: I think that’s a fair statement. The only other person that comes to mind would be Ric Flair, who was quite good in both roles, but he never did nearly the kind of business Hogan did at the peak of his popularity both as a heel and a face.

Q: On a recent edition of the Sound Off, you mentioned something about Duke “The Dumpster” Droese and date rape drugs. This prompted me to do a little digging via Google search and I found several [sites] stating that Duke used to date rape women at bars and brag about it. Eventually, this got around to JBL who raped, or pretended to rape, Duke in the locker room to teach him a lesson. Is there any credibility to this story? What’s your take on it and what do you believe is true/false? – Matt I.

A: As I understand it, the allegations are true. To make up something like this that wasn’t true, Duke could have gone to court to sue if he knew who started it and that never happened, so read into that what you will. Did he “drop the soap” with JBL? I wasn’t there to see it, and for that I clasp my hands together and thank the lord every day. But these are the stories told by people in the WWF at that time.

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The Solomonster

  • pwnez

    In terms of popularity, being marketable and drawing huge crowds i’d say Hogan is definitely the biggest face in wrestling.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      You could also say he the biggest heel to, cause the formation of the NWO was the biggest thing going on at that time. He had the crowd going to where they would start throwing trash at him in the ring. Associating with other big heel Like Hall and Nash just added to it.

      • morrisonfanone

        NWO is one of the biggest things ever.

    • PLG

      people who have never watched wrestling know who Hulk Hogan is. Hogan I feel like along with The Rock are two of the only wrestlers to truly transcend wrestling.

      • morrisonfanone

        Same goes for Cena. When that rumor that Cena had died, someone on Twitter said they never watched wrestling, but that it was kind of upsetting.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    I like Undertaker as heel or face. When he turned heel & made JR kiss Vince’s ass & went on 2 defeat RVD 4 the Hardcore title at Vengeance, he became a monster heel. With the chairs 2 the throat & just beating the shit outta ppl. The Hardy’s come 2 mind, hell he even threw Lita off stage after he gave the Last Ride 2 Jeff 2 the side of the stage(u know where the tables r coincidentally placed 4 these types of things lol).

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Don’t forget hanging Big Bossman in the HIAC and trying to embalm Stone Cold alive!

    • pwnez

      ‘Taker was good all around whether he was a face, heel or tweener. His brawling and wrestling mixed with good promos made his character even better.

      • morrisonfanone

        They need to do something new with Taker. He may not have too many Mania or any matches left in him, and I doubt they’ll be able to get Sting, and that’s what I want to see. Mania would worth it if that happened.

    • KAZ

      I remember that scene like if it was yesterday. “Are you better than meeee?!… whether you like or not, you’re going to kiss that man’s ass!” Then after he shoved his face in Vince’s ass, Vince skipping all around the ring smacking JR’s hat on his exposed ass. The promo of it the following week prior to that episode of RAW was even funnier!

      • Lord Spliffmeister

        LMAO yea great segment man great fucking segment.He became Big Evil right after that naw? He cut his hair & went with the “Keep Rollin” song. Ahh great times. XD Taker has 2 many damn memorable moments haha.

        • Michael Jobe

          Taker had the “Rollin” song before becoming Big Evil.

  • Andrew Campbell

    The main lesson to take away from this mailbag:
    DON’T drop the soap around JBL.

  • sdelfin

    The question was presented as greatest face/heel. In terms of ability, there have been far more skilled heels than Hogan. I never liked his portrayal as a heel, actually. If we’re talking biggest heel, he’s certainly in the running. But that was dependent on him being the face of wrestling in the 80s.

  • mrchopper

    Well the funny last answer took a dark turn this month…

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    To answer the question in the headline: no

  • BrickHouse

    Orton puts people over, because he’s told to do so. He does what he’s told! Greatest heel of all time, IMO is the Hot Rod.. Roddy Piper! Greatest heel turn however was Hogan. Cena/Taker should have happened at WM 27. And about JBL , I read this rumor that JBL stripped him down butt naked, tied him up, threw baby oil on him and then threaten him.. I also heard other stories about JBL bullying London and Kendrick in a similar way… but not with rape. Now normally, I wouldn’t believe any of this shit, but JBL was known to be a huge bully backstage years ago.. so I don’t doubt it one minute!

  • JBL


  • morrisonfanone

    I think HH could be big, but not in TNA. His whole career and legacy is being killed over there. I’m not old enough, so I can’t really remember WWE HH, but from what I’ve seen and heard, he was better. I just don’t like Hogan and Sting in TNA/Impact/whatever else they’ll call it. That could’ve been a great feud again, but now that will never happen, because they’re not as young ass they once were.