MAILBAG: Do You Consider Rock To Be A Paper Champion?

SEScoops Mailbag for February 4th

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Q: With Rock’s current contract limitations, and the fact they’re just using him for another big payday at WrestleMania after which he will be gone promoting movies, could he be considered a paper champion? – Ernesto

A: If your definition of a paper champion is more of a transitional champion, then yes. Rock is only expected to be champion for a limited period of time and get the title back onto John Cena. However, if by paper champion you mean someone who is not deserving of the title or someone who lacks respect, then I disagree. Of course, it’s silly to even use such a phrase in pro wrestling because no one ever really “wins” a title.

Q: I was watching Armageddon 2005 and was wondering what the deal was with the Tim White suicide storyline? – Tom B.

A: Just some dumb fun to amuse the writers, or Vince himself I would imagine. Tim White was forced to retire from officiating because of a chronic shoulder injury and they just wanted to give him something to do. Was it in poor taste? You bet. Suicide isn’t something to make light of (especially in the wrestling business). But for what it was, I actually thought he and Josh Mathews were pretty funny in those skits.

Q: If you can, go back and watch the Royal Rumble match between The Rock and CM Punk around the end. I notice at times you can catch the wrestlers calling out spots and it looks to me like MAYBE CM Punk was supposed to kick out [after the People’s Elbow]. Of course, it’s hard to tell exactly what is being said, but what do you think? Do you think CM Punk was supposed to kick out, but decided not to? – Avery T.

A: I’ve heard nothing to suggest the finish was anything other than what they had planned. If you watch some of Rock’s matches, he has a tendency to say something to his opponent before he covers them for the finish. I can’t make out what it is, but I’ve seen him do it before. CM Punk did not change the finish on the fly. Perhaps he should have though because using a Rockbottom would have been more effective in ending a 434 day title reign than a simple People’s Elbow.

Q: How do you think CM Punk is really feeling about the possibly of missing out on the WrestleMania main event again? The man was champion for well over a year and once again, it’s looking like “Dwayne” and Cena will headline the event. To me, it’s an odd equation because you could argue that Punk wouldn’t have been champion for nearly as long as he did without the Rock match set in stone for the Rumble. I really think the only thing that would match the Cena/Rock main event would be a Punk/Austin match, which won’t happen. But, if I was Punk, I’d feel like I’d taken a nice girl out for a date, got her back to her place, gone upstairs, gotten in her bed, [only for her to turn around and tell me to] go f*ck myself. – Jake from the U.K.

A: If you’ve watched his DVD, I’m sure he’s not thrilled about it. At the same time, he’ll still be featured in a prominent role and will make a ton of money. Hard to feel too badly for anyone like that. Who knows, if Undertaker bows out of the show this year, Punk may yet end up in the main event after all.

Q: CM Punk commented on the January 7th Raw that Daniel Bryan had been reduced from being a dangerous man to a guy that needs a catchphrase to get over. From a mega-mark’s point of view, that’s true. But it’s also not the worst thing in the world. Take a look at Kurt Angle. Angle was a goofball the first 2 1/2 years of his WWE career. Then Vince McMahon wanted him to go bald and be more serious; and while Angle still had goofball moments and the “You suck” chants, he was a no nonsense “Wrestling Machine” until he left for TNA in 2006. That could still happen for Daniel Bryan down the line. The bottom line is that after Bryan won the U.S. title, he became boring and vanilla. If he didn’t run with the popularity of “Yes!” after WrestleMania, he’d be nowhere. He’s got to be a goofball now for his long-term survival. – Cliff

A: You’re right, it’s not the worst thing in a world. He has a role on the show and is over with the audience. But I disagree that he *has* to be a goofball now to ensure his long-term survival. If he dropped his shtick tomorrow, shaved the beard and went all serious, he would be just fine. The man is talented enough to make either role work. The comedy stuff is fine for now, but at some point, it gets old.

Q: Do you remember back in the 90’s when Tammy Sytch gave Elmo a “Sunny day” in that skit on Shotgun? I can’t remember if they showed it here across the Atlantic or not and it was only brought to my attention during an interview I listened to on YouTube. She swapped a Tickle-Me Elmo for a Fondle-Me Elmo! – Andrel from Northampton, England

A: Thank you for the lovely visual.

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The Solomonster

  • Andrew Campbell

    If Rock-Cena II does happen, it shouldn’t close the show. The outcome of the match is too predictable and I’ve seen far too many WrestleManias go off the air with the same shot of Cena standing victorious with the WWE Title in hand as pyro is set off in the background.

    The only thing that would make me interested in seeing this feud/match again would be if Cena turned heel.

    • morrisonfanone

      Yeah, I know what you mean. That shot is so old. I’m a Cena fan, but even I don’t want to see that AGAIN.

    • RKO1Hero2me

      The Rock vs. John Cena should not happen. It happened already. They did this at last year’s WrestleMania. If the reason this match is going to happen is only to allow John Cena to win vs. The Rock then the match isn’t worth watching on PPV or live at Mania. Only match I’m interested in seeing is: The Viper Randy Orton vs. John Cena in an I Quit/Last Man Standing Championship title match in retribution and to get even with John Cena for past issues and bullying, abuse and disrespectful things he’s said and done to The Viper – Randy Orton from late ’07, January-December ’08-09 & some of ’10! Like give John Cena a temporary title reign that ends when The Viper – Randy Orton returns to kick John Cena’s f**king ass and punt John Cena in the skull!


      BECAUSE of the antagonistic, disrespectful, dishonest, wrongful, abusive, bullying, things he said and did to The Viper-Randy Orton in the past, as well as how he used Randy Orton, and lied about him, using/doing steroids and marijuana, also John Cena tried getting Randy Orton fired, he also said that the old Randy was an a$shole and that he liked the new Randy Orton. John Cena claimed that he was only joking when he was calling Randy Orton an a$shole. That isn’t true. He lied. Ask yourself: Do you call your mother or father or cousin or aunt or best friend or your loved ones a$sholes….then say you were only joking?! NO YOU DON’T!

      You only call your enemies curse words or mocking names like that!

  • Initializing….

    If Taker can’t wrestle this Wrestlemania, I’m sure you could add CM Punk into the Cena vs Rock match? Plus Punk will be deservedly in the Main Event.

    • cappa37

      Not really… only reason he was champ for so long despite the abysmal ratings and buy rates was so that he could drop the belt to the rock.

      • Mike

        It’s too bad Punk didn’t drop it to Jericho at Extreme Rules last year, it would have been a far more entertaining run by a country mile..

  • I’ve still got it

    He’s not a paper champion, he’s a transitional champion. Unfortunately, he’s likely a transition into a babyface Cena title run. I hope this all leads to a Ziggler (WHC) vs Cena (WWE champion) feud with a unified title in the future. I thought the Cena vs Ziggler feud was a good idea, minus the AJ and Vickie garbage. Rid Ziggler of AJ and Big E by that point and let Cena and Ziggler go at it. If that leads to Ziggler being the next Undisputed champion, even better.

    • morrisonfanone

      I will admit that Ziggles needs to drop AJ and Big E. He was fine all on his own. He doesn’t need help. A Ziggler/Swagger feud could be interesting. Just a side note.

    • Rick Yuhnke

      I do think the Rock is a paper champ. Does it honestly deserve the title? When did he last wrestle on Raw or a house show? We give this guy a break, but Dwayne is Mr Hollywood now and not a wrestler anymore. I do like the idea of Ziggler getting the belt…

      • RKO1Hero2me

        The Viper – Randy Orton should be WWE Champion BECAUSE he DESERVES TO BE WWE CHAMPION!!!! He’s an INCREDIBLE PERSON who does his best when he’s in the proper frame of mind and his new movie, “12 Rounds: Reloaded” is coming out in June of 2013!!! I’m curious as hell to see it! I hope that if they do put it on DVD they have an extremely cool t-shirt w/ Randy
        Orton on it for the movie too!

    • WWEFan1995

      I would like to see Big E be on his own. Ziggler is a main eventer and has no problems going at it alone.

    • RKO1Hero2me

      John Cena is a paper champion. He isn’t a transitional champion. The only feud that’s worth investing in seeing is: John Cena vs Randy Orton. Any and all other matches to me aren’t interesting. Now the only match worth having is John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Randy Orton being WWE Champion on Raw….even better!

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    I think DBryan is a good candidate for the next face of the company. He’s super over with the crowd, has catch phrases (that should be toned down, but don’t necessarily need to go away altogether), his mic work has improved tremendously over the past year or so, and he can consistently have good/great matches. Not to mention he’s a great guy IRL. Sure he doesn’t fit Vince criteria in terms of looks, but his glorious beard certainly helps him to stand out.

    • Bro88

      Glorious beard FTW!!!! YES!!!

    • Stijnosb

      he’s ugly, he won’t be the new face.

  • Progress_Now

    lol Sunny visual with Tammy THEN or NOW?

  • WCWPunk

    If You SMELL LA LA LA,….. What the Paper Is COOKIN :O

  • Mike

    That dude is right about Daniel Bryan, he was pretty much going nowhere until he got that gimmick.. nobody cared about him on that US title run.. It was bland and he was coming out to a silent reaction.. Now thanks to this gimmick, everybody is into this guy! And he’s more entertaining now than he’s ever been.

    • raVen

      amazing how when they actually let him he can be entertaining and still put on great matches isn’t it?
      but let’s give rock/cena 20minutes to do the same 12year old speech rather than letting a new talent like Bryan gets over.


    Undertaker should take a year off. Why be forced into doing this every year for anyway..

    • Stijnosb

      because every year he doesn’t wrestle, he still gets older. and if you’re an old man, well.. just look at Hulk Hogan

    • morrisonfanone

      I don’t think he’s necessarily forced to do it. I’m sure Vince would understand if he took a year off. WM wouldn’t be as good, but I’d understand.

  • tiran66

    Rock thanks his opponent for the match when he pins them/gets pinned. I’ve seen it a few times in the past and many wrestlers have mentioned that it’s a wrestling courtesy to thank your opponent after a great match or a title change match.

  • raVen

    definition of a paper champion!
    he isn’t even on the shows. when you see him next week he will say
    finally, the rock is back… john cena…cm punk…it doesn’t matter…thank you…if you smell what the rock is cookin
    then people will go nuts saying it’s the best promo in history!!! whaaaaabababa
    then you won’t see him for another week until he walks in and beats punk at EC.
    rock being champion may bring in outside fans but for a tune in week after week kind of fan it’s a slap in the face

    • morrisonfanone

      Finally someone that agrees with me. I have nothing against him, but the Champ should be at all the shows.

      • RKO1Hero2me

        Well, if The Viper – Randy Orton and the Skinhead girl who loves, admires, appreciates and adores him can eventually be together at all the pro wrestling shows and PPV’s in WWE in the future with her German Shepherd Dog (s) and they can eventually date, then get married and be together forever…….then, SO BE IT!!!

    • Rick Yuhnke

      They do not care about us. Simple, they want numbers and money and those of us who spent years supporting horrible product buying ppv after ppv, purchasing dvds, buying toys are kicked to the side. I am not surprised at all… :(

    • RKO1Hero2me

      Cena or The Rock as WWE Champion = An INSULT

  • tna

    cm punk is nothing more than an over rated jobber!!!!!

    • Rick Yuhnke

      no jobber is overrated. Ask Steve Lombardi

  • WWEFan1995

    Yeah and rock didn’t even take off his elbow pad the second time.

  • Craig DeBoard
  • RKOs1Hero2me

    John Cena and The Rock are paper champions if by calling them that and using that term about them it means: They don’t deserve respect and they don’t deserve to be champion. They’ve had their chances. I don’t enjoy them as champion. There are other people who also do feel the same. As well as those who don’t feel as I do.