MAILBAG: Should The Undertaker Ever Lose At WrestleMania?

Q: Why wasn’t the match at Wrestlemania Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy vs. Team Anonymous? Did they ever explain what happened to the Anonymous GM? – Mike R.

A: No, they never did bother explaining it. I still maintain that John Laurinaitis was the anonymous Raw GM all along, so technically, he was represented at WrestleMania. This is one of the many reasons why ratings are down and fewer people are interested in wrestling. If the people in charge can’t even be bothered to tie up loose ends, why should we care? It would be like reading a good mystery novel all the way through the first 25 chapters and then the book just ends. I doubt very many people are going to buy that author’s next book.

Q: How much was The Rock paid for his year-long run, mainly referring to WrestleMania? – James D.

A: Let’s put it this way. You know when The Rock stands in the ring and talks about the millions? Yeah, he’s not referring to the people.

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