MAILBAG: Should The Undertaker Ever Lose At WrestleMania?

Q: Why wasn’t the match at Wrestlemania Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy vs. Team Anonymous? Did they ever explain what happened to the Anonymous GM? – Mike R.

A: No, they never did bother explaining it. I still maintain that John Laurinaitis was the anonymous Raw GM all along, so technically, he was represented at WrestleMania. This is one of the many reasons why ratings are down and fewer people are interested in wrestling. If the people in charge can’t even be bothered to tie up loose ends, why should we care? It would be like reading a good mystery novel all the way through the first 25 chapters and then the book just ends. I doubt very many people are going to buy that author’s next book.

Q: How much was The Rock paid for his year-long run, mainly referring to WrestleMania? – James D.

A: Let’s put it this way. You know when The Rock stands in the ring and talks about the millions? Yeah, he’s not referring to the people.

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The Solomonster


    I’m not so sure about the davey richards answer. Moxley, Black, and chris hero aren’t the typical muscle heads they look for. And wwe are high on these guys.

    • Solomonster

       Yes, but Richards is 5’8″ which works against him.  Moxley and Hero have personality, something that Richards doesn’t convey very well, especially on promos.

      • ALDO the APACHE

        Damn. I guess your right on that. Its probably for the best. I would have hate to see him get fed to Ezekiel jackson or someone of that nature.

      • Andrew Campbell

        What about the cruiserweight show that WWE is rumoured to have in the works for the WWE Network? Surely WWE will have to change their policy on signing smaller guys if they want the show to be a success.

  • pwnez

    Undertaker’s streak shouldn’t end IMO. Like other wrestlers have said, it would be bad for business. He’s at 20-0 now…no sense in ending it.

    I agree, WWE won’t try to grab Davey Richards and even if they did I don’t think Richards would make the jump. He’s already said in interviews that he can’t work 5-10 minute matches. If you’ve seen the guy wrestle before you know he’s just getting warmed up during the first 10 minutes of a match. I believe he said he’d like to join NJPW after he’s finished with ROH.

  • Emiliok2wwe

    it would be ebad for undertaker but it would never ever happen

  • the_unknown

    I’m one of very few people who would actually like to see the streak end. Nothing wrong with inducting the Undertaker into the Hall of Fame saying that he won 20 consecutive times at Mania as opposed to saying he was 20-0. I personally would love to see Randy Orton go heel at around February of next year and return with the Legend Killer gimmick. Have him fued with Taker and end the streak.Yes, I know Orton doesn’t need to get any more over than he already is but I think that’ll be cool to see.

    • Game

      no no no no 

    • the masked middle finger

      the idea of anyone ending the streak is stupid and shouldn’t happen, but ORTON?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

      Just no.

    • Realone08

      I don’t think anyone wants to see Orton/Taker II if everyone proclaims Orton’s gimmick to be boring and stale.

  • YouWish

    It’s not bad for business once he retires though. You have to understand the momentum it would give the wrestler who ended it. It can only be someone of stature like The Rock, Stone Cold, maybe Triple H again. But Triple H is the only viable candidate because he’s the only one truly who will be around for years and years to come. The fact that Triple H ended the streak would give his character soo much power and weight in the next 10-15 years as head of WWE. So many storylines could be born just from the one guy who beat the streak. It would shock the world. And the fans, they won’t care. It’s not gonna hurt anything for the WWE. They’ll be fine.

    Streaks were made to be broken. If WWE was smart, they would end the streak at WM in the future. But with the whole end of an era thing, they pretty much killed Triple H and his future storylines. Nobody cares to see Brock vs Taker. Like why? Who cares. There’s no intrigue there. You know he’ll just lose to Taker. No storyline could convince me Brock can beat anybody but Cena.

    The Rock would be the only other option and if the Triple H thing is gone, you could cement Rock as the greatest of ALL TIME if he beats Taker.

    • Spiledrive Crawford

      Brock beat Undertaker in Hell in a Cell years ago so Brock can beat Undertaker, The Streak needs to end sometime like Ric Flair’s Career, Honky Tonk Man’s Title Reign, Andre the Giant’s 15 Year Winning Streak and other great streaks they all come to an end.

      • cenasucks

        Brock won’t end the streak since he’ll probably leave next year. It’s too risky. The only person Vince thinks can end the streak is HHH because of the fact he won’t be turning his back on the company

  • Qwertyboy619

    Cena’s capability of a believable chance at ending the streak have taken a knock since the clean loss to Rock.

    • TotalNonstopAddict

      I guess, but then on the flip side there might be people thinking “he wouldn’t lose such high profile matches two years in a row, he’s too valuable to take such a hit”.

      • edgehead505

        he lost to the miz twice two years ago…

        • TotalNonstopAddict

          I’d forgotten about that, although I wouldn’t really call it a high profile match, not in comparison to Cena-Rock or how big Cena-Taker would be.

          • Liverpoolfan93

            think about cen in his undeafeted match of i quit vs the undertaker, and the match ending as a draw. also i think if anyone does take the streak it should be 1 of 3 people, goldberg who is 1 and 0 at mania, sting or a new young rising talent that can later on become a streak runner and a new face of the wwe

          • edgehead505

            it wasn’t a high profile maych but Cena has lost 3 times the two last mania’s, he can’t loose forever, I mean… it’s Cena

          • Jmc60

            If only he could……

          • TotalNonstopAddict

            This is exactly my point, on one hand you’ve got people who wuld think “It’s the Undertaker, he will never lose at WrestkeMania” and on the other hand, people, such as yourself, who are of the opinion the Cena wouldn’t lose in 3 straight WrestleMania matches. It wouldn’t be as sure a result as people would first think.

          • edgehead505

            i would love to see that feud actually. Cena goes crazy about not having a place on the wrestlemania card becouse Mr.Laurinaitis doesn’t think he deserves one after his last to manias but then the lights go out and Cena is just layin lifeless inside the ring, then the war begins… 
            (sorry for any possible typing mistakes, i’m from Sweden)

  • Systematic

    Hogan will induct warrior

  • Damon ott

    The Ultimate Broski would induct warrior

    • Hotjoint420

       As long as there is some Hoeskis

  • the masked middle finger

    I don’t want Richards in WWE.

    Why is it, that when people watch ROH and like a wrestler, they think “I want WWE to sign him” instead of “that guy’s awesome, I hope he keeps this up and gets ROH the recognition it deserves”

  • Eat Defeat


    Answer to the last question was extremely hilarious!
    So true, Rock could not pass up a good paycheck from the WWE…

    • TheKillingMoon


  • TheKillingMoon

    Bwahahahhaha. That last question ended with the perfect answer. Damn true.

    • 7DayTheory

      Lol @ this fuck nigga still thinking Rock did it for money…smh tricks never learn

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    If Taker were to lose his streak, it would have to be at the hands of a young talent. It would be pointless if it happened against anyone already established.

    Why is Rock being brought up again? The dude probably didn’t make much more than Brock is making (5 million) over the next year. It’s not like he needed it so this thought that he just did it for the money is utter garbage. No, he didn’t do it for free but to say he only did it for the money is laughable when he makes more than 5 million per movie and will be making how many this year on top of how many last year?

    It’s hilarious at the same time. We all know the only reason Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE is because of money. Yet, nobody’s saying anything about that.

  • Harvey

    I agree that Undertaker shouldn’t ever lose at a WrestleMania at this point but obviously the THREAT of losing against someone has to be immensely strong in order to garner interest for watching or ordering the match :)

    I think McMahon/WWE would be so totally & absolutely disrespectful to Sammartino to posthumously induct him! If Bruno wanted to do it, he WOULD! Of course they’ll do it as a slap in the face to Bruno…

  • Tylercastillo24

    Q: How much was The Rock paid for his year-long run, mainly referring to WrestleMania?A: Let’s put it this way. You know when The Rock stands in the ring and talks about the millions? Yeah, he’s not referring to the people.  LMAO :D

  • Udit Sharma

    this time last question wasnt that funny

  • Anthony

    Taker should lose at Mania… to someone on the cusp who could use it as a career defining moment (ie: Jericho beating Rock and Austin on the same night). Guys like Wade Barret and Cody Rhodes (not saying it should be one of them… just that type…quality mid-card heel poised for a push to the next level)…ESPECIALLY if it was a cheap win like countout or DQ or something… The stories/matches leading into Taker’s last 4 matches were great at making a small part of me wonder if he was actually going to lose, but ultimately I just didn’t believe it. Neither Michaels or Hunter NEEDED a win against the Undertaker. It would have served no other purpose but to end the streak. If the streak is to end, it needs to make a guy’s career…. which is why Cena/Taker, which would be a good story again, or Brock/Taker hold no appeal to me. Taker has earned the right to retire with the streak in tact, but it would be a monster move on his part if he was willing to give someone a boost like that. The last time I thought Taker might lose the streak was against Randy Orton. Before that I was TERRIFIED he’d lose it at 19 to A-Train and Big Show…not because I thought it would happen but because it couldn’t have been a worse end for it.