MAILBAG: Should Undertaker “Pass The Torch” at Mania?

SEScoops Mailbag for December 7th

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Q: I’ve always wondered this, but thought about it recently after noticing it on episodes of “The Monday Night War” on WWE on Demand. During almost every WCW event, you can witness fans throwing trash in the ring – cups, paper, flyers, etc. Even hitting the wrestlers. It was virtually every Monday. With the exception of the Montreal Screwjob and maybe a handful of times over the last 2 decades, you never see this in WWE. Wrestling fans are wrestling fans. In your opinion, why the difference? Was security just that much tighter at WWE events? – Nolan C. Gray, Johnson City, TN

A: It just became the cool thing to do when the nWo was out there. I know Scott Hall hated it. And who could blame him? I’m not aware of WCW ever threatening ejection or prosecution for throwing debris, so this went on for quite some time. It also had to do with the younger fans you had in the crowd at a time when wrestling was very hot. WWE really didn’t have anything like it at the time. And they have always been more forceful about kicking people out for stuff like that. These days, you never see that sort of thing, both because they have good enforcement, but moreso because you have a very different audience when you look out into those crowds. Lots of parents with their children and not nearly as many teenagers and college students.

Q: How relevant do you think the Undertaker’s undefeated streak really is in the current and future WWE scene? I mean, I know it’s a big deal and yes he’s done if for many years, but don’t you agree that since he’s obviously at the end of his career, it makes sense for him to “pass the torch” to someone else like Brock Lesnar or CM Punk, making them a much bigger star by being able to say they’ve done something no one else in the business has ever been able to do. Do you see any realistic likelihood of Taker ever losing at WrestleMania, and considering the top players in the business now, who do you think are good opponents for him at Mania in his final year(s)? – Travis

A: I don’t understand this notion of “passing the torch” to someone who is already established, as though Brock Lesnar and CM Punk need to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania to solidify their place in history. They’ve done very well on their own. They’re already main event players and future Hall of Famers. What do they really gain from this? If Undertaker had a young name handpicked to beat him, then I would respect that decision, even though I think it’s the wrong move for business. The Streak has become an important selling point for Mania. It would be foolish to mess with that. I do think Lesnar would make a good opponent for him, but the best choice would be John Cena.

Q: Do you think The Rock will really retire from WWE after he wins the title one last time in 2013? Providing that happens, of course. – Glenn Danford

A: If he wins the title, I certainly hope he doesn’t retire! Then the title would have to be vacated. But if you mean after he wins and loses it, then no. There’s no reason for Rock to retire. If he still has fun wrestling and can still be a draw the way he was at last year’s WrestleMania, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t return for a match here and there.

Q: With the change to the TLC main event, I was wondering what PPV’s you are aware of that didn’t have a WWE or World championship defense on the card, but had a payment-worthy main event that made up for it? – Lee from Manchester, England

A: Badd Blood 1997 is probably the best example. While Bret Hart was the champion and wrestled in a tag team flag match, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had a pretty memorable main event inside Hell in a Cell. That more than made up for it.

Q: Would more pyro like Batista, Edge, and Kane [are known to have] wake up the crowd and actually affect the fans’ interest in the matches? With my experience at live events, the pyro always got my [attention] and I would be into what was going on. If you had to pick one superstar on the roster who should have pyro, who would it be? – Shane from Fort Lauderdale, FL

A: You can’t “scare” people into caring about a particular match. You need to give people a reason to care. Loud pyro won’t make people care any more or any less for someone, say, like Tensai. Dropping the Japanese crap and letting him speak more would be a nice start. The same can be said for others on the roster.

Q: Who do you think would win [in a dream match between] John Cena and The Ultimate Warrior? Do you think it would be a good WrestleMania match if Vince McMahon let him come back? – Jesse Wagstaff, Morehead City, NC

A: It would have some value as an attraction for Mania, but the show would still do better business with Rock vs. Cena. As for who wins, it doesn’t really matter. Either way, the fans lose.

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The Solomonster

  • pwnez

    Here’s the problem with having a younger talent end the Undertaker’s streak, it’s simply way too risky. Lets say they have a new, young upcoming talent end the streak…what if that guy ends up not going anywhere in the company? What if that superstar gets released or ends up quitting? WWE would have then ended a legendary wrestling streak for nothing.

    I know many fans will say “Whoever does end the streak will definitely get a big push; WWE wouldn’t drop the ball with them.” We’ve seen WWE drop the ball plenty of times before and they have had many missed opportunities. I think we have all learned that their is no guarantees with this business. Undertaker is headed for 21-0, at this point in time their really is no sense in ending it. Yes, Undertaker may want someone to end the streak but will Vince allow it? Vince and HHH (since he will be taking over soon) will do what is good for business; they have the final say especially Vince himself.

    You can have the Undertaker put someone younger over at WrestleMania without having to take a loss. Merely having a good feud, a great match and alot of good hype is surely enough to get a new superstar over. They need to make the move, have ‘Taker face someone fresh rather then have him wrestle a guy he’s faced before or another part-timer. These attitude era wrestlers won’t be around to string the company along forever; it’s time to start building more talent. In my honest opinion, the streak should stay intact.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Check out what I said.

    • the_unknown

      If the streak was gonna end, I think Shawn Michaels should’ve been the one to do it at WM26. I don’t see the purpose in ending such a legendary streak at this point, like you already said it’s just way too risky.

    • Dr Bill Jacobs

      Daniel Bryan would be a good choice to end the streak. He is someone who doesn’t get into trouble(considering noone is wearing a neck tie). It would be a fantastic match, and it would give him long term credibility. If anyone could make it work it would be him. Years ago I thought that Punk should hav been the one to end the streak, but after Money in the Bank and this year long plus title reign he absolutely doesn’t need it.

      • Cujo999

        Punk would probably benefit a lot from ending the streak. Yes,he’s been the champ for over a year,but he is still not a top draw. Like it or not,Cena is more of a draw than Punk. So is Orton. Plus,there are numerous other part time guys like ‘taker,Brock Lesnar,The Rock,arguably HHH,and prospectively Stone Cold that are bigger draws than Punk. If Punk is going to be the new face of the WWE,ending the streak does a lot to legitimize him and increase his drawing power,which they need to do if he is going to truly be “the man.”
        Taker’s streak should end,but only when he is ready to fully retire. It would be silly to have the streak end,then bring him back the next 3-4 years at ‘mania. But when he says his time is done,then it’s his turn to give back and put somebody else over,just like other guys have laid down to him ‘mania after ‘mania to build the streak into what it is today.

        • tiran66

          You say that like Taker has a choice in the matter. Well I suppose he could refuse to wrestle unless he loses but then we wouldn’t have a streak match at all which makes this argument pointless. Here’s the facts. The streak match is, in my oppinion, one of the top three reason’s every year to buy Mania. Vince is in this to make money. As long as Taker agree’s to wrestle one more year he will continue to win at Mania, period. The real trick they have is coming up with an opponent who can work a match with Taker that makes the audience think that maybe this is the year he loses.
          Which is why the last four years have been with HBK and HHH. You can say whatever you want about those two, like em or hate em, but nobody can deny just how good they are in the ring psycology department. If anyone ever beats the streak it will be after Taker decides to retire fully and it will be to someone that Vince knows for a fact he can make lots of money off of for beating the streak. Punk isn’t that guy.

          • ?????? ??????????

            Guys the only one who deserves to break the Undertaker’s streak is his brother Kane, ‘nough said.

      • Jacklantern

        i dont think daniel should end it cause daniel isnt as big of a superstar as hhh or hbk if they couldnt end it how can daniel end it

    • Keith

      Tell Bushwald sillyface that. He wants Dolph Ziggler or Damien Sandow to end the streak.

      • morrisonfanone

        Tell me you’re kidding.


      dude, stop analyzing wrestling over the Internet and get a life in real life. Your life sucks. You are nothing but a failure. Do something significant with your life

      • pwnez

        Me and how many other who comment on this site? You took the time to reply to me so shut the hell up and go take your own advice. You’re a nobody, dude.

  • sdelfin

    I don’t see how leaving The Undertaker undefeated is good for business. It’s a lost opportunity in my opinion. The real trick is picking the right person and building them up properly way in advance so that people can accept it. Obviously, it would have to be a person who Vince believes would be around and reliable for a long time. That doesn’t always work out, but they can’t worry about whether a guy will pull a Lesnar and bolt suddenly. While he did leave, he drew tons of money while he was there. They need more guys to get over big, but they don’t seem interested in helping to make that happen.

  • The Guest

    Again with this “the streak can’t end” babble. WWE did a great job the last few years in making the fans believe someone might break the streak. Combine this with reports on his health and pretty much everyone agreed this streak shouldn’t end. But at the same time, did anyone in the world think Taker would be attempting a 21-0 record? No. Many people thought we’d be lucky to see him at WM 28.

    Yes, it would have been ridiculous to see Taker end up with a record of 19-1. That didn’t happen though. Not only did Taker make it to WM 28, but of course he went 20-0.

    So what the hell is so special about 21-0? If he doesn’t plan on wrestling at WM 30, NOTHING AT ALL! The shine is off this buckle.

    After his next supposed match with Punk, the time has come and gone for established guys like Cena or Orton to challenge Taker. In the long term, it doesn’t do anything for anybody.

    Taker should absolutely beat Punk. But if he decides to wrestle at WM30, he should give someone who’s trying to get established the win. Someone who has the momentum of Ryback(but not Ryback). You can say, “but there are no stars. what upstart even deserves that shot”? Well, exactly. They need to start pushing some of the younger guys and not bail out mid-push if it’s not justified. It’s not that no one deserves to beat Taker at Mania, it’s the fact no one is getting pushed properly. People either get shoved down our throats or they lose every other week, i.e. Ziggler, Bryan, Miz.

  • Nick

    There is NO reason whatsoever to end Undertaker’s streak. If he could still physically go he would. Mark Calaway will be 48 years old by WM29. If he continues to only wrestle at Mania, they should end the streak with 25 wins. That’s a quarter of a century worth of Wreslemania’s. The WWE will never establish another wrestler like they did Undertaker. There is NO NEED for him to end the streak. He should just retire at the end of Wrestlemania or Raw that next night when he has 25 wins. I mean there are rumors that he may not even compete at WM29. He should face big names for his last few Manias just for selling purposes. Brock Lesnar, The Rock, CM Punk, Sheamus (if he’s getting the monster push) Ryback (if he’s getting the monster push) Sting if he’s really going to leave TNA, and John Cena…..obviously those are more then his 25 total wins, but geez HHH had 3 shots at him at mania, HBK had 2. Put him in the big spots with the top names. Let him win. Cement the streak, let him retire, put him in the HOF and long live The Undertaker

  • Daniel

    Yes, I feel after the past 4 WMs hes had, it’s time for Taker to pass the torch to CM Punk.

    • REV

      so he just HAS to pass the torch to punk? wtf is with you IWC? punk isn’t the only deserving person to have the torch passed too (as if it would do anything at all to help that person’s career) If anything, it would be just plain retarded to end one of the most talked about streaks of all time. let him retire with a few more wins to the streak if he can hold out. if not then he’ll be fine with 21-0 or 22-0

    • morrisonfanone

      I’m sure he has enough talent to pass to others besides Punk.

  • flamingspike

    i see where people saying it should end because it a different wrestling ara now. but the way i see it imo of course he could stay undefeated one because he chooses to keep wrestling even part time he a huge draw so he can still have a match or two a year. also because there is no one that in this roster that should be him not because they dont desvere it it just not like a win now says for ryder or ryback would really do anything for there career. lets face it let just says eve lol beats him just because she were to beat him she would get a push for what 2-6 months and thats it if they even do that. no one really gets a push anymore it only if your certain people and how long they want you to have a push. also whos to say that he wouldnt do what rock did leave and come back. i could see him walk away for a while and someone saying if undertaker was still here i could beat him and that could setup a new match for him. but who know what will really happen if he retires undefeated or not still top career in wwe maybe even wrestling plus who knows what the writers will do

  • Randy James Crawford

    If the streak does end 1 of 10 guys should end it and it benefits all of them in the future – Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, Michael McGillicutty, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Tyson Kidd or Dolph Ziggler.

  • Rashad Jackson

    thats what im saying…what is the point of undertaker going 20-0 after all these years to lose to 1 cena or lesnar?…the streak shouldn’t be beat!! if it does i lose all respect for wwe..u cant just randomly decide to change his streak n make him be beaten its pointless!! the streak lives and it should stay that way for ever!!!! no1 should touch it! or beat him..

    i read on this site a while ago stating undertake has like 3-5 more WM or wrestling years in him..if thats the case then yeah leave the steak alone let him retire as the greatest wrestler cuz he is the greatest wrestler ever to still do it in my opinion…

    only ppl i see going after the streak but LOSING…cena…ryback…punk..ziggler maybe?…rock/lesnar but they signed a 2 year contract or w/e….they def. need to push there superstarrs…mcintryre….what happen to him being the choosen one?? i liked him and was looking forward to him being the champion…now look at him hes part of that dumb band! lol…same with brodus clay..he was suppose to get a push and look at him…WTF ever happen to ryan mason?? the basita lol…i also read on here he was suppose to get a push and look at him..gone!!…wade barrett is soon to get a push! apparently..same with randy orton when he turns heel…ziggler needs to cash in the money in the bank like NOW!!…

    the only FUCKED up way i see the streak losing…lets say taker comes back at royal rumble WINS…and decides to go after the Smackdown champion whoever that is since undertaker is and always has been a smackdown superstar…fights at WM..wins the title but cant stand up or anything..out of breath…ziggler comes down n cashes in the money in the bank while taker is down and out for the count…and wins and ends the streak thats the only!! messed up controversial way of losing the streak…i pray and hope that DOESNT happen again the streak shouldnt be touch!!

    as for the ROCK…he is only 39-40 years old right now he left wwe when he was stil young n had energy in him..he still does have a lot of juice left in him..i dont think he will retire but he is a hollywood star now..he loves to make movies!!…if he does retire it should be after another ppv against sum1..

    • REV

      i saw you mention mcintyre in this post & i had to ask…Why in the holiest mother of everything that’s fuck to people spell Chosen One out as Choosen One?! i mean seriously are they trying to imitate his accent or something? wtf…

  • Lalalalalelelele

    I think a lot of (older) fans, would be disgusted to see The Deadman lose at WrestleMania. I wouldn’t doubt to even see a change in ratings from people that were on the last straw with WWE and their PG stuff, or any other complaint they might have quitting watching…as it would KIND OF be the end of an era.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    The only people I would want to see Taker lose the streak for are Ziggler or Sandow as of right now. The guy thinking it would benefit Lesnar or Punk is an idiot.

  • Thatguythere

    In my opinion, best thing that can happen is to have someone younger that they know is in wrestling for the long hall…And right now it seems theirs younger talent coming out. SO what i think should be done is have The Shield Break up before WM29 and have Dean Ambrose beat the undertaker, Starting yet ANOTHER undefeated streak considering Ambrose has never wrestled there…

    I mean c’mon you can tell if you know anything about wrestling Dean Ambrose is the real deal….you can tell just by looking at him…..MARK MY WORDS AMBROSE WILL BE A HALL OF FAMER!!!…

    • ICEMAN

      You’ve got no business sense at all. From a business standpoint, WHO is Ambrose in the WWE world to end a legendary superstar’s streak at WM. He would have only been there five months? Dean Ambrose at this point in time is a nobody! He might become a big star, but as of right now.. he is nothing. He is just starting to build his career! This is asskissing and junkriding to the extreme right here.

  • Peer Pressure

    I can’t believe people are saying Ambrose should end the streak. This guy hasn’t done shit in the WWE; he doesn’t even deserve to stand next to The Undertaker. Like Rashad Jackson said, the streak shouldn’t be touched. Undertaker should retire undefeated at Mania. What I would do is, have Taker wrestle a two out of three falls match, have him lose the first fall, then he can win the last two falls. At the end of the day, Taker would still be undefeated and the wrestler that he beat will always be known as the only guy to get a three count on The Deadman at Mania. It would have to be an established wrestler though, not no fucking Dean Ambrose.

  • Aaron Bigbake Baker

    In my opinion the streak should end when the undertaker is ready to retire for good. The best way in my mind would be for a younger talent or mid card talent to beat taker…it would then go dark the funeral music plays..a cast of druids come out chanting there druid mumble…place taker in a casket and carry him away never to be heard from again….to me thats the only way to end this with taker every year..cause until he loses he is gonna be exspected to be at mania which his days are comming to an end!!

  • jonjo33

    I think whichever guy they choose to “take the torch” should have an epic match with taker at mania pretty much defeating taker but in honor of the takers streak he doesn’t pin him and walks away leaving taker unconscious in the ring and he getting counted out as he walks back to the dressing rooms. Leading to the takers streak remaining intact then the next year taker comes back and says he wasnt beat and wants to prove it and the “Torch-taker” has the WWE title taker says if he wins he will retire, and as champ! Taker then uses every last thing he’s got and scrapes the win, Therefore taker keeps the streak and the “Torch-taker” can brag that everyone knows he would have beat him! Maybe its a stupid idea but i think it be interesting if done in the right way??

    • Wrestleking79r

      Great idea mate, that i would like to see on my screen

    • xavo

      that already happened with hhh

      • jonjo33

        HHH didnt pin him and walked away?

  • Paul Rotando

    Let the streak stay intact. UT has passed the torch many times (Stone Cold, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, etc.). UT deserves the lifelong accolade of being 20whatever and 0. 20whatever and 1 just doesn’t have the same ring to it, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.


    Yeah, pass the torch from Undertaker to a guy who’s actually less than a part timer in Brock Lesnar.. yeah that’s real smart. Lesnar doesn’t deserve it, and he’s done nothing to earn it. As for the Rock, technically he is retired already and I really don’t want to see him win the WWE championship again. Ultimate Warrior vs. John Cena ? I’d rather see John Cena vs. Steve Austin.

  • Astro2700

    Punk should be the one to end the streak, he has earned it, and he is the best actual “Wrestler” that WWE has under contract at the time.


    WWE should NEVER end the streak. NEVER. Point Blank. Especially to a younger guy. Nobody in the business today has earned enough to say i ended taker’s streak. HHH or HBK should have been the one if it was going to end. But Taker should 100% never lose at Wrestlemania.

  • TheKillingMoon

    The streak should stay. That is all.

  • morrisonfanone

    Yes, UT should pass on his streak, but it shouldn’t be broken ( if it ever will) by younger talent. That would just be wrong.

  • Deryck

    Let Jinder Mahal end the streak…lol

  • ryan


  • ryan

    End the undertakers streak??? What the hell for!! Taker has seen out the good and bad of the wwe,when wwe was at its shittest,then at its greatest during attitude era and now to its ever failing pg era.

    Here is a guy who has stuck with this company through thick and thin.

    There’ll never be anyone even remotely close to achieving what he has done for wwe.

    He is the only guy I can think of that has changed his persona on a number of occassions,death,ministry,bad ass the list goes on and on.
    my Point?
    Who the hell is worthy enough to end this guys streak.
    In my opinion he should get his last win and mania and call it a day.

  • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

    Passing to Brock Lesnar? Really? Dude is established in MMA and Wrestling. Cm punk is already established. The thing is, Who is badass enough to beat undertaker that we could believe it even in a story line? Love punk, but he sure as hell can’t be the undertaker or make it believable. Cena? Maybe but fans will raise hell. The rest of the roster is laughable. Rock? Yeah, but..then again why?

    You see? There’s no reason for him to lose of pass the torch when there is no one that can carry undertakers Jock strap. To beat undertaker at wm is like becoming the general of the lockeroom, commanding HIGH respect. Undertaker is a Respected god in that locker room.

  • triplehwillendit20-0

    the streak must die!!!! The flame must be extingushed

  • triplehwillendit20-0

    I agree with some of yall it is not right for taker to wrestle 1 one more year it should go to 25 i dont think the streak will ever end it wont like hbk said there is nothing that the undertaker would be remembered by but i am a big time hhh fan it must end it cannot be allowed to continue if it does to me its nerve racking the streak must die the flame must fade and make it dark

  • brian

    the undertaker deserves to leave wrestling with streak intact he should have an unbreakable record as a thank you

  • Rashad Jackson

    there is no such thing as younger talent…NOONE! shud beat him! hes beating them all really if u think about it…attitude era and pg era…cena when he was the demon..beat cm punk after punks feud wit jeff hardy…beat edge..randy orton…basita…austin…michaels…hhh…kane…rock…no1 in this pg era shud beat him at all cuz there is no1 too im tryna think who can try to beat the streak my mind is blink..but he said himself if the streak dies he dies lol hes the only guy ea rly 90s/attiude era dude still sticking around one match a year that peace i can deal with that…the streak needs to not be touched at all
    heres what i think…dont let him fight at wrestle mania since his hip is bothering him from last years match…let him get rest if he is ready bring him back later this year like summer slam or sumthing or suvivor series in fact or early to get a crack at the title…hold the title until next years WM and lose to whoever..but again the streak shud not be touched!! if WWE does this…omfg….

  • Aaron

    THE Undertaker has told the WWE, that the guy he wants at Wrestlemania is CM Punk. The outcome of such a match? Who knows?!

  • Nate

    Yes I think The Undertaker should end his streak at WM 29 against CM Punk. Next week on Raw I can see Punk cutting a promo about if he can’t be in the WWE Championship match at WM 29 then he will do the next best thing & that’s challenge the Undertaker & ending The Streak! The Undertaker doesn’t mess around, the lights briefly go out & come back on with Undertaker behind Punk. Punk knows he is behind him & instead of turning around he darts threw the ropes to the outside. The two then lock eyes as Punk walks backward up the ramp with a smirk on his face. Then the bell tolls & Undertaker’s theme music comes on as the segment is ending.